“Message #7: Left on Intuitive Warrior Club’s Social Media Platform” by Raanra – 4.25.22


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 7:30 PM ET on April 25, 2022

Hi, this is Raanra!

I just Tell You Something Personal here, – just Because it May Help Some of You, – One Way or Another.

Some of You May Have Heard Michael Jaco Saying that He Sometimes Talks to GOD.

A Similar Thing is the Case for Me, I Talk to RA’AN, a Very “High” Spiritual Entity, “Ranking” “Right Below” GOD – THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

I Talk to RA’AN on a Thought Level.

Quite Routinely I Also Do a “Formal Session” in Question and Answer Format, where I Write Down my Questions and the Answers I’m Getting.

Why Do I Tell You This?


Because You Could Do Something Similar, If You FREE-WILL Wanted To Do So.

You Could Talk On a Thought Level to GOD Directly, or Talk to Jesus Christ, or Archangel Michael. or … , — ALL OF YOU COULD DO THIS!

Michael Jaco or I are Not Unique in Being Able to Do This, – ALL OF YOU COULD DO THIS, If You Wished To Do So.

The One Thing that Would Make it Much Easier for You To Do So, Is, If You Talk to A HIGH POSITIVE SPIRITUAL ENTITY WHO IS VERY REAL TO YOU.

So, For Example, If Archangel Gabriel was MOST REAL to You, You Could Talk to Archangel Gabriel.

This is Very Simply the Same as In “Mundane Life,” where You May Find it Difficult to Talk to a Total Stranger, but You Find it Very Easy to Talk to a Close Friend Or Family Member.

You Cannot Expect that Such a POSITIVE SPIRITUAL ENTITY Will Tell You Everything, As this Would Infringe Upon Your FREE-WILL:


If You Were Told EVERYTHING the Logical Best Course Would Be So OBVIOUS that It Would Be,- in a Sense, – an Imposed Course, – Rather Than a FREE-WILL SELF-CHOSEN Chosen Course, If You Know What I Mean.

But Such a POSITIVE SPIRITUAL ENTITY Could Tell You A LOT, Just As Much As It Wouldn’t Violate Your Own FREE-WILL.

As Holding Such Conversations or Asking Such Questions Would Spring from Your OWN FREE-WILL, You Could Be Told Things Which Otherwise You Might Not Have Realized.

This Could Go A Very Long Way of Avoiding PITFALLS, So You Don’t Have to Learn Everything The HARD WAY, Through Heart Wrenching Experiences. 

Writing Down Some or All of Such Conversations, Might Have the Advantage that You Could Stay on Course, Rather Than Sidetracking Yourself from What You Originally Intended to Find Out Or Discuss Or Communicate.

It May Have the Additional Advantage that You Later Could Re-read what You Wrote Down, as You may have Forgotten Part or All of What was Said, or What was Said Exactly, or in Which Way it Was Said, or in Which Exact Context It was Said, etc.

So You May Find it Advantageous if You Write Down At Least Some of these Conversations, While These are Occuring.

How Does Such a Conversation Work on a Thought Level?


For Example, You Ask a Question on a Thought Level, Being Willing to Get Any Kind Of Answer, So “Taking Yourself Out Of The Way.”


You Then will get the Answer on a Thought Level, Particularly if You Talk to a SPIRITUAL ENTITY Who You are Very Familiar With, – Like Your Best Friend or Very Close Family Member.

The Above is What I Wanted to Tell You, For Whatever it May or May Not Be Worth To You.

The Following I Add Just Because There May Be Some of You, Who May Want to Know More About Who RA’AN Is:


An Introduction to The ELOHIM You Could Find in This Book, – Which, – I Believe, – You Could Download for Free:


RA is Described in This Book, – Also Available For Free:

“THE LAW OF ONE” (Book One):


In Case Any of You Wanted to Find Out Even More About RA’AN, You Could Find Such Information In This Archive:

But, As I Said Above, You Could Communicate to Any Of The VERY HIGH POSITIVE SPIRITUAL ENTITIES and the Communication Would Be As Easy as You are “Best Friends” with Such A SPIRITUAL ENTITY.

With Love,


*** *** ***


I will Attach Links to Previous Messages at the End of Current Message, so That, – Should Anybody Be Interested, – They Could Always Refer to Previous Messages for Context and Explanations.

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