“Re: Spoke to a Knowledgeable Long Time Friend” by Logan B – 6.5.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 2:59 PM ET on June 5, 2022

“Spoke to a Knowledgeable Long Time Friend” by Sierra (SB) – 6.4.22

Sierra has an anonymous long time friend but this one is different. He apparently does not lie. He doesn’t fake or make things up. 

None of the gurus that post on this blog, other blogs, websites, podcasts or YouTube claim to have first hand knowledge of any of this. They all have anonymous long time friends who in turn have anonymous long time friends on up the line until one of them I assume claims to be the one with first hand knowledge. The gurus we know do not fake or make things up except for maybe some. They parrot exactly what they hear. I don’t know if they have ever tried to verify for themselves what they are told but they don’t seem to now. 

They all take as gospel from their anonymous long time friends whatever they say except for MarkZ who says that he was told this but sometimes follows with he’s heard that song and dance before. Lol.

What do these first hand knowledge anonymous long time friends gain from faking, making things up or lying day after day, week after week and year after year? Do they do this intentionally just to keep us interested? They know that many of us are told over and over that this whole thing is bogus and we would be better off getting out of it, apologizing to our friends and family for even mentioning it and just get on with our miserable slave lives and be happy about it. Many do and many have over the years. 

Do they do it because they just don’t want us to know the truth? We eventually do learn the truth. The truth we eventually learn is that they don’t know who their enemies are that stop them. They don’t know how to set this up and learn by trial and error. They themselves believe that everything is set up and ready to go until they find out otherwise. Whatever the reasons may be why this hasn’t gone yet we are all very tired of waiting, including those that are trying to make this happen, and want to see an end to it already. 

Stating that an anonymous long time friend has been told by his anonymous long time friend that we should all just forget about this, get on with our happy lives of slavery and maybe bother to come back in August sounds to me like just another dark side shill that wants to see us and the whole QFS movement go away so they can keep their nwo great reset and agenda 2030 plans going without the likes of us getting in their way. They are haughty enough to say that we will never succeed but they are scared of us enough to do these just forget it messages just in case there is a slim chance we might actually pull it off. 


So do us favour Sierra. As much as we don’t like being told week after week that this is going to happen and it doesn’t. We like dark shill posts for us to forget about this even less. Keep your long time friends opinions to yourself. 


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