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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 5-12-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday May 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thank you everybody for tuning in from all over the globe whether live or on the replay

Let’s go into the intel first and then I’m going into the redemption center experience – what to expect – what to anticipate and how to prepare for it – and so on

Number one – we were under the impression that “yes” we would get started this week – meaning yesterday or today we would definitely receive our numbers – set our appointments and go –

Now it got blocked from happening – I would call it a cabal stalled delay – and here’s what happened – remember the banks all across the globe that were connected to the QFS – all on the new banking system – all finally connected and ISO 20022 protocol – synchronized – all of that went through – we ran into a problem – Janet Yellen from the bogus administration did not release Rashid Bank in Iraq from US sanctions – it needed to be done – she was told to do it – she didn’t do it and it dragged –

Rashid bank contacted the Treasury to try to see what the problem was – they knew there was an issue – they contacted Treasury yesterday and Treasury said they would have it handled in an hour – ok good – it won’t slow us down – but guess what – it did slow us down –

They were not able to get everything compliant that needed to be because when the sanctions came off they had to start over and get connected again to the QFS and so on – Rashid bank is a bigger bank in Iraq –

Well we did hear that was handled but it’s too late for us to go this week –

Further to that let’s talk about Iraq – we know that Iraq was supposed to put out their new rates today and also seat their new Parliament and new Prime Minister – that did NOT happen either –

The good news is that on Saturday Iraq will seat their government and their new Prime Minister and on Sunday which is the 15th they will put out their new Iraqi Dinar rates and increase their in country rate to around $6 and they will put out a new rate which will not be our rate – just so you know – ours will be much higher – and they will put out that rate on Sunday

Now all the banks – all the trading that takes place between the currencies – all new rates would be put on the screens by Sunday so they can be traded Sunday night to the Far East –

Remember Iraq’s first business day of the week is Sunday – so this would come on their first business day – they would put their rate out and we would probably find out about it on Monday –

Now with that at least happening this weekend – I’m not sure what else might happen – I don’t know that notifications would happen – but I would think we could be prepared – and what I’ve been told from redemption center staff is next week should be a great week for us –

I know that is similar to the ban phrase on the Big Call – “This is the Week” but it’s a little different version of that – Next week should be a great week for all of us – let’s hold them to that – let’s have the faith to continue to believe that – cause I am  –

And by the way – redemption centers are dark today and tomorrow – so no activity at the redemption centers on Thursday or Friday

They have been on conference call after conference call – zoom calls – 3 zoom calls  yesterday – (Wed) I don’t know what was covered in those – but we don’t get everything – obviously – as you know – but maybe we’ll find something out – the other thing we heard was that yesterday 4 PM Eastern – the bond activity started taking place with bonds paying out from Hong Kong and then later – yesterday evening – from Zurich and Miami – the 3 biggest Hubs for bond activity – can’t confirm it – may have happened – the funds may have moved – but we can’t confirm that has happened yet – so we will just set that one aside –

But we can tell you that so far as the start of the Big Call there has been no email communication to the bond holders that they have funds in their account and have access to those funds on such and such day – that has NOT occurred yet –

So have the funds moved?  Maybe, but have the emails gone out yet like we had anticipated today? NO- Maybe that occurs over the weekend – maybe it goes when we get notified – I am going to say early next week  – hopefully very early next week –

So from an intel point of view and we’re getting our Iraq intel directly from Iraq – from an Iraqi citizen there and well more than a citizen but I don’t want to go into that – so we’re really confident that Iraq will do their thing but you have to realize we’ve held Iraq back for months and really “years” – for getting these things accomplished –

The one good thing about the 15th which is Sunday is that is the day that the UN operational rates change for all currencies – and so it may be that they line that up UN operational rates with the new currency rates for all these countries that are in the so called first basket – at last count there were 27 or 28 currencies that are going to go up and some greatly in value – some will go down most will go up in that basket –

So – I am excited that is the case and we’re still obviously believing for this blessing to come through early next week – so we all can breathe and relax for a minute

