“GCR Question” by Bonnie Blaz – 4.3.22


Entry Submitted by Bonnie Blaz at 11:19 AM ET on April 3, 2022

I keep hearing that we will be “contacted to start making appointments” …

WHO is going to contact us? The US Treasury?

Are they going to contact every single American over the age of 18 or 21, or do they have a list of people who have purchased foreign currencies? How would they know?

Imagine how long it will take to contact about half of the country’s population (adults) to set appointments? And, the “special rates” will only be available for a WEEK? How can this possibly work logistically? Have millions of people been hired to handle these meetings so that no one is left out in the cold before the special rate week is over?

What are these appointments for?

For foreign currency conversion to the new goldbacked USD?

For birth certificate money owed to each individual?

For reimbursement of illegal income taxes collected by the federal government over our lifetime?


Explanations of NESARA have always been vague.

Will there by debt forgiveness? If so, what kind of debts? 

Credit Cards seem the most likely, as the interest rates are usury, but mortgages are low interest, and secured. Would be unfair for those who bought a home with a mortgage to all of a sudden have a free house, while those of us that could never catch up with the rising property values … unable to save enough for a downpayment because in 2 years some properties DOUBLED. So we rent. How do renters get a fair shake if mortgages are fogiven? And if mortgages are forgiven, what does that mean for the future of home buying? Cash only? How will that work? Save save save until you have $500k-$1million cash?? No more loans? Same applies to ALL secured loans, since there is collateral against those loans … cars, farm equipment, home improvement. Not fair for those things to be forgiven. BUT student loan debt must be forgiven, or at least cut down to a reasonable level, as Universities are a plague on our society, indoctrinating our children for $25K to $50K per year, and that doesn’t cover books, supplies, rent, food, transportation, etc. Our children have been FUCKED by the education system, with professors who are all far left Marxists, teaching about gender dysphoria as if it is a gift to be celebrated and honored putting mentally ill unhappy people on a pedestal from which most will kill themselves out of severe depression because they don’t feel they belong. Instead, these people need psychological and emotional counseling to get to the cause of their dysphoria. So many trans people regret having transitioned, and it is a very hard road back. Others just kill themselves. This transgender explosion is caused by media and educators pushing this mental illness as something fantastic, which everyone should support, even to the point of taking children away from a parent/s who does not wish their child to be hormonally altered, rather they prefer to allow the child to grow to adulthood before making such outrageous decisions.

We The People have been in the dark for so long, and there is no government document available online to prove that the NESARA act was ever actually signed into law, and if it was, why is it not public information?

If you know the answers to these questions, you should post them publicly and send me the link, rather than spend the time to reply to every American who has similar questions. We don’t know enough information!

Thank you!


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