Arcadia Economics: Gold-backed Ruble Set to Leave Petrodollar Behind (w/ Bill Holter)


Arcadia Economics
Premiered Apr 21, 2022

#BillHolter: #Gold-backed #Ruble set to leave #PetroDollar behind despite #WallStreet pricing in 200 basis points of interest rate increases before the end of 2022, the gold price continues to flirt with $2000 per ounce. Largely because of the developments in #Russia, where their quasi-gold-backing to the ruble has provided support to the gold market.

Which is not the easiest situation to reconcile. Although fortunately Bill Holter of JS Mineset joined me on the show to explain what’s happening, what to watch out for, and what he’s expecting next.

So to find out the latest developments with the Ruble, the gold and #silver markets, and the petro-dollar, click to watch the video now!


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