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Wish this RV would just happen.

Wish these governments would give the RV it’s proper priority. It would fix some corruption in Iraq, and improve the lives of so many around the world.

I am hoping a work out is being negotiated. They should go back to the CG strategy; pay bills, govern, meet the public needs, stop the Parliament Clown Show; etc., etc. The budget already passed was passed by a duly elected, legal Parliament. All the CG  (caretaker government) has to do is govern. The CBI ought to like playing this hand.

Maybe I’m missing something. I thought the Treasury was in charge of the banks. If the Treasury thought it should be done already, how come the banks aren’t at least on stand by?

Banks do respond to the treasury when something is up. The banks are ready and can activate at a moment’s notice.

Don’t forget. Tony said his TREASURY contact(s) said “this should have already happened”. I am hoping we are in a sweet spot if Iraq will just quit being Iraq.

There is a lot I feel that has been done but Iraq is not ready to make any formal announcements until they achieve their goals completely.

kasey: The facts of life in Iraq is that you have hundreds of years, plus, of tribal, religious, despot ruling history in Iraq and the Middle East. There is no way to get a perfect scenario….On top of that, you have Iran controlling Iraq. I am hoping a CG can at least solve the religious thing and let some pros run the govt. for awhile and meet the Iraqi public needs. I would think the CBI would like that.

If the agreement is to continue with Kadzimi, they would no longer be considered a caretaker government.

One of the elephants in the room with the Kurdistan vs. Baghdad issue of oil payment ratios. I’m not sure that has been worked out. The good news, though, is that there is just way too much money being made for even the crooks not to like their take.

I am at the point where I hope the IMF forces the RV next week. I think the RV will stop the corruption in Iraq. After that, they can fix their government.

Was reading some comments on another site regarding the timing of the release and it was noted that the President has 15 days or the laws goes into affect. ( June 23rd)  A few people mention that. It was also asked why hadn’t the President signed it yet being it is so pressing to meet the needs of the people.

It was stated that various ministries had been adding their little pieces to be a part of the ESFL since the stuff in the law was actually projects that were funded with the 2021 budget but never released. This law releases those funds so the wheel of progress gets started so by the time the vote and released the 2022 budget, it will not lose momentum

Also the issue with Kurdistan losing their 12%-17% they were to get and was repealed by the SCOI. LOL,,had they not messed around in Feb 9th and showed up to vote, they would probably have their portion but now …..they have go through the Federal government to get paid and not allowed to contract their on contracts.(They contracted with Turkey for oil and that ability was taken from them.) Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Naaaa,,they go caught with a big head.

Iraqi Finance Minister: If we make the right decisions, we will be the global energy center for the coming centuries

The Iraqi Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, called on Saturday to invest Iraqi capital to maintain the current oil production rates, stressing the need to focus on raising the rates of electric power production, suggesting that the country would turn into a source of energy.

Allawi said at the Energy Forum held at the American University in Baghdad; It is “Iraq must divert capital investments to maintain current oil production rates while shifting focus to electricity production where demand is expected to grow. We have a great opportunity to restore Iraq as a major supplier of electricity.”

Allawi added; “Iraq today needs to make strategic decisions based on where it wants to be. 20 years from now, Qatar made huge investments in gas production in the 1990s. It was one of the greatest strategic decisions that were taken and they are now reaping its fruits.”

The Iraqi Finance Minister stressed that “if we make the right choices, the right partners, and the right strategic direction, I believe that this country can easily be the global center for energy trade for the twenty-first century and beyond.”

On Saturday, the American University in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, hosted the Sixth Energy Forum, with the participation of OPEC Secretary-General Muhammad Barkindo.

The conference was also attended by the Iraqi Minister of Finance, Abdul Amir Allawi, and a group of ministers and officials of the Iraqi government.  link

Barzani describes the political crisis in Iraq as “deep”

The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, confirmed today, Saturday, that working to solve the political crisis in Iraq, describing it as a “deep crisis.”

Barzani said during the ceremony announcing the “Barzan Movement” group, which was attended by Earth News, that “the British orientalist who visited Kurdistan and met Sheikh Abdul Salam conveyed his request to visit London to talk with King George about the independence of Kurdistan.”

He added that “a historic step is announced on a historic day, the day of the immortal Barzani and his companions crossing from the Aras River,” noting that “the enemies of our people have always tried to distort the struggle of the Kurdish people as a struggle of a group of clans that they described as bandits, but these documents prove the opposite.” .

He pointed out that “Barzan’s struggle is a sacred struggle founded by Sheikh Abd al-Salam and his brother Sheikh Ahmed. Religion is morality, and religion and morals cannot be separated, and we are all brothers in humanity, preserving the environment, expanding the struggle from the clan to the national scale. I am proud to be a student of this school.” “.

And he indicated that “we will do everything we can to solve the political crisis in Iraq, but I do not hide that it is a deep crisis,” noting that “parliamentary elections were held in Iraq last October, but they did not allow things to proceed as the results required.”

On the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, President Barzani indicated that “the constitution is not perfect, but it is good,” adding that “unfortunately, no one adhered to it.”

He added, “If Baghdad is serious and has the will to solve crises, then the constitution is the arbiter to solve problems, but a selective interpretation of the constitution cannot be accepted.”

The “Barzan Movement” collection, which is in 6 volumes and contains 2,300 historical documents, from the Ottoman and Iranian archives, was collected from the archives of the Istanbul Center, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian National Documentation Center, and the Press Documents Center in the Iranian Parliament   link

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