Let’s talk about the actual exchange process – let’s start with notifications – these notifications – especially for you new people – the people that have not been in this very long – maybe even a year or less – and maybe longer – we are to be notified by Wells Fargo Servers through emails – they know almost all of the zim holders – if you purchased them they know it – and how much you have –

They are not as concerned about the other currencies – but very concerned about the zim and zim holders – like us – number one priority for the redemption center is zim holders – number two priority is other types of bonds – German bonds – yellow dragon bonds –  red dragon bonds – railroad bonds – every kind of bond –  there’s many kinds –

The redemption center can process those bonds and we know some people that have bonds and they are planning on taking them in with them to the redemption center when they take their currency and zim in –

The third priority is currency – ok – so if you are just a currency holder you are third on the list – if you have zim you are first on the list – Alright – that is how the priorities are working with the redemption centers

Why do we call them redemption centers – because the zim dollar currency is actually a bearer bond – meaning payable to the bearer – you are the bearer – so when you take that in it is considered like a bond – that means it will pay you the face value of that bond at some rate –

We don’t do rates on the Big Call typically – because I don’t want to get in trouble – but I would say because in the past we’ve talked about the zim dollar being on par with the US dollar – and for a long time now – if you don’t know what on par means you need to look it up –

So I am feeling very good about that – now that is going to be somewhat dependent on how well you present your project and what they are  and the longevity of them – and the job creation etc etc

Let’s go back a minute – talking about getting notified which should happen an email to you would have the toll free number – we assume a 1-800 number – on  the email that goes to a call center – and there are 6 regional call centers throughout the US – state where you are calling from – you would call the number and I think there will be some automated aspect to it where you would enter the zip code of the area in which you would like to exchange – you may be living this zip code but you may know there is a redemption center or for some reason you want to exchange in another zip code you would enter the zip code before the area in which you like to exchange and redeem your zim

You probably enter that I think – now remember they have not told me any of this in proper detail – so I am going to learn as you learn – I might get a heads up a day or so early on it – I “might”  but if I do I will be able to tell you on a call – so this is the best I can do –

You will probably enter your zip code on a dial pad of some kind and then you would be if y ou are a zim holder they will ask you maybe what currency do you have – they might even automate to say for zim dollar press 1 – just giving you an “example” – they may not do this –

Please understand this is ONLY a possibility – they might say for dinar press 2 – for dong press 3 – you know what I mean – they may do it that way – they may not – but I know this – when we call the number if we are a zim holder and they know that – they find that out in our process of calling – we will get routed to the redemption center where we will do our zim redemption –  so we’ll get routed from maybe one place to another or given the 800 number to that redemption center – one or the other – We will either get routed there automatically or we’ll call that number and get it

Alright let’s say we are on now with the redemption center –  more than likely you are going to be talking to an individual who will be helping you with your redemption of zim and your currency – more than likely this is the beginning of the relationship that you are creating with the redemption center staff –

Now there are principles meaning main staff members in the redemption centers that are on shifts to work from 8-8:30 am all the way to 10-10:30 pm – so a lot of redemption centers will be on 33 different shifts –

You will have a principle person in one of those and several assistants – at least 2 maybe 3 – probably a Treasury rep and a homeland security rep also  on site – at the redemption center when you are there –and of course they will have security

Ok we got our call – we set it up – we’ve established the time for our appointment – we know not to get there more than 10 minutes early  – they do not want people stacked up in the parking lot – set your appointment – be on time – don’t be late –  but not more than 10 mins early –

Alright what do you need when you go in – remember obviously your currency –hopefully you have counted it – you have it separated by denominations – that means denomination of dinar – the new was available with 1000  notes – 5000 notes – 10,000 notes and the last 25,000 notes – most of us have the 25,000 notes – do not say 25,000 dollar  – it is 25,000 dinar –  whatever your total put in order of the lowest to the highest – same thing with the dong – get a total for all of your currency including your zim  and write it down and type it up so you have a copy to hand to them when it comes time to count and verify your currency and your zim you will have a printed copy to say I have this many of this and this many of this etc –  I have XX of dinar – I have XX number of dong –   I have XX number of zim –

So that is all typed up in a category – so they can see what you believe you have – now they have to verify the same number that you thought you had – you keep a copy and you give them a copy –

