Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “As the Pendulum Swings” 3-30-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

03/30/2022 As the Pendulum Swings

The Cabal have control of Mockingbird Media, fed intel by the Five Eyes, all over the world for the past several decades, since the 60’s. First with the newspapers and later with television stations. So much so that the “news” and “investigative journalism” have become “Fake News.” No one believes anything coming from these people anymore. This is why it’s been easy to believe the “Ten Days of Darkness” preceded by EBS, theory. Something drastic has to happen to shift control and manage the final wake up of so many that remain obstinately asleep. The United States has swung so far Left – toward Marxism and Socialist values, with indoctrination in every System – that it’s going to take a Far Stretch to swing it back to Center. Swing though, it must. Freedom depends on it.

Does it take further crisis? The entire North America has been devastated with all that has happened since Donald J. Trump took office. We had four years of watching the restoration of everything we hold dear, jobs, economy, no war, prosperity; all constantly challenged with lawsuits and innuendo, and with the Mockingbirds leading the charge. All that have taken PAC money to support these Marxist ideals, against the wishes of the population at large, must be held accountable for Treason. Treason is a big word, yes, but appropriately used in this context. To knowingly go against the Oath these “Public Servants” swore when first taking office, to Serve according to the Constitution, is treason. To support laws that pervert the Constitutional Rights and Privileges guaranteed to the People for favor and for money, is the very definition of Treasonous behavior. There is no Trust or hidden account anywhere that can protect these Treasonous Criminals and Scofflaws. The flow of money and assets will be tracked. Treasonous acts have been and will be discovered. That’s a fact.

The arrests have started in Iraq. Maliki and his discontents, fomenting problems and non-cooperation among those elected to Serve the People, have been arrested. Parliament is disbanded and the schedule unexplained and not discussed, except to say they will return, “maybe by sometime in June.” This departure of (Un)Lawful government isn’t needed for the IQD to revalue anyway. The CBI are ready, willing and able to launch the new (restored) golden dinar. This is set and must happen in short order. Timing is being coordinated and rehearsed like a well-tuned orchestra.

US’ Congress have been sent home giving the excuse of “Covid Release” by Pelosi, the present Speaker of the House. Washington D. C. is more of a ghost town than previously. The Federal Government entity, in D. C., is bankrupt and in receivership. The “Trustee” responsible for the management of this “Receivership” has not been named publicly. Whoever this entity is, will be coming out April 1st when the fact of bankruptcy is publicly declared. There is no more payroll for this Biden Administration. No more payroll for Congress. Now we must see the culmination of all that has been expected. Including the release of the UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE, which is being coordinated and rehearsed like a well-tuned orchestra with banks and assorted entities all over the world.

NESARA is expected. Delivering relief and restoration to the lawful population, redemption, security and sovereignty restored, along with the non-polluted Constitution of 1776, without all of the laws that followed supporting the robber barons and forcing debt on the People.

GESARA is expected around the world. Delivering relief and restoration to the lawful population in every participating nation, including Iraq, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, and every country harmed by these same robber barons. GESARA brings redemption, security and sovereignty, all restored along with the new Law of the Land, their own version of the non-polluted Constitution of 1776, without all of the laws that followed supporting the robber barons and forcing debt on the People.

The same robber barons have stolen hard earned wealth from innocents all around the world, even before Shakespeare’s Shylock introduced the concept of “Paper Debt” in 1600. There are assets accrued in such a large numbers that once returned to the People, money will be no “thing” at all. There will be no lack for any One. This is the World we are creating now. With the help of Donald J. Trump, we will Make America Great Again, and Make the World Great Again too, right along beside US. The original 1776 Constitution was the Greatest Constitution ever written, following the travels of the original signers and influencers including Benjamin Franklin, to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Bringing the best of the best home, for We the People. This Constitution, its basis written in support of sovereignty and freedom, and sharing the Wealth of the Land with the People, will become the standard around the world.

Is it necessary to bring about the “Shock and Awe” effect? No. No one wants this. No one wants to face riots and possible death. The Military don’t want this either. To all who are pushing this vision, set it aside. It isn’t needed. A peaceful announcement about the Restoration of Freedom, desperately needed today, will be all that is necessary. The disappearance of the Biden Administration, along with the Pentagon stepping up, will be all that is needed to convince the population that what is happening is GOOD. Then, once the spigot of abundance turns on, washing away all doubt and loss and fear, the world will brighten like the Sun suddenly shining following a storm.

The pendulum must swing Right – to Right the wrongs and to bring about long sought Freedom and Abundance to the People. This will include a new digital/blockchain-based Monetary System with a new Financial System undergird with BRICS nations participation and ownership. The OPEC dollar has harmed the People for too long, with corrupt, treasonous acts and the evidence of which is the recent theft of billions of dollars with the (FIXED) price of oil stated on markets – at over $100.00. The recent history of the crime against the People by OPEC members, will be shared and those involved will pay for the many corrupt acts that have harmed so many innocents.

If there must be Shock and Awe, let it be the shock of arrests taking place.

If there must be EBS, let it be the joyful shout of billions, following the announcement of financial relief for One and All.


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