“No More Privileged, Lab Talk Part 1” by Stefan – 6.30.22


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:08 AM ET on June 30, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Isn’t it a grandiose show everywhere? Some time ago we noticed that many strands are running together and somehow all are coming to a head, but this is now topped. There was also talk in many places of a balloon blowing up behind the scenes that will burst at some point, surprisingly, because it has to burst. I very often find myself drumming my fingers on the table as I do my research, so much is the tension felt, the pressure coming into the balloon. And many messages come into the outside that we all have been waiting for so long.

But all this only in advance, another topic is important to me. Namely the former and apparently new privileged. At the latest after someone has watