“Bonds? Humanitarian Projects? Which One?” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.11.22


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 9:24 PM ET on May 11, 2022

The redemption of bonds is a new process to many. When I say new, I mean in the last 5 years or so.  If you own Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, Zims; you are a Newbie. The majority of bonds being redeemed are by those who have owned bonds for decades, from as early as the 1910. It is a well-orchestrated event intuited/cognised by those select few who have more pieces to the puzzle than us Newbies. The first Chinese bonds were issued as early as 1911. Never been redeemed!

Perhaps a brief understanding/history of why the ‘White Hats’ are redeeming bonds.

A bond is a legal instrument. When governments/institutions require cash flow they sell promissory notes in the form of a bond. I promise to pay the bearer of this Bond “X”  in 5/10/15/20/50 years’ time with a value of “Y”.  Every year we will pay you an interest of “A”. (That is why many bonds have tear-off coupons attached.) 1 coupon per year until the bond is redeemed.

Bonds were issued and then the authorities refused to honour the debt.

The majority of Historical Assets/Bonds are being redeemed by Ancient Families/Elders and other consciously aware beings who had more pieces to the puzzle than you and I. They had the knowledge to acquire bonds.

A little-known fact is that the Chinese Elders liquidated the Federal Reserve in 2012/2013, based on the fact that they were issued bonds against their gold reserves that they utilised to fund the Federal Reserve (under the mistaken (or perhaps not so mistaken) belief that the Federal Reserve would use the funds in the most appropriate and beneficial manner to uplift mankind.) You see the ancient Royals (everyone with an AK number) are seeded on this planet tasked to move us from light and not darkness.

The first clue to their taking control and converting to an asset based currency was printed on the new 100 dollar US note issued in 1913.

A gold pot with gold numeration. Symbology is everything! (The best exponent of this is Charlie Freak with his magnificent video on symbolism).

The public/actually the digital warriors/ only became aware a couple of years ago when the US Treasury announced legal control of the Federal reserve under Trumps regime.  Trump you beauty!!!!

The Chinese Elders, being long living (without medbeds), wise, guided by information from higher realms, the Elders were patient, waiting for the right time to assist in initiating the change from dark to light.

At this point I would like to say this process of changing from dark to light is being orchestrated by advanced factions from every genetic sentient life form of every disposition incarnated on this planet. Indian, African, Chinese, European, Aboriginal, Israelite,  Indonesian, Philippine, Peruvian, Samoan, Crossbreeds, Male, Female, et al! It is just at this point in our existence, the Oriental genetic races have done most of the work behind the scenes for the accumulation and redistribution of wealth; just one aspect; but a powerfully important aspect of this change. It is because they are more genetically orientated towards sharing wealth, humanitarian endeavours.

These Oriental races are custodial owners of the bulk of all historical assets in the world, obviously Dragon bonds, including German Bonds, Treasury Bonds/ Western orientated bonds. They are worthy custodians (along with the many unheard of different entities) of effecting the magnificent change that is knocking on our door.

And now Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. In Quantum Physics  {the most accurate understanding of natural laws in mainstream), the definition technically means the more you know about the position of a particle the less you know about its speed.

In terms of this analogy, everything is known about the owners of the old historical assets. From the time they were issued to the time they get redeemed, there is a paper trail. Every time one of these old assets is sold, it is recorded in a register. If it is not recorded ( a few slip through the cracks) it will be redeemed but with far less value. Provenance is king! I can assure you that almost every historical asset (German Bonds, Dragons,  Treasury, Tulip, Treasury, et al) has a provenance, a record of that assets movement from the time it was issued.

Almost all of the known historical bond holders are going to utilise their funds for the rebuilding of their countries, the upliftment of their people, and others. In terms of humanitarian projects there is a Divine system in place. The rebuilding of infrastructure, the development of new technologies, banking systems, education systems, governing bodies, free energy, eradicating pollution, longevity, et al is being funded by these custodians of the majority of historical assets.

Of all the certain things (according to my experience), I know this to be one of the top 1000 beliefs to be true (having met, questioned, challenged, confirmed by their predictions, those who not only talks, but implements what he says). There is a system of advanced beings implementing the systems way beyond our imagination.  Spiritual Beings and Task orientated beings not aligned to spirit but aligned to task. I post this as I am aligned to task. I only hope that I am aligned to task second and spirit first. I have been bli(e)ssed to be in contact with this amazing being. CW with your following I suspect you are about to receive information that must be published to everyone not just you ‘Insiders Club’.

The first clue to an asset based currency was printed on the new 100 dollar US note.

A gold pot with gold numeration.

The public/actually the digital warriors/ only became aware a couple of years ago when the US Treasury announced legal control of the Federal reserve under Trumps regime.  Trump you beauty!!!!

The first clue to an asset based currency was printed on the new 100 dollar US note.

A gold pot with gold numeration.

The public/actually the digital warriors/ only became aware a couple of years ago when the US Treasury announced legal control of the Federal reserve under Trumps regime.  Trump you beauty!!!!


Now to the Newbies, the Dong, Rupiah, Dinar, Zim Bond, holders. You are part of the “less you know” part of the equation. All of the previously mentioned assets have been used as currencies in day-to-day existence. Providence is based on only one fact. You are the current custodian of that asset!

The proper systems are in place to ensure a correct future for the correct functionality of this planet and beyond. Your role is to initially uplift yourself. Your family (DNA obligation), your friends (Vibrational obligation), and your community (Vibrational/Karmic) obligation.

To the Gurus who say you must have your Humanitarian Projects in place when you go and redeem. There should be more emphasis on the need to uplift the physiological aspects of man. Food in one’s stomach, shelter from the environment. Essential! How can you plan for future development projects when your knowledge of what is to come is limited if not Nil!

We measure the future on present and past experiences. You may think you might have to spend billions on building a dam and irrigation system to support a community. You spend millions initiating the process and in a very short time you learn about technologies that convert water from air at the fraction of the cost. You (as I ) have no concept of the immense changes that are manifesting on our planet! Focus only what your heart tells you to do!

Leave those projects to those who are in the know! They are in place and control huge funds (without the redemption process} to effect this change.

Focus only on your immediate environment.  If you have funds left over when the big projects require funding, I can assure you, you will be guided to fund those projects.

The Known bond holders (old historical assets) are focussed on the bigger picture.

Focus your humanitarian projects on meeting the disadvantage and their immediate needs. That is the Newbies role. Get the funds to those who need it on the ground level.

Nothing will happen in terms of release of funds until middle to late June. Let say that again; NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to at least middle late JUNE. Spend that time wisely from now to then. Focus on getting into integrity. Become more than you are now. Connect to your Inner/Higher Self. Then the world will be your oyster!

Focus on uplifting yourself.

I would like to end this with a wish. There are at least 14 Avatars on this planet at this time to facilitate the change from dark to light. Mahu Nahi tasked with Cultural and Social Change, St Germaine who has been tasked with Political and Financial Change, or MahaAvatar Babaji, Spiritual Change, or the Russian incarnated Mejnor who has been operating in isolation for the last 800 years in the Siberian Forrest. I know only of him from people who know of his existence but not his role/function. When I see Putin/Russia actually initiating the change on the planet (Sorry Truthers you missed posting that one)  I wonder to his role.

From one of these great beings is a request (Mahu Nahi – Wingmakers) for us to wake every day and say, “I am a fragment of First imbued with Its capabilities.”


Jai Guru Dev


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