“Is this it?” by Rambo – 4.3.22


Entry Submitted by Rambo at 7:58 PM ET on April 3, 2022

Now, before I start, remember, this is JUST ONE’S MAN OPINION about what maybe about to finally commence.  What are the chances of me getting this ALL right?  Probably 5%.  But the one thing that I’ve enjoyed along this ride called “Q”, is the fun we have with TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!  Obviously with any “Military Operation”, they’re NOT going to tell us, but the hints and clues are available for all to see.  Now, that being said, please don’t take this assessment as a be all and end all blanket statement:  IT’S JUST ONE GUY WHO STUDIES AND IS TRYING TO PIECE IT ALL TOGETHER.  It’s more for your amusement than anything else.  So just read with a smile on your face!!!  Good, glad we had this talk:  Let’s get started……

Starting on MONDAY the 4th or TUESDAY the 5th of April, we’re going to see the STOCK MARKET CRASH.  Why?  “C before D” – “Q”, which = “CRASH BEFORE DELASS”.  Which are 2 of the 3 “BIG” HAPPENING’S Trump has clued us in to.  And WHAT IS DECLASS???? 3 days of the EBS and the 10 DAYS OF DARKNESS!!!!  Our phones will be blowing up and letting us know what all the dirty stuff that’s been going on with the Vipers, that portion of the “Declassification process” will get started, Durham will be bringing up the rear AFTER EASTER.  We’ll all be enlightened that we are and have been under Military Law this whole time that “Biden” has been in office. (Fake Administration “Foreign Occupier”).  They’ll tell us to keep calm and give us instructions on what to do for the time being..

Next.  During this time (13 days), we, the currency holders, will be told to go in and do our thing at the Redemption Centers, which is the 3rd “BIG” HAPPENING” (MOAB) Why?  Because we’ve been told that they want us in and out no later than roughly 10 days.  And what else will be occurring during this time?  “YOU CAN’T BRING IN THE NEW BEFORE YOU TAKE DOWN THE OLD”!!  So, the Whitehats will be taking down the Internet, all the social media and MainStream Media Outlets and ARRESTING EVERYONE!!!All the quislings that are still “free” will be picked up.  (sidenote: Maybe the “blackout” will only be in specific areas at specific times, not sure about that) That’s why you see all the Hollywood people getting ready, well, with what is left of them, they KNOW it’s coming!!!!  (Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis) They’ll be booting up Starlink, the new internet and officially removing the Private Western Central Banking Swift System and implementing the QFS, which we will already have seen in the redemption centers!!!  

That gets us to EASTER.  And why is EASTER so important??  Because it’s going to be the second coming of Christ!!  WHAT????  YEP.  I just said that.  Only he’s not coming the way we’ve all been TOLD he’s coming.  Think JFK = RAY = JESUS!! (You’ll see)  And when everyone comes out of that 13 days, what are they shown?  GESARA!!! All DEBTS REMOVED, MORTGAGES WIPED CLEAN, and the Gold Backed New USTN currency announced!!!  NOt only that, THE GREAT UNIFIER JFK JR. WILL BE SHOWN TO THE PEOPLE!!!  (Let alone a myriad of others who aren’t dead!!  Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, etc….)


You can’t “wake people up” when they’re doing everything to survive!!!  That part of “BEING SHOWN” will be OVER at that point!!  Most, but not all, people will get it!!!  And now the people will see what GOLD does for them!!!  ZERO’D OUT DEBT, CLEAN START WITH UBI = Universal Basic Income!!!!

Shortly after that, THE GREAT AWAKENING BEGINS!!!!  Along with all the MEDICAL BEDS!!!  People will be healthy again as they start the long process of DECONSTRUCTING THE BRAINWASHING that they were subjected to their whole lives!!  The people will be shown slowly just what the system had done to them, and how they fell for all the bullshit, let alone the enormity of the child trafficking and other horrors that will be exposed.

This will go on for months, probably till the end of summer!!!  After that, we start to rebuild the world!!!

My assessment is we do something BIG out of the gate, take a deep breath, get healthy in the MED BEDS, then the people are going to be VERY OPEN TO WHAT THEY’RE SHOWN regarding these child trafficking psycho’s because they’re not stressed out trying to survive paying $6.50 for gas and the same for a loaf of bread.  NO, they’ll be unburdened and accessible for the TRUTH.  We then live in the Biblical 1000 year reign of Christ, which with all the lies we’ve been subjected to by all the fake churches, I’m all ears as to what that will be like.

That’s my best shot.  Just laid it out in 5 minutes.  I’m sure there are some small details in there that I may have missed, but that is the overview!!!

I did that almost for myself to get it all on paper instead of stuffed in my head!!! Thank you for reading that, and the one thing I’d take from it if I were all you, is this::::::

“THE END” is NOT here, Nopel


God Bless…we’re going to need it.



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