“Regarding Ra’an Message 167” by Mark Wagner – 4.9.22


Entry Submitted by Mark Wagner at 4:08 PM ET on April 9, 2022

“The Destiny of Humanity Chronicles #178: Ra’an Message (167)” by Raanra – 4.8.22

I was ready, the other day, to write thanking Raanra for his efforts to wake all of us up, to thank Raanra for reminding us to meditate on the oneness of all.  I now thank you, Raanra.  I don’t know you, at least that I know of or remember but pure hearted assistance is always welcome.  I was also going to point out that your insistence that we need to do better and more to create heaven on earth, though always true, misses the dual truth that the physical plane is much more dense and difficult than we imagined when we took embodiment, especially in enemy controlled territory (even if we don’t consider them enemies, they consider us enemies and routinely attack us from every angle imaginable).

Meditating on and changing one’s perspective to comprehend the oneness of all is an ongoing and necessary exercise yet working to create a balance between having a spiritual overview or perspective while navigating how to make an income with financial systems failing or changing, restrictions on freedom, restrictions on supplies, costs of available items increasing rapidly and governments who routinely make policy in order to please their dark-side masters instead of their true employers (we the people), is very challenging.  Ditto that for working to stay healthy, in the midst of a constant effort by the dark-side to either poison us or reduce us.  We are now facing an 18 month (or longer) starvation plan.  Of course, this affects both the potential success of a business as well as our personal health and well-being.  And, offering a service or product to the public, often a necessity if you don’t want to work for a Cabal company, means you will deal with the dangers of close proximity to vaccinated people who may shed their poison to others.

I have often wondered if our friends in other realms have forgotten (if they ever knew) just how challenging it is to do the most simple things in a super dense, war-torn, enemy attacking, environment.  My goal has always been to create business or personal agreements which are win-win, which actually offer assistance or a better deal for people.  That too is an idea which is alien to most people here on earth, it is often viewed with cynicism because most people here have been taught to be suspicious of anyone who purports to be “good” (so many liars and con artists).  If you notice, I am not talking about trying to convince people of a higher truth, for instance.  I am only talking about the challenges of living on earth as a lightbearer and working to create our personal heaven on earth.

So, I was enthused to see you, Raanra, speak in more detail about a practical action plan today, about helping people, about making more money (however difficult now) and about investing in survival (my word).  Indeed I would suggest that people consider making a mini-hydroponic, perma-culture system in their house or yard, in order to feed yourself and family during this planned starvation program.  Yes, it is an investment…in your survival.  I agree with your suggestion that joining with others can assist in our survival but even there, it is extremely challenging to organize a group that can work together harmoniously, due to the various levels of consciousness, the insidious programming of the dark-side and the desire of most people to include family members in this spiritual group or community, who are often more steeped in dark-side thinking and programming.

To reiterate, thank you Raanra and all who are assisting earth and ourselves at this time, to create more light and truth.  I hope that you realize that there is a constant attack on our personal money supply and our personal health.  It is a huge challenge for many people (lightbearers), in this environment, to be positive, to love life, to make money, to take care of their family, to help others, to have good health, to retain a spiritual perspective and to just survive. I hope I can speak for others when I ask sincerely for the help we need.  Bless you and all who are committed to the light and truth.

Mark Wagner


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