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Clare » April 2nd, 2022


Petra » April 2nd, 2022

If I may provide a little commentary since I am taking the day off. Here is a statement I want all to remember:

When it’s NOT God’s time, you CANNOT force it. When it IS God’s time, you CANNOT stop it!!! There are many things occurring outside Iraq that are global in both price and currency. Such as the price of oil, gold, and currency values such as the ruble.

The world is going thru change and the impact is global. Why is all this happening now? Do I believe the end times are upon us. I sure do, but my comment is for your focus to not be on little old Iraq but on a bigger picture that will require Iraq to reinstate their currency.

We all know what Putin is doing demanding all transactions now to be in Rubles. Putin has also asset backed his currency with Gold.

So what is happening? The Fiat system, as we know it today, is being threatened to drive the other currencies in the world to follow suit.

Who is in India today? The Foreign Minister of Russia! In the middle of a war, he is doing business in India. Makes you wonder why?

Russia has a couple key components to their strategy. Oil and Gold!!!

What is Iraq rich in? Oil and Gold.

My point being, they cannot stand on the sidelines too much longer and not get lost in the global economics of change occurring….NOW!

So, sit tight, the GOI does not make the RI decisions as we all know and frankly, because of the influence of those bad actors in Parliament, will force outside entities to push the CBI to move forward IMO.

Often folks are concentrating on the right hand and not watching what the left hand is doing. Case in point…the Finance Ministry.

They are working and getting things done, but can only go so far until they need the $$$ to move the country forward. Don’t forget the WP’s are the key driver in all of this.

In summation, relax, it may not be in Iraq’s hands much longer because the world…is talking!!!!….

It truly is a circus but the true thinkers in Iraq are not getting lost in that craziness. They know what is important and they are preparing all steps to make sure they are ready when the CBI pulls the trigger.

Look, we all want this, no doubt. But none of us can change the status. Therefore I rest in God’s promises..and timing.  


MilitiaMan » April 2nd, 2022

Petra, well done and a very calming message for us all. Thank you!!

I agree there is a money component to move forward that has been put in place that will effectively drive the bus of an international free market trade in Iraq.

Iraq is going to be get to a place where the landscape of politics may follow along over time, or even come together in close proximity or even at the same time. If we think of Iraq as a vehicle.

The vehicle I’ll call a bus. The wheels on the bus are to be powered by the new  exchange rate.

The AYSCUDA system the BUNA system and the newer CRS2 will digitally see that the engine has the power to rebuild the nation and share the bounty with her citizens rolling into the future.

The borders and ports are now imo ready to facilitate digital, transparent and corruptionless free trade.

The payment and settlement systems through the BUNA platform and the CRS2 digital banking payment system will see to it that the reconstruction efforts of the country are tracked and documented.

Which will see to it that investors can have confidence in that pricing is to be fair and on a level playing field for years to come.

Investors will require a stable exchange rate, the new system will help facilitate and defend the currency all along the way..

Now that we are at the political crossroad with the GOI. It seems like we are at that moment in time where the lights in the intersection just went yellow.. The next change is for the red light in one direction and a green for another. 

Lets see if that red light of the politics gets sorted while we wait for that greenlight of the next IQD exchange rate to go live. 

There comes a time where the system will require the CBI to make an independent move and inter connect with the region and the world, and that move imo may precede the politics if need be.

We shall see though. They didn’t get this far to stop the bus, they have it fueled and fully tuned and ready to rill imo..

Time is short from view point. ~ MM

Samson » April 2nd, 2022

Parliamentary proposal to speed up the approval of the budget

2nd April, 2022

Today, Saturday, the New Generation Movement proposed a solution to expedite the approval of the general budget 2022.

The Head of the New Generation Movement, MP Sarwa Abdul Wahed, said that “previous governments, during their transition to conducting business, sent the budget, so it is possible that the budget will be sent.” The general public for the current year by the current government, and there is no big problem,” noting that “the new government, after its formation, can make an amendment to the paragraphs it wants.”

Abdel Wahed expressed her “hope that the government will be formed as soon as possible, given the importance of the general budget and its connection to the life of the citizen and his belongings.”

With regard to choosing the president of the republic, Abdel Wahed clarified that “the New Generation bloc with naming the president of the republic, whether by consensus, or without it,” stressing “the importance of getting rid of this problem, because disrupting the country is not in anyone’s interest.” LINK

MilitiaMan » April 2nd, 2022

I am liking this one. It is implying there is urgency and a need to see the budget through. The political stalemate is not helping anyone or anything. There has been passed precedent for the budget to be sorted now and that later if need be the budget can be amended. There should be no big problem. So, lets see if there is a budget submitted prior too the 04/06/2022 time frame for the Presidency. Sure will be in interesting time for all to come together. ~ MM

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