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Samson » June 18th, 2022

Trade Bank of Iraq

16th June, 2022

Our bank participated in the GTX-i 4th conference and International Information Technology Expo and Conference attended by a number of governmental, private sector and technology specialists in order to bring technological advancements, exchange experiences, introduction of new technologies and presentation of products and services.  LINK

Oil prices are expected to reach $150 a barrel soon

17th June, 2022

Commodities could generate impressive returns amid tight supplies and low inventories, according to JPMorgan’s mid-year forecasts report.

Total returns could reach 10% by the end of the summer in the northern hemisphere and 5% by the end of 2022, and volatility will also remain high, the report said.

Oil could touch $150 a barrel in the short term, while corn could reach $13 a bushel – an all-time high.

Analysts, including Natasha Kaneva, explained in the report, “The lack of buffer stocks makes the market vulnerable to unplanned supply disruptions, such as the escalation of protests in Libya, the deteriorating conditions of American crops, and the active hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean that may lead to the closure of refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.” 

The report stated that due to the circumstances, “the entire orientation remains towards buying.” The volatility of the Bloomberg Commodity Index has more than doubled since before the pandemic. LINK

Putin announces the end of the “unipolar era”: America considered itself the messenger of God on Earth

17th June, 2022
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that “the era of unipolarity” has ended, while considering that the European Union has completely lost its sovereignty.

His statements came during his participation in the plenary session of the 25th Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF 2022. Putin added, “The United States considered itself the messenger of God on Earth when declaring victory in the Cold War.”

He continued, “We have to be independent, we are strong and we can face any challenge,” explaining that “Russia got rid of the inflationary wave and its financial system is stable.” He noted that “the United States used to be a major supplier of food, and is now a net importer. It prints money and buys food all over the world.”

And he indicated that “the direct losses of the European Union from imposing sanctions against Russia have so far amounted to 400 billion dollars.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » June 18th, 2022

Wasit Governor determines the mechanism for applying for contract degrees

17th June, 2022

The Governor of Wasit, Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi, has specified the mechanism for applying to the degrees of contracts assigned to the governorate within the Food Security Law.

Al-Mayahi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the legal mechanism in distributing the 1,000 degrees of contracts that were allocated to Wasit in the Food Security Law will be clear and before public opinion and will be distributed according to the population ratio of the administrative units, and a central committee and sub-committees will be formed under the supervision of the regulatory authorities.”

He added, “The application is electronic according to a central link that will be announced later when the Food Security Law is approved,” stressing that “the direct lottery will be adopted in front of the applicants in each administrative unit.”

And the governor warned against exploiting the weak-minded by taking money or anything else, stressing that the used mechanism does not accept wasta and no one can manipulate it.  LINK

Tivon » June 18th, 2022

Aren’t you all pleased that this EFSL was emphasized over a period of time where you can witness its development making sense as to why it was important to your investment?  

I bet you didn’t think it would be this consistently pertinent as we are or wasn’t used to something that actually followed the guidelines of the constitution that would successfully make it through to voting and actually be added to the Gazette (Pending) and be able to say you stuck it through up until this point.

Think about how it was shot down and emerged again in a different form under constant attack from the political opposition as you were learning of its relation to the overall plan to ensure the entitlements to the Iraqi people that will give birth to their Purchasing Power.

Over the years we grown accustomed to expecting disappointment when something seems to be leading to imminent conclusion of this ride. Only to revert back to our tireless endless waiting for something significant to happen that would bring us out of the constant leg pulling at things that seemingly was the crescendo point of this being over for us.

Now we are seeing actual progress with a steady motion of energy where things can not be as easily over turned on our heads as in the past.

No guru has the ability at this stage to pull you back down from this altitude. You can actually bite into this big steak of info and not experience the feeling of isolation that comes with relying on special Intel source that don’t explain anything to you. Only a pump & dump to hype you up and just as quickly let you down with no explanation or very vague reasoning as to what caused it not to happen for the 1,000th time.

I have gurus I used to follow years ago that some of you still do today who are stealing my information and plagiarizing it as their own. Why? Because they built their following off of thievery. I am no exception.

