“True RV Facts for 2022-2023” by K-Ray – 3.28.22


Entry Submitted by K-Ray at 2:42 AM ET on March 28, 2022

To All Dinarians in Search of the Facts on the RV, and where we are in the Process:

First of All, Remember! An IMF Iraq Economy Status Report was given March 3rd telling Iraq Not to RV yet because of shaky Economy and Oil Price Fluctuations. They were told only to give out stipends by Card to Iraqi citizens for food-needs etc. Iraq and PM Kazemi followed all IMF recommendations and stipends by Card were given out on March 15th. So a chance for an RV by the first-quarter was squashed by the IMF. The only option left this year is an RV by Full Budget Opening/HCL., subject to IMF approval. Since this is the case they must have a fully formed and seated Iraqi government for 2022 for this to happen.

Lets go through the following 7 Facts that pertain to an RV for 2022-23:

1: The Iraq Government must be fully formed and seated with 3 Presidents, Prime Minister, PM Cabinet, and New Parliament by April 6th.    (If No Government formed by April 6th, the Caretaker Parliament dissolved and Re-do Elections and No RV could be Done This Year!)

2: If the New Iraqi Government is formed by April 6th 2022, then would still have to wait until all April the Month of Ramadan is over till May 2nd. Ramadan is the Middle East’s most Holy month. No RV and or dinar rate change will ever take place during Ramadan Period! We must Wait!

3: Then from May to Mid-June still No RV will Occur because the 2022 Iraq Budget Fight and Adjustments must Take place! (The HCL also has to be Re-Done during this time as per Iraq Federal Court Ruling and completed to implemented when new Budget is fully opened.)

4: In Mid-June 2022 Iraq can open a Full 2022 Budget and implement redone HCL to get an RV with IMF and US approval. (If Budget/HCL is not Fully opened and only 1/12th of a Budget is used, then No RV-2022 will occur! For an RV to occur this year a Fully-opened Budget/HCL must be opened no later than mid-July 2022.)

5: If the above Facts 3 and 4 are completed on time then PM Kazemi is able to with opening of a 2022 Full Budget/HCL with IMF and US Cabal Approval RV the Iraqi Dinar from 1460 to 1 dinar equals $1 or $1.50 by mid-July because after US/IMF Approval He has the Power to Remove the Finance Minister who has refused to revalue the rate of the dinar, as the Finance Ministry is part of the PMs Cabinet. PM Kazemi also has the Power to Replace the CBI Governor in order to get an RV Done. But Remember all of this can Only be Done if PM Kazemi Steps Up and Makes it Happen! If He does Not, then No RV 2022, and only periodic stipend payments rest of year will be given to Iraqi People to help with day to day needs and food as per IMF.

6: Other Possible Scenarios and RV Facts to Remember. If any setting back of the dinar rate from 1460 to 1200 as some law makers in Iraq have talked about doing and the lawsuit was brought to the Iraq Federal Court to give Iraqi People some Relief by doing so. If this happens, then No RV for 2022 will Take place because the Rate can only be Adjusted once in any year as per IMF/CBI. Also if CBI leaves the rate at 1460 devalued for the rest of 2022 and no Full Budget/HCL 2022 RV takes place by mid-July then Iraq with US IMF Approval would be able to RV by First Quarter March 2023, or do a Full Open Budget/HCL 2023 RV by June of 2023.

Remember This Every Year! No RV Can Take Place between October 31st of Present Year thru Feb 2nd of the Year Thereafter for USA Holidays Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years. All US Cabal Government Employees and Representatives take Holidays and Vacations during these Months! This includes US Banks-US Congress-US POTUS-US Treasury-IMF-World Bank-UN all US Cabal Agencies We need to Give Approval and Sign-off, then tell Iraq CBI to Push Button for RV.  Every Year We will always get a UN Iraq SITREP Report in February and a IMF-World Bank- Iraq Economy Status Report in March. By this time all US Congress and Agencies are back to Work for new Year as Well. This is Set in Stone Every Year Period! If New Elections are Called because of No New Government Formation in 2022 then No RV will Happen, Rinse and Repeat!

7:  Facts in Summary-The Next and Last Possible Date from Today that an RV could happen in 2022 is between June 15th-July 16th with a Full Open 2022 Budget/HCL. If this does not Happen then the next date to watch for an RV Would Be a First Quarter RV by March 2023 or lastly a Full Open 2023 Budget/HCL RV in June 2023. No RV will Happen this Year in April or May Period! That is Just the Way the Process Works!

Additional Fact in Summary- NOTICE- Cabal POTUS Biden-put out an EO on March 9th to develop by October 31st this year a new Digital Dollar- called FED COIN-this may be the reason US Treasury IMF Delay in the RV for 2022, giving time to develop this new Digital Dollar. This would give the US Cabal Treasury and Fed more control over any RV Exchange Funds given out because US Treasury could Monitor every Transaction directly by Computer on the back end to Track Purchases and Monies Spent by Dinarians for Possible Clawbacks. This would give the US Cabal power to suspend accounts that they deem would be against their Rules or Political Beliefs. Think about It! Why would the US Cabal Powers that Be let Dinarians have all this Money unless they could monitor and have more Control before Signing-Off on the RV. This Looks to have been a Big Reason why the RV Has been Delayed all these Years by the US until they figured  this out!

Talk to you Again in Late June Because No RV Can or Will Take Place Before Then! Please All Other Gurus: TNT Tony, Ray-Ren98, TNT Tish, KTFA, Frank26, Walkingstick, Militiaman, Eddie, Clare, Fleming, MarkZ, Bruce, Mt. Goat, Breitling, Holly, and Bondlady etc. Shut-Up! about an RV until June of this Year at the earliest. I only Deal in the FACTS NO BS! Thanks for Listening!



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