Dinarland Highlights for April 6, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 4.6.22

RVAlready (TNT)

I hope the court makes a ruling specifying the president, the PM, all the cabinet members, and the RV rate. I think these people have violated the constitution, and the federal court will now deliver the smack down. Anything else will just lead to more of what we have seen for the last several months.



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[..do you still confident that the Dinar, Dong…exchange at once and can you please go over the rates again?]

I do feel confident that they are going at the same time…i am still hearing we may get close to $6 on the dinar with a street rate around $4 on the dinar…  I am still hearing close to $2.30 on the dong…

[What’s the news in Iraq , did they vote?]

We are hearing from the 2 largest blocks who rarely agree on anything…that they have agreed and have things fixed…so guess we buckle up and watch this one…. I think a lot of it is just for show as we move forward.


Godlover (KTFA)

Shakhwan Abdullah: Parliament Will Punish Those Who Leaked The Parliament’s Internal Communications

I am hoping that tomorrow [Wednesday] at the very least the POR is elected. A previous article stated that once the POR is elected, the government formation could pass quickly. Then once the government is seated they can then send the budget to parliament. God willing once the budget is read, voted on, signed into law & finally opened, we will see what we all seek.


Mountain Goat

You can clearly see on the chart below what the rate of the IQD was in 1972.Today Iraq’s economy is actually much better and pumping more oil now than in 1972. The price of oil is also staying at records high today while in 1972 oil was very low. This article only gives us yet more proof that the rate of the IQD is being artificially manipulated.

…I must tell you what the CBI and the US Treasury are telling me. They are waiting for the govt to be formed, hoping that the Iranian influence will be under control and have the least impact on Iraqi politics. Also that the Sadr anti-corruption policies work.


We appreciate when these politicians talk about “global” presence or anything international. It shows they are thinking on the right track. Remember just 5 years ago this was not the case.



Can actions of Russia help increase the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar? Oh yeah it could!  It absolutely could bring the rate back to where it was in the pastWhat did Russia do that could help Iraq increase the value of the Iraqi dinar?  They moved into the gold standard…through the sale of their oil…  Article:  “Russia sets fixed gold price as it restarts official bullion purchases”  What does this mean?

You cannot buy Russian oil unless you use the Russian ruble.  Right now around the world they use…the Petrodollar.  In other words the United States dollar.  Russia and China had already agreed to start doing trade in their own currencies.  Saudi Arabia is agreeing to sell oil to China and Russia in their currencies and getting away from the greenbacks…these people are…moving us back into the gold standard…that’s going to strengthen the currency which is going to be strengthened by its gold and the gold is going to come from the sale of oil.  So what does that have to do with the Iraqi dinar

What Iraq and OPEC should do is the same thing…We already saw the Russian ruble was devalued right when they got put under sanctions but in less than a month it has already regained all of the value it had lost.  What do you think is going to happen to the currency now that’s it’s moved into the gold standard It’s only going to get stronger…if you force people to buy the oil using…the Iraqi dinar then it’s going to increase the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar.  It’s going to make it a stronger currency because more gold is coming in, more people are forced to use the currency – think supply and demand.  Demand for the Iraqi dinar would increase big time…they should follow in the footsteps of what Russia is doing.


Bruce (The Big Call)

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I said I believed that…we are in – “The Final Countdown” right now – so let’s count this thing down…It appears that where we are right now is in a great place for all of this to happen…in terms of what has to happen for everything to come together in this process – I think that we have finally reached that – where we have completed everything that needed to be done…Banks told us we…should be notified sometime tomorrow (Wednesday)…I think we should be within a day or so…I have been in this for 18 years…and I believe we’re in a really good place and we are – in my opinion – in the final countdown…


Sandy Ingram

Learning how to improve your financial portfolio is a wise way to spend our time.  For instance, what if the IQD floated to .25 cents next week or next month? If you had 1 million Iraqi dinar to exchange – What would do with $250,000 to build your wealth?  There are hundreds of different answers to his question…research is always up to you…

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