At least with the angle you are at now you know at some point they have to turn on the ATMs. Because they have never been deployed at a stage where it would be necessary to have them in place if you understand the overall importance of the EFSL and the contracts that come with it.

We are no longer being pulled along something we don’t understand but sounds exciting with nothing to show once it reaches that 24-48 hr period where it was supposed to be over only to be knocked off your high horse. IMO

Here we are with another article this morning gearing up to prepare the citizens or “Private Sector” for the pending activation of the EFSL. They tell you again here in the last quote how this law is secure and transparent to the point no one can corrupt this and steal from the citizens. That ship has sailed. There’s about 5-6 days left before it becomes law. Signed or not. IMO

Wagmister » June 18th, 2022

Groundhog Day IMO.  

Tivon » June 18th, 2022

Maybe for some who haven’t been paying attention. But as things are now and what has been laid out people can now look through their own lens or scope of understanding and hold things in clear view of what lies just beyond the horizon of information without being lost and confused after some projected date has passed. Why? Because when Hakim Al-Zamili said he will follow up with the “Relevant Authorities” to disburse the funds once it is in the Gazette. I presume the CBI would know exactly how to track the disbursements. …. IMO

Samson » June 18th, 2022

Deputy: The Food Security Law Has Not Witnessed Any Appeals So Far

18th June, 2022

The representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed, on Saturday, that no person or political party has submitted any appeal to the Federal Court of the Food Security Law, indicating that there are alternatives to passing the law in the event of an appeal.

Al-Baldawi said in a statement to / the information /, that “the framework forces were able to amend many paragraphs of the emergency support law for the public interest, and in fact this was done, although we had reservations about it, but we worked on it.” According to the principle of necessities permitting prohibitions, and when it was necessary for the conduct of the work of the state, we accepted it and voted on it after we imposed amendments in the public interest.

He added, “We believe at the present time, if the law is challenged, it will cause a problem, because it is the emergency alternative as it was called the emergency budget,” noting that “so far, no appeal has been submitted to the Federal Court, whether from people or political forces.”

Al-Baldawi explained that “in the event of a challenge to the law and the acceptance of the Federal Court, we have the only solution to pass it again by expediting the formation of the government and passing the law again through the elected government.”    LINK

Tivon » June 18th, 2022

Optics maybe? Corruption maybe? Imminent arrest maybe? There’s some variables in this regard to why this has not been challenged since it would be a very isolating thing to do if you are a person of intrest that has some dirt on your name because that would be the only ones to actually file a complaint or appeal.

Why wouldn’t you want the citizens to benefit unless you have something to lose in the process of them gaining “Purchasing Power”? Anyway also pay attention to the last statement he says when mentioning the EFSL isn’t contingent upon a seated government.

Only if the law is appealed would we have to wait for the formation of the GOI to pass it again. Which means the citizens once the law goes into the Gazette should have everything they are entitled to that they could have had years ago prior to the seating of the government. IMO

Samson » June 18th, 2022

According to the Food Security Law, Wasit calls on the Finance Ministry to indicate its share of the appointment of contracts

18th June, 2022j

Wasit Governor Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi demanded today, Saturday, the Ministry of Finance to clarify the mechanism for appointing contracts in the province from bachelor and diploma graduates within the “share of his governorate” in accordance with the law of emergency support for food security and development.

Wasit Governor Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi said in a document that he addressed the Ministry of Finance regarding contract appointments, obtained by Shafak News Agency; “A letter to the Ministry of Finance that includes contracts with holders of bachelor’s degrees and diplomas and for all specializations at a rate of 1,000 contracts for each governorate according to the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development.”

The governor called on the Ministry of Finance to “describe the mechanism that we adopt in appointing contracts so that we can report on those grades.”

On June 14, 2022, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the ministries and state institutions to expedite the inventory of the names of contract employees in all departments who have a job service for two years or more in preparation for their confirmation on the permanent staff.

