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Samson » June 21st, 2022

Shaswar Abdul Wahed : The best way to form a government is to call on Al-Sadr to reverse his decision

21st June, 2022

Today, Tuesday, the leader of the New Generation Movement, Sashwar Abdul Wahed, stressed that any political process without Mr. Al-Sadr will not be integrated.

In his blog post, which was followed by the National News Center, Abdel Wahed called on “the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to reverse the decision to withdraw, or call for the dissolution of the House of Representatives and call for new elections.”  LINK

MilitiaMan » June 21st, 2022

From the sounds of Sadr’s history on the matter, it looks likely that Sadr will not back down on the resignation nor will he allow anyone in his bloc to do so either. The next best thig is to call for the dissolution of the House of Representatives and then call for new elections, imo.  I look forward to an announcement of the dissolution and quickly. The Finance Minister has his job already done for the CBI. My view is the final direction which the HOR goes, is likely to be exposed within days. imo  ~ MM 

Godlover » June 21st, 2022

I would bet that Sadr was doing this for show or better yet a reaction. I really don’t think he was planning on going anywhere. And as far as dissolving parliament, this has been an empty threat with current & previous parliament members. I do not expect parliament dissolution to even be a real option. The best solution for us & their citizens would be to give the current caretaker government full powers. New elections would just mean more waiting & a pointless outcome. 

I can see the need for the EFSL for immediate citizen needs & to enable their country to operate until the political impasse is dealt with. Then they can focus on the 2022 budget. God willing this endless ride will conclude some day.

MilitiaMan » June 21st, 2022

9-04-2022, 15:28


Supreme Judicial Council, Faik Zeidan, published an article regarding the term caretaker and emergency governments.

The following is the text of the article published by the Supreme Judicial Council website and viewed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA):

 The indication of a particular phrase on the intent of the constitutional legislator may be explicit so that the possibility of its conflict is excluded, and this phrase is described as being explicit on the intended meaning. Here it is said that this phrase is apparent in this meaning, so the text that indicates one meaning is described as an explicit text, as it is explicit in this meaning and has no other meaning .

Days until the formation of the new Council of Ministers) as stated in Article (64/Second) of the Constitution (the President of the Republic, upon dissolving the House of Representatives, shall call for general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days from the date of the dissolution, and the Council of Ministers in this case is considered resigned and continues to conduct daily affairs).

In both articles, the intent of the phrase (the Council of Ministers) is to denote the (caretaker government) according to the contextual and customary meaning that reaches the mind of the reader.

The same case applies to what is being used in the term (emergency government), and here too there is no explicit text of this name. Rather, it is stated in Article (61/Ninth) of the Constitution (A- Approval of the declaration of war and a state of emergency by a two-thirds majority, based on a joint request from the President of the Republic and the President of the Republic.

C- The Prime Minister is empowered with the necessary powers that enable him to administer the country’s affairs during the period of declaring war and a state of emergency, and these powers are regulated by law, in a way that does not contradict the constitution)

From this text, the apparent meaning of the phrase (the Prime Minister) mentioned in that article is the indication of the (emergency government) that exercises the powers necessary to manage the affairs of the country during the period of declaring war and the state of emergency, according to the contextual meaning of the sentence and the customary use of this phrase .


For this article to be even printed and the topics in it doesn’t support they are empty threat oriented. Dissolution of the House of Representatives is and can be a very real issue and it is a component of the constitution.

In fact this article is support that there is “explicitly” no such thing as a caretaker government. It is merely a contextual meaning.  imo..

They have the necessary powers in play to do what is needed to be done.. The Supreme Judicial Council talks about emergency circumstances. The EFSL is one of them.. It is an emergency law..

Notice the President has not signed it yet? Like won’t touch it. Let it season on it’s own. Thus, no real tangible credit given to anyone specific. imo.

It is still slated for the next couple days to be law.. Those in power will have the necessary power to implement it. That is the Supreme Judicial Council words not mine.. lol ~ MM

Samson » June 21st, 2022

A statement by the Ministry of Finance on the debts of social protection beneficiaries

21st June, 2022

The Ministry of Finance issued a statement on the debts of social protection beneficiaries.

