“Re: Thinking out Loud” by Vee – 5.1.22


Entry Submitted by Vee at 11:22 AM ET on May 1, 2022

“Thinking out Loud” by Mr. Patient – 4.30.22

Hey Mr. Patient … 

Ya ever read those transcripts postings of MarkZ ? How many times as someone post on his YouTube vid..asking the dumbest questions … You can tell that they are newbees. Just getting into -on board with this..wanting to be spoon feed. As you post.”

And so on…. i wonder how long before the stories are recycled to create the hype and new audience are being hyped up and cheated to follow the story.”

This is good for Bruce of the Big Call plug business up for Sue with these newbees. And soon they’ll be wondering. scratching their heads ..OMG when will this RV ever happen? And as I post..The same ole , same ole.

I recommend a book everone should read..

Rise to Rebellion: A Novel of the American Revolution
Book by Jeff Shaara


There is a lot of history leading up to the Revolutionary war..that I never learned about. But what I see is that we today are pretty much in the same state of affairs as the colonies was then. In stead of a King- Majesty we have the Federal Government. We have the Dems as the loyalists or Tories loyal to the monarchy and the Republicans as the Whigs who where against monarchy power. And back in the day of the new Republic there was the Federalists and Anti-Federalists Today..we may as well say we have the same scenario… Federalist and Anti-Federalist. But as we know the Fed is not the Federal government..the Power is the Federal Bank cartel. The Dems as the Tories loyal to that system and the Repub. today are what ? Have been playing in that same sand box.

Yet today..unlike back at the Rise to the Rebellion our hands are tied…like so many other Nations-Counties of suppressed people. We don’t have the means to fight it. Several times in the book you’ll see the mention of tar and feathers. Can we do this today ? Can we take up arms and storm city halls … Governor’s homes, legislators homes, judges homes, DA homes, GA homes, Sheriff’s homes ? 

No… the political correctness is, ya got to vote them out.  Where are the Sons of Liberty today ?  Look what happens if your assumed to be storming the US capital. 

I read a letter I found of my Grandmother as she wrote to her brother. There was things that happened and she was more or less chastising him and she said “What has happened to her family?”  I wonder if she was alive today she would say, What has happened to my country ? Her mother was a daughter of the Revolutionary War. 

Some how this country has become a nation of did this happen ..when ? I’d love to ask my grandmother this question. Someone dropped the ball.

What can we do ? What actions. Continue to sit on our hands and let Trump lead us through ? Trump the savior? I have no qualms against Trump, but I want to be more proactive. I want to knock heads together, I want to run people out on a rail with a power buggy waiting for them. I wanted to kick some fascist Nazi asses. Is voting the only way …answer to resolving the issues? Is that all we got ? 




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