And the Ministry of Finance decided, on May 30, 2022, to include the allocations necessary to convert free lecturers and administrators in the Ministry of Education into contracts in accordance with Resolution 315, and it had no objection to implementing this, in the event the House of Representatives desired, a request to include a text authorizing the Federal Minister of Finance to create degrees for the nominees to add allocations Financial for the purpose of the research.

In many governorates, over the previous periods, demonstrations were witnessed in which the lecturers, the daily procedure, and the contractors were demanding their confirmation and fairness of their rights in permanent appointment to the owners of the ministries to which they belong. And the law enforcement forces to protect the Green Zone, which includes the headquarters of the Iraqi government, after the demonstrators demanded their inclusion in Resolution 315, before the protest developed into a verbal altercation and friction with the security forces.

Resolution “315” includes mechanisms to address the status of workers as contracts and daily wages in various government institutions, which the Council of Ministers voted on in 2019.  LINK

A parliamentary movement to end the current system, abolish the constitution, and switch to the presidency

18th June, 2022

Independent MP Muhammad Al-Khazali revealed, today, Friday, that he submitted a proposal to transform the political system into a presidential one and to abolish the constitution.

Khazali told (Baghdad Today) that “the political system in its current form has reached a stage that cannot be proceeded with, and it is not possible to get out of this crisis and reform this system without certain solutions”.

He added, “The solution lies in making constitutional amendments and transforming the type of government system, and then the House of Representatives will dissolve itself and later parliamentary and presidential elections will be held simultaneously”.

Khazali added, “We will present these solutions to members of Parliament, and we will work to advance it”.   LINK

Sir » June 18th, 2022

IMO – This article speaks the truth!

The governments around the world are so corrupt that truly the only way forward is to get rid of them all. A constitutional change for the people and by the people put in place. Anything short of that will prolong the problems that we see today. 

IMO- this should happen around the world at the same time and new elections held.

IMO – this is exactly what has been going on for several years. This is very clear to those good people that are awake, eyes open to see. 

The stupid thing that these governments have been pushing on the people should be proof alone.
I don’t think we will see much on the exchange rate of all currency until this is accomplished. Otherwise it’s put fuel on the fire that needs to be put out.

Good thing is that things are moving at a fast pace to accomplish just this.

This is GODS plan and he is exposing these evil people right before our eyes. “Tens of millions of them” This could very well be the great rapture of the evil one’s. Just be patient as we are chosen to be here in these times.

You will see what you have been seeking soon..imo

Samson » June 18th, 2022

Semi-presidential system

16th June, 2022 by Jafar Al-Lonan

Muqtada al-Sadr’s step in the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies may be the most daring step in the history of the new politics in Iraq, as no political bloc – the most numerous – has ever withdrawn from Parliament in this way and so quickly.

Regardless of the subsequent results that will follow the collective parliamentary resignation of the Sadrist bloc, there is a basic fact that the current political system is sick, disabled, and static.

The term “political majority” emerged in the 2010 elections, and took part in the negotiation space in the current fifth session, especially Mr. Sadr, who established two basic concepts in these elections (neither eastern nor western) and (political majority). The tables for negotiating these rules seemed to be inflexible fiery spaces.

The intense figures in the parliamentary system are the ruling ones, and the continuation of the handicap in this system requires a supra-major surgery. The situation in Iraq requires that the ruling in it be close to or similar to the sane presidential system after the pitfalls of the failure of the parliamentary system, especially after the interpretation of the Federal Court regarding the two-thirds, which is close to the form The Iraqi system of “boring consociationalism”

Iraq has two options, the first is the reform of the political system, and the second is the continuation of patchwork and anesthesia, and attention to the fact that 70 percent of people did not participate in the last elections, and it is the public – silent and angry – who may explode on everyone at any moment.

The best solution is to modify the current system from a full parliamentary system to a semi-parliamentary and semi-presidential system so that citizens go to the polls and elect with two papers: the first paper – the parliamentary bloc and the candidate in it, and the second paper is the first executive prime minister in the country who is allowed to choose ministers and his team directly and Parliament follows up The performance of the government and its outputs to society..

The crises are big and there is no time to wait!   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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