Alright so we got to the point where we are now at our appointment and what do we do now?  First of all make sure you bring a picture ID  if you have 2 bring Driver License and Passport – if you are a student bring that ID – if you have government ID bring that –  bring your “picture” ID –

Next make sure you have a copy of a recent bill like for utilities –  cell phone – electricity – natural gas etc that shows the address where you live so they see you are a resident and reside at such and such address – bring 2 different ills just in case –

You do not need to bring receipts for your currency or zim –  they are not going to ask for that – forget the receipts –

You have some things that go under the KYC – Know Your Customer – now remember for zim holders they know pretty much who you are ahead of time – they know your social – they know everything – but what you are going to do when you get there is to verify to them that you are who you think you are – that you take this ID of your utility bill and present that at the very beginning when you walk in the door and you’ve gone through security gates and you just meeting them for the first time – You are introducing yourself and providing that as they call for it

Now you’ve got the ID part the KYC is good to go – now you are ready to move into the redemption side of it and you will be taken to a room where my understanding is now is when you will pony up your currency and have that counted and verify it with the Delarue machine – it means of the street or from the street in French –

You give them your currency for them to run it through the machine they are counting machines – and they count those currencies  verifying at the same time – all that data is fed into their lap top so they have that data right there – and what they will do is give you the totals they came up with and now you are talking about my understanding is now you are talking about your rates for each of those currencies but you may talk about what you plan to do with your zim first – you may be doing your song and dance – 5-8 minute presentation while somebody else is counting your currency – that may be happening at the same time – so they do not lose time –

They want us in and out of there in 40 minutes or less – in and out!! So listen this is what else we are doing so they are counting and verifying our currency – coming up with a total – we’re telling them in 5-8  minutes what our presentation is – what our projects are about – in outline form –  and then you are talking rates – and calculating how much you have of each –

I still see us in a way – the zim is so unique and special they are going to take that and put that in the Quantum accounts because it is so large and we will take as you remember from the last 3-4 calls we are taking a percentage of it which we believe would be from 10 – 50% of that currency in the Quantum and putting into our primary  Wells Fargo accounts is what pays interest – it will pay an interest that is negotiable with the bank that you are there with now Wells Fargo –

I told you it should be around 8 – 8 ¼ % for that rate – an annual percentage yearly rate – I hope I can talk them into paying my interest quarterly – which means 2% per quarter times 4 – that is where I am going – and that’s interest on the primary account – but I am going to have it pay into a secondary account with Wells Fargo which I had previously referred to as a spill over account – we can still use it but I am using primary and secondary accounts with Wells

You can always take that interest and dump it into another bank – you can also set up another account with Chase – or with any number of banks and make that an account as a 3rd account –

So primary / secondary is what your interest gets paid into and you could operate out of that secondary account – I will operate out of that account and have it tied to 3-4 LLC’s in my example

Now beyond that – we need to set up our accounts – which are Trust accounts or accounts tied to LLC’s – you’ve got your primary account already paperwork ready to go for that – secondary account take the interest into and that is what also in that secondary account is where the proceeds from the currency that we exchanged would go into – it would not go into the Quantum account because those monies are available in full on day one –

If you’ve got your dinar – dong – rupiah – etc  all those other currencies the exchange proceeds in USN –  meaning new US dollars – would be in that secondary account – and you would have full access to all of that and it could be a lot of money – it won’t be as much as the primary account which has the 10 or 50% or whatever percentage they settle on with you on the zim – that’s going to be heads or tales way above your secondary account but your  secondary account will be significant if you’ve got a lot of currency – so don’t worry about it – that’s how I’m going to do it if I can talk them into it – I don’t think it’s going to be hard to talk them into it –  cause I think they are going to do the zim separate from the currencies too –

Remember the Quantum account is in the QFS – it is digitized – digital currency – does NOT draw interest – that’s why we take a certain percentage of the Quantum account and put it into our primary account and we do that at the exchange appointment

They do not have a lot of time for regular banking so we’ll see – they won’t have too much time but we knock that out – they are going to give – and this is something I heard just yesterday – and it may change the interest rate that I mentioned –

