Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 3-30-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/30/2022 Update

Good afternoon everyone I hope that everybody is feeling well today for this Wednesday and it’s being a hump day.
Well those of you now know the there is no the parliament over in Iraq has been suspended and it’s been suspended for an undetermined period.
Ah When we talked with people over in Iraq today they said that it was suspended for maybe till june.
Not that that means anything for us.
It just means that Maliki every time a day for this is now the third time I believe that they’ve tried to get this done and Maliki has instructed his people not to show up.
So that way they don’t get a um the majority of people showing up a quorum as it’s called.
The other thing is that there were arrests that were made today in the Iraqi parliament for people that keep not showing up and following Maliki’s advice um Maliki wants to take over the government.
If he takes over the government then he finds himself in control and goes back to robbing again stealing money out of the C. B. I. and out of the auctions and out of different things.
But I just don’t see why they don’t do away with do away with him, vote him out,send him back to his ties in Iran. You know.

So anyway the other things that’s going on is the fact that tomorrow is the end of the quarter.
And because of the bankruptcy of the United States,
the Corporation the receiver is supposed to be taking control of the United States Corporation And anybody that’s been elected under the corporation is now sitting at home,
Pelosi ordered that her the Congress not show up because there are definitely orders that were,
if they’re sitting in their positions at the,
that Congress then they can be arrested because they are not an official elected person of the United States of America.
They are no longer part of the corporation because the corporation has been dissolved.
There’s 175 countries that are all go back and Uh,
they’re getting ready to go after one April.

You know, the usn is supposed to be going back and it was supposed to take effect on April one.
So we’re waiting to see that we do know that there have been heads of governments or representatives that have been placed under arrest.
There was quite a large money movement around Asia last night.

So other than that we’re all kind of just sitting tight and trying to watch our P’s and Q’s and hope that nobody steps on anybody’s toes.
What everybody is now concerned about is biden, about how he opens his mouth and inserts foot and says things that he means to say and the White house is having to back it all the way and try to uh,
say there was a mistake.
He didn’t mean that.
he did.
And most people are afraid that there’s going to be a war joe biden and his mouth could put us into a war without him really actually realizing it.
So the other thing that’s going on is this is that Pelosi’s the democrats are waiting until the november elections Because right now the 25th amendment should both be brought up on Pelosi,
not on Pelosi but on trump,
not trump,
but on biden and Harris.

So but that probably is not going to happen.
So the other thing winds up being is and what they’re trying to push trump to do is to run for the congress from the state of florida and if he gets elected into congress as a congressman from the state of florida then he has control would have control of what happens after january 1st.
Now with republicans gonna get elected,
then Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House and I’ve said this a couple of different times but then trump can go in as a congressman and there’s enough republicans that they would elect him to be the Speaker of the House.
And then when what they left him to be speaker of the house,
then um biden will actually Be impeached or the 25th Amendment Harris would actually be impeached or the 25th amendment as well.
So and that would leave trump to be the President of the United States,
which would be a republican.
So that’s what they’re trying to talk him into doing right now because then if he ran in 2020 for then he would be the Only presidents who have served six years And a total of 10 years.
So this is the game that’s going on right now.
So everybody just hang tight,
hang in there.
We’re getting closer by the day and uh,
we will talk to you and we got some more intel.


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