“What is the Hold up?” – RV Intel Update from Holly 4-22-22


Friday Thoughts From Holly

Good morning roomies!!

I get asked all the time, how much longer for the Rv, when or what is the event coming, what is the hold up? When will they release this and how much more suffering must we endure?

These questions I ask my contacts and they even have gone up the ladder of command to say the same things. Here’s what I can tell you.

1. Everyone working on this is compartmentalized. Everyone has a specific set of functions to perform. Some have completed their functions or roles and it appears we are done. The problem is, we don’t know what else needs to be completed until it is completed and then we hear about it.

2. We hear about the market crash. Is this going to happen or is it the cabal side saying this? No one really knows.

3. The holdup has been and still is corrupt bankers. There are generations of bankers that have been removed through the years. I hear they are still not playing ball and that is an issue. More removals have happened.

4. You have sleeper cells that get activated and cause problems. How many sleeper cells are left? We don’t know.

5. When is the event happening? Is it the Queens death? The removal of Biden? Could be those or something else.

6. The cabal had planned tsunamis, bioweapons to be deployed, shipping containers held these. The child trafficking is still ongoing. We don’t know what other diabolical plans they had planned for us that have been intercepted or need to be.

7. So how much longer, we hear we are close but another week, another. Month and then another year passes. This can’t go on forever as the world needs this.

8. Russia has announced they are on the gold standard and same with Asia, and other countries. The USA need to announce it as well or we will be hurt severely.

9. Other countries are moving forward and based on what is going on we should be close to this release.

10. No one and I mean no one knows when this will in fact happen. We look for signs, we see world events, we hear news it all imminent and happening and it doesn’t. It’s frustrating as hell. Draining and has gone on too long.

11. People are hurting, the psychological, and emotional stress from this is causing more damage to have this go on. People are worn out from the constant lies. The false hopes and the waiting.

12. Once you are on this ride you can’t get off. You know what you know and you know this needs to happen and will happen. We have to continue and hold up each other during the waiting.

13. The bottom line is it has always been about safety and security and obviously there are still things going on we don’t know about to prevent this still.

14. We need F&P’s, adjudicated, PP’s and D1&2 to be released to have this happen. When those go it is happening. Until then we wait.

Take the weekend off and disconnect for a few days.


Source: Dinar Recaps


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