Supposedly all the tier 1 banks will pay the same rate of interest so there will be no advantage over one bank and another – here’s the deal – we’ve got that – we’re going to take a debit/credit card which will be tied to – this is a big question I have – can I get one that is NOT tied to my primary account unless I want to move funds – yes okay  that’s true – you may want to move funds so I need something that I’ll move funds to my secondary account but can I have a debit/credit card on my secondary account where I can access funds that way – the answer is maybe able to do both –

You may do one and then when you come back to do more banking you might be able to set up another account with its own debit/credit card – I think that would be doable – right now at the redemption center you are looking at one and it will be a high-end card – I hope it’s not a black card – don’t want that – it draws too much attention – it sounds cool – but you just really want to get a platinum card something that is not too different or too out of the ordinary that is tied to your primary account

Now what about the Quantum account? This is where you have what I call the Quantum access card a QAC – the Quantum access card is a thick  3 credit card thickness – titanium card – the only purpose that it has that has 3 chips in it – one of which is biometric finger / thumb print reader and the other two are a start and stop chip embedded in the card – you use that as far as I can tell – you only use that when you want to access your Quantum account to check balance and as far as I can understand to move funds from your Quantum to your primary account I believe you need to do that at the bank – I don’t think that is something you can do on your own on your lap top – I hope not but who knows – it’s such a big amount of numbers you do  not want to mess it up –

Alright we are still at the redemption center – new account set up – we have our debit/credit card – we’re really looking to get a list of perks which are benefits for going to this bank or that bank – they are basically be pretty similar – there may be some advantage with one bank over another – with the perks – we’ll see

That comes later – you take that home and think about – look it over see if there is anything on the perks – should be about 3 pages long – anything you see on the perks that you want you let them know later

Now what about cash? Yes we can get a limited amount of cash up to $2500 – that’s it –if there is a cap it is on the cash – you can ask for up to $2500 of new cash which should be the ne United States Treasury Notes – our new money at the time of your exchange and redemption – just to have a little walking around money –

They do not want to give more – they do not want anyone robbed or picked up  as they go out of the redemption center – you’ve got to keep your mouth shut – you are going to sign a NDA a non disclosure agreement – which means shut the front door – and don’t mention this to anyone – only people that you can talk to about this would be people that are part of your projects – they could be exempted from the NDA – and you better have a page listing those names – do not go crazy with this 3-4-5 names whatever it is that you can write down and these could be exempted  from your NDA because you are going to be talking to these people about your project/s and about the funding  – that is the exception to the NDA –

The NDA’s are supposed to be pretty tight – you that are big on social media – NOT GOOD – you probably should get off of it – if not already – just stay quiet – try to make your life the same as it is now with some upgrades – obviously you are going to want new cars – but if you are living in the hood and you are thinking about getting a Bentley think again!!  That is going to scream I got money honey – and you don’t want that to happen

If you move out of the hood – and you go down to Beverly Hills and the Bentley’s are the routine there – ok that is different – keep that in mind – you are going to want security – look into personal security and don’t be surprised – it’s a good idea make sure that you have it

What else? That has taken us all the way through the redemption process and now you are getting out of there – 30-40 minutes you’re done – don’t celebrate on the way out – probably go out a back door not the same one you went in – and don’t go out to the bar and buy everyone a round of drinks – do not get into that –

Yes you want to take care of your tips – you want to tip waiters and waitresses but don’t go nuts don’t give them $1000 be careful on that stuff – cause otherwise you will be followed out of the restaurant to your car – to your home –  you do not want to draw that type of attention – it’s not wise – be smart

This is the biggest financial turnover in the history of the world – this is the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just – I knew that scripture back 18 years ago – and I understood it and I took it to mean this exchange – this turnover of wealth – the greatest wealth of turnover in the history of the world is occurring when we start these exchanges

So bond holders need to be notified of their monies when they have access to it – we need to be notified that we can set up our appointments – get our toll free number and go – the public – since we are looking at next week which is the week of the 16th of May – the public is probably going to start the following week – that’s my bet on it – they are probably pushed because we got pushed as well –

That is the intel I wanted to bring tonight – this could be our last call

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 45:15

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