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Samson » June 22nd, 2022

Jordan and Saudi Arabia hope that the Iraqi parties will reach a formula to form a government

22nd June, 2022

Today, Wednesday, Jordan and Saudi Arabia expressed their hope that the Iraqi political parties would reach a formula that leads to the formation of the new federal government.

This came in a joint statement issued by the two kingdoms today, after talks with King Abdullah II of Jordan and Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in Saudi Arabia, and at the conclusion of the latter’s visit to Jordan.

The two sides stressed the centrality of Iraq’s security and stability as a pillar of the region’s security and stability, and affirmed their support for Iraq in its efforts to achieve security and stability, combat terrorism, rebuild and achieve a better future for the Iraqi people.

The two sides expressed their hope that the Iraqi parties would reach a formula to form an Iraqi government to devote a comprehensive political process that meets the aspirations of all components of the Iraqi people, according to the statement. LINK

Iraq Achieves The Highest Oil Revenue In Its History

21st June, 2022

The Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) announced, on Tuesday, that it achieved the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil export, while it expected oil prices to remain within the range of 115 dollars per barrel until the end of this year.

The director of market research at SOMO, Muhammad Saadoun, said in a statement reported by the official Iraqi News Agency and seen by / the information, that “we live within high price rates, and we have achieved so far the highest revenues in the history of Iraqi oil export by about 11 billion dollars for the past month, and we expect these rates to continue. He pointed out that “indicators show that global oil prices for this year will remain at around $115.”

Saadoun added: “We are in the third quarter of this year, and prices will witness more support and will stabilize during the next three months,” noting that “the oil market is witnessing a challenge due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, which affected the market because Russia is one of the major oil producing and exporting countries, and the European embargo. 

It will remain and may affect the European market, and from this aspect, agencies expect a decrease in Russian oil production estimated between one and a half million, and this means that oil supplies lose this number, and there is another aspect, which is that this conflict affected economic growth and this is reflected in demand expectations.“

He pointed out that “most of the international energy agencies have modified their price forecasts and increased these expectations from $95 to 120 to be the expected price for 2022, and to 115 for major international banks, and some companies expected it to reach $150 in light of the current stockpile being at its lowest level.”

He pointed out that “the European Union’s decision to impose an embargo on Russian oil will be directly reflected in the expected revenues for the year 2023, which extend to 2024, an increase to 120 dollars, and this is a large number.”   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » June 22nd, 2022

Minister of Finance: The Ministry is keen to implement the provisions of the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development

Baghdad / NINA / – Minister of Finance Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi confirmed that the ministry is keen to implement the provisions of the emergency support law for food security and development, which the House of Representatives voted on recently, including Article (18) first.

Allawi said in a statement, “The ministry is committed to financing all the allocations listed in Table A of the law to secure the food and electricity sectors, lecturers, administrators, contracts, procedures, graduates from the first and whose contracts have been terminated by the security and military services.”

He added, “The aim of presenting this law is to cover the actual financial needs that contribute to alleviating unemployment, reducing poverty, achieving financial stability in light of urgent global developments, and continuing to provide the best services to citizens and raising their standard of living.”   LINK

Tivon » June 22nd, 2022

I told you all they will keep hammering down on this law until it is printed published and implemented. They will keep coming with more information as we inch closer to the inevitable reinstatement. Unemployment, financial stability, or reducing poverty can only start with one thing my people. You already know what that is. IMO

MilitiaMan » June 22nd, 2022

Depending on when ones clock is started on the EFSL, it was voted on 06/08/2022. !5 days to be law with out signature is estimated to be today or by tomorrow.  With the Finance Minister being keen on implementation today, is a very positive sign. He is the legal side of the check book.. Lol The CBI just has the cash.. lol It may have to wait to be published, but, effectively it is law once the 15 day is up which would be in my opinion anytime now.. ~ MM

Sounds like the Finance Minister has a vision that the ESFL is set to be implemented.. The present government has the necessary powers to allow that keenness that which the Finance Minister has to implement the provisions is to be done.

I have a strong feeling everyone wants the same thing. Hence, there were no appeals to EFSL. Interesting timing too.

Tomorrow there is an emergency session with the HOR and there are interesting things on the table. Of which may be additional resignations from the Sadr block (secondary candidates) that may take an oath to only then resign as well.

Then today there is notice of another right bloc that is in line to today the same. So, the emergency session may be a little different than we may or may not expect.

The PM under emergency circumstances can use necessary powers to make sure things like the Finance Minister has a keenness for and other items that may need to be done, as in the potential of the dissolution of the parliament.

All that is slated for tomorrow which looks to coincide with the EFSL being law as the 15 day period would have expired by then.. Very fascinating times.. imo

We shall see in short order how things play out.. ~ MM

Tivon » June 22nd, 2022

Man, I may just stay up a little later tonight and scour the webs for updates. Because it is very interesting that this meeting is taking place on the same day as the 15 day deadline. Militia-Man, let’s see how tomorrow shapes up. 10/4 over and out. 

TSM » June 22nd, 2022

If this law is “so important”….and desperately needed…..WHY didn’t it get signed into law on day 1 and put in the Gazette?  

Tivon » June 22nd, 2022

Petra, gave us reasoning regarding the political components sense this is meant to carry the Al-Kazemi cabinet throughout the rest of the year. So once dissolution is official he along with The President of The Republic will be a defacto government by default of GOI not being seated. Which is why signing it would have been premature because they are not official yet as far as enacting everything needed for the law to work. IMO

Source: Dinar Recaps


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