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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 8:56 PM ET on May 1, 2022

There has been talk in the past that when the Tier 4a/4b have their currency exchanges that they will only be able to exchange it for the new USTN and not the Federal Reserve Note, and thus the USTN MUST BE IN PLACE for the General Public and not something that we still have to wait on months down the road. So is that coming to be a fact, and that it will also be for the General Public when they have their currency exchanges, and thus they will not be usable till Trump and the White Hats complete their mission possibly by after the 2022 fake elections or even later? This would be you to now have your new currency, but it is like having fraudulent paper that is worth ZERO dollars. Are police then to be arresting millions of people with so-called USTN fraudulent currency for trying to use them before it became public knowledge that they are usable?

If we do go through with the 2022 fake elections and even have those new people elected into the US CORP office then take position in January then Trump, the White Hats and the US Military have failed their Oath of Office in not having any of the old ones arrested on April 1, 2022 and all this made known public, but will they have some new ones due to their ignorance of the US CORP being revoked now being sent to GITMO? And who chose the Republic Congressmen and Senators which there was no official election, and where is the info to run for any political office for the Republic in those 120 days?

It may be that the new QFS has activated the Treasury Direct Account for each and everyone of us yet they failed to inform We The People of this and how to access to it, like say the codes along with where to log into it online or any bank that you can physically go to make the transactions and collect the USTNs, for which it will take time on the verification of each and every American as to if they are to access those funds or not, the possible $1,000,000 sitting in that TDA and the monthly $100,000 payments we are to receive. So are our regular bank accounts going to be closed and we wait and see when we can access our Treasury Direct Accounts with those other funds being transferred? Is it going to be only direct US Treasury access as no other bank or credit union has that access for that big database? And this will now be changed from the IRS to the US Treasury you deal with? Something may have happened with the IRS as recently I did get a notice from the IRS for my address but someone else’s name was on it, so I had it ‘Return back to sender’ as someone may have been going by a mixed up database.

Forget about all this ‘Slavery Reparations’ from the Civil War and deal with you and your recent generations last century as we have all been slaves and work on that as that is ON Record, and that should be enough for each of you and not file civil lawsuits that will help you go no where. There is plenty of money to go around so you won’t have to worry about some $10,000 that you should have received 15 years ago, and focus on what you will be receiving soon. By the way, the 501(c)(3) corporations will no longer exist for you to donate money to as that is per the IRS code which will no longer exist.

Will those that are on any monthly Social Security benefits or any other types of benefits or compensation  now have their funds transferred to our Treasury Direct Accounts to make it safe for all of us with us only knowing that when we do NOT receive our benefits now as that would be the supposed way to do that? What about all those that are presently on direct deposit with their payroll checks as that will also be directed towards our Treasury Direct Accounts as well? Just to let you know is that I received my SS benefits 3 days before the end of April with no increase, so I will just have to wait till the end of May of any change unless there is a bombshell payout for all of us for which even should have been paid out to those that were denied due to those money hungry cronies in that agency.

I can understand those that are above the age of 21 years are to receive the monthly $100,000 payments for their Treasury Direct Account, but any other funds that are no longer to be associated with the Federal Reserve System is not to be out right seized at any age and then you must live as a homeless person as all your wages will be transferred to that TDA to make sure they are safe per the NESARA/GESARA rules that have never been set down in writing for public knowledge as the QFS is the new banking system. Maybe it is best for those under the age of 21 to live with their parents till then and never get married as that is the only way to survive? Or maybe you cannot even have a job as you cannot receive your paycheck funds till you are 21 years old as they are being held in your TDA? Your employer should be given this TDA information for you to make sure you are the ones getting it and not your paycheck goes to someone else. Maybe there are still corrupt individuals that will make sure We The People will never get a dime and use your SSN to put all your funds into another account for them to have easy access.

This would be the time to halt any funds to illegal immigrants and force them to go back to their own country as money is waiting for them there, but then there are those that are born here in the USA from illegal immigrants that has to be worked out.

Will you now be banned from using BitCoin as another type of transfer as those machines will deny you from using the new USTN? Thus the Russian Ruble will then go down the tubes as they will not be able to have a median exchange from the USTN and the Ruble.

Are the regular street thugs that want your money going to be denied access to their TDA funds, as if they do have any criminal record they are now going to be robbing more people as now they know those good people have much more funds to their name? What about all those involved in White Collar crimes that get away with money laundering and drug dealing on the high side, will they be getting anything, like those involved with members of Congress. The way I think it is going to happen is that since every USTN will have a GPS tracking number on it then if there is any criminal activity then the law enforcement will know exactly who, when and where those thugs are and who they got it from. What about all those that have been wrongfully convicted, will they be able to access their TDA once out, as in some states there is no compensation per the profit making DoJ to just get someone behind bars and close that case?

Who are the people that decide who is to receive access to these TDA funds or who is not per their Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth as there needs to be a set standard for the verification of who is who and not just the present crooked government officials making these decisions? There are still some bad apples in the pie. The process for verification with set down rules to go by is maybe; 3 people verifying all data on one person, including the BC or COLB, having the people come forward with some valid proof of who they are, then receive a confirmation stamp for access to their TDA. Maybe 200,000 people verified in America per day which is 1,000 business days for the 200,000,000 (million) people presently to be verified, thus 4 years waiting for some to know if they qualify, and California may be the worst with 26 million to verify. For those that have been adopted or are very disabled to confirm their own identity there will be a challenge.

If it will take more time than for everyone to receive access to their TDA within 30-60 days then maybe there needs to be more people hired and maybe it should be the older people and homeless should be getting theirs first, as if someone presently making $200,000 a year should not have problems with their living situation. Maybe the White Hats have set the Big Announcement for 9/11/22, 21 years after it was to be done at 10 AM EDT, but then the cabal had their attack an hour earlier on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to halt all this. There is still word that all this will be coming public the first and/or second week of May 2022.



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