The Finance confirmed in its statement that it “was keen, during the period of preparing the draft food security law, along with the concerned authorities and departments, to direct the focus towards fairness to the fragile and weak segments of society, along with the rest of the important and vital sectors, in order to provide services to citizens, reduce poverty and raise the standard of living for them.”

He added that “and out of the ministry’s commitment to observing the rights of these groups and relieving them, it supported the installation of a paragraph in the Food Security Law, which is the thirteenth / second paragraph, which provides for the postponement of government debts owed by beneficiaries of social protection loans.”

The statement stems from, “as a contribution from the Finance to provide appropriate support for this segment, it was keen to establish the necessary financial allocations for the social protection network within the law, in addition to including various allocations to the rest of the vital sectors and segments.”

The Ministry of Finance has also put “at the center of its interest in implementing the full paragraphs of the law, in a way that guarantees achieving food security and financial stability and reducing poverty levels according to the available capabilities, especially with the worrying global economic developments and the repercussions of the current international conflicts.”  LINK

MilitiaMan » June 21st, 2022

The Ministry of Finance following up on what they have in store for the citizens. Reducing poverty requires purchasing power.. It is at the center of their interest in the implementation of the law. imo ~ MM  

Tivon » June 21st, 2022

I wouldn’t understand someone reading this and the particular wording like…..Financial Stability, Reducing Poverty, or Social Protection, and not think they can achieve this without granting “Purchasing Power” which would require them not only to reinstate the currency but also installing the NSCN (New small currency notes) inside the recently deployed ATM’s to make use of that recycling feature that is specifically designed to reduce the usage of the 3 zero notes out of circulation.

Especially when you consider the (E)-in the FSL that stands for emergency powers that can be granted to a particular gentleman named Al-Kazemi given the unique circumstances of not having a seated government is a form fitting position.

The next 24-48 hours will tell us alot. Because the emergency session on Thursday will not change anything. We are in prime position right now. This is unfolding beautifully.

Didn’t Hakim Al-Zamili state he would follow up with the “Relevant Authorities” once the law became enacted? Now you see in this article them mentioning this exact motion to prepare for economic restoration.

I know one thing someone is about to hit it out of the park for us in the 9th inning over the fence with a nice jog to home plate. IMO  ~ Tivon

MilitiaMan » June 21st, 2022

Absolutely will they follow up on the EFSL.. There is necessary powers in play. The Prime Minister has them during emergencies.  Hence, as we rightly can see the Emergency Food Law is on the table over the next day or two real close.

I wonder if the follow up of “Relevant Authorities” may include the “Minister of the Interior”, the borders are going to be very active with imports and exports. The automation of the new systems are to be utilized for tracking all products and mechanisms.

The new currency will require very close monitoring, especially if a float in instituted. The CBI, State and Private Banks will need to defend the currency, just as the AMF does with their AAD.

Getting very very good these days. Rounded third and heading home.. lol imo ~ MM

One day closer.. The EFSL is slated for tomorrow and or the 23rd to be law, whether it is signed by the President or not, as if it is not, it becomes law after 15 days regardless.

As for the emergency session, that got put out to the 23rd for the HOR to potentially seat a government with Maliki wining some 120+- seats. I see that is not likely. As Sadr has told us the second deputies in line can take the oath and then hand in their resignation papers. However, even that scenario may be mute, as the constitution grants in emergency circumstances the Prime Minister “Necessary Powers” for the citizens well being.

The Emergency Food Security Law is an emergency.. Therefore,. the PM and along with the CBI may front run the postponed emergency session, as he (PM) has the “necessary power” to do as seen fit for the benefit of the citizens.

The White Papers are imo in the EFSL and so is the power to dissolve parliament, hence Sadr going relatively quiet. Why else would he? That is his confidence showing for my basis on that matter. That right there, once the law was voted on 06/08/2022, Sadr has been quiet for the most part, except where he states the secondary deputies can take the oath then resign.

Thus, setting the stage for the dissolution of the HOR that may take effect, if not then, then prior to that oath ever being taken, necessary powers may be invoked ahead of the 23rd emergency session.. We will obviously see how this plays out. But, if we are spot on? We are golden Egmont ISO GENE Therapy eggs.. lol ~ MM

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