“Easter Games, but IQD Soon in my Opinion Actions made as Real” by Miron – 4.7.22


Entry Submitted by Miron at 10:30 AM ET on April 7, 2022

Dear IDC family, 

Easter time seems to have many secret agendas and stories.

I pray with all for release.

I do see NON-COMPLIANCE from G7 as Russia is forcing FIAT corruption to a platform BUT NON OTHER is re-enforcing Truth of ending this Subversion beside CHINA.

I ask every CHARLIE here , the world’s 7billion have waited here suffering, while G7 happily support WEF Klaus Swabb.

Where is Open honest and truthful support of SOVEREIGNTY OF ALL MAN ???

I’M very surprised at the Efforts G7 USA UK Cabal is transmitting in CENSHORSIP AND LIES , Continuing insider scams as Covid19 and 911 towers insider usa scams to steal rights from humanity EG Patriot Act Homeland Security …

I call all Humanitarian seekers of Rates to lay down commitments supporting Humanity. Where are Sovereign transmission for all of us who Stand by Sovereignty ???

I see nothing from any usa UK Cabal center to Fight for the 7billion,  only self system to Hurt the movement of a Uni polar world that G7 is not assisting in any way? 

SO IAM WITNESSED, why are there contract rates for economies that continue to subvert the Will of Humanity being Free from FIAT Insider scams ?

All I can tell good people is Bank on the Dinar that the 55 trillion notes will pay off…Mercenaries in every language once analysis of game plan is understood. Positioning Positioning Positioning As Kuwait was another USA Haliburton scam…

So please buy Iraq Dinars to get some monies going forward in my opinion, as that’s fully Mercenaries getting paid BIG BUCKS
we happy for a fair return so we can be Humanitarians at heart and share our bread. 

The rest is still a massive Positioning for profit for all .

I see this as a 7 to 8 yr plan bit all gurus speak differently as they say all goes .

I’m happy to all go, but I see risk that it’s not as all say , nor even well thought as my commentary to Ron afew weeks ago.

I do know good hearts share real love but maybe this game is just to secretive to allow Any truth….as Its a war.

Yes G7 against the world the Enslavors against Humanity Sad that so little subsidized humans still focus on self….never mind the years of profit while destroying others.

We all wait to see….witnessed is the truth while being attacked at every angle

Which has brought us here as at April 2022.

I’m massive on Chrirt Jesus and love but see nothing WHITE HAT 

Seeking a real discussion with the world ONLY WRAPONS SALES AND PROPAGANDA 

POPULACE in G7 struggling as White hat whistle blowers power absent ?

I ask all you living in G7 countries,  why do you allow so much Cabal manifestation…is this your 5d game actually manifesting as I’ve always said 

That’s another self first game before all, game of a lost soul called Me I Am 

Love Light & Grace


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