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The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announced the launch of two new banknotes in denominations of five and ten dirhams, made of “polymer” and characterized by technical specifications and advanced security features…. Polymer that sounds strangely similar to the crazy people saying that the new treasury rainbow currency we are supposedly going to have…. Maybe it’s not so crazy after all time will tell.

The Dong has polymer.

The us …look at the bills out …they are rainbow…. Looking at it right now.

Stoneman, until the general public has been made aware of the so called rainbow currency, will not be accepting of it and that process can take no less than 3 years.

I don’t really think so. Nixon changed the US currency overnight in the 70s, and nobody had a problem. We do not know what preparations have been made behind the scenes. Some banks have admitted to having the new currency in their vaults for several years now. Sorry to disagree, but lots of countries have introduced new currencies overnight.

The largest banking institution in the world: Oil will rise to 130 dollars

Morgan Stanley Bank expected that the price of Brent crude would rise to $130 per barrel during the third and fourth quarters of this year, an increase of $10 compared to its previous estimates, due to a larger than expected deficit in supplies from Russia and Iran.

The bank also expected the oil supply deficit to continue to reach about one million barrels per day in 2022.

And “Morgan Stanley” raised its estimates of the daily losses in the production of crude oil and Russian oil derivatives to two million barrels, from one million barrels previously, due to the widespread boycott of it   link

Allawi calls for a (revolution) in Iraq!

Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi said that the Iraqi economy needs a real revolution in changing its structure from rentierism to diversifying sources.

Allawi said, while heading the Iraqi delegation participating in the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, that saving the Iraqi economy and correcting the course of fiscal and monetary policy requires a real revolution to change its structure.

He added that the Iraqi economy needs to be transferred from a rentier economy that depends on oil as a main source of revenue to a diversified economy, especially after indicators showed that it is not possible to rely on oil to build and develop the country.

He explained that the Iraqis suffer from previous and inherited institutional laws and procedures that must be addressed if we are to invest the country’s resources and its strategic location in a proper manner and adapt the economy to the post-oil era  link

Member:  Adviser to the Prime Minister: Corruption is a major reason for investors to stay away from Iraq

The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Reconstruction Affairs, Sabah Abdul Latif, confirmed today, Thursday, that corruption is a major reason for investors to stay away from Iraq.  link

Iraqi Finance: The gains of high oil prices are 25 billion dollars after 6 months from now

Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Abdul Amir Allawi said today, Friday, that the gains from the rise in oil prices amount to $25 billion six months from now.

And the minister explained – in a speech on the sidelines of the spring meetings of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington, which was reported by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) – that work will be done to estimate the gains from the rise in oil and distribute them according to the need, either through the cash transfer or the food basket

Allawi stressed the importance of the draft law on emergency support for food security submitted to the House of Representatives for legislation, in light of the rise in global commodity prices, which had an impact on the poor classes.

The minister stated that the emergency support bill is designed for specific purposes, in light of the rise in global commodity prices, explaining that Iraq receives the funds from the export of oil three months after the start of export shipments

He stressed that the federal government in Baghdad has not received any payments from the Kurdistan region, although it is obligated to pay the revenues of oil exports, customs, fees and other taxes associated with the region, especially customs.

He pointed out that the federal government provided additional amounts to the Kurdistan region after its inability last year to pay the salaries of civil servants, stressing that it will continue until the accounts are settled between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government.  link

Al-Kazemi continues.. The framework reveals an unexpected thing regarding changing the parliamentary system to a constitutional presidential one

The leader in the coordination framework, Aid Al-Hilali, revealed today Thursday, that there are proposals to keep the current government

Al-Hilali said, in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “there will be a trend for a constitutional change represented by abolishing the two-thirds majority and transforming the country’s system into a presidential instead of a parliamentary one.”

He added, “The political dialogues will witness their climax after Eid for the purpose of reaching an agreement on going to form the government with the consensus of all “.the political blocs, amid several initiatives launched recently to end the crisis

He pointed out, “There are proposals to keep the outgoing government of Mustafa “.Al-Kazemi He pointed out, “The initiative of the leader of the Wisdom Movement and the coordination framework has received a wide echo and great interest from the political forces, especially from the Sadrist bloc, the Sovereignty Alliance and other political “.parties

And he stated, “The initiative launched by the extension movement was misplaced, and they had to go with the nearby political parties, for their orientations is better “.than putting forward this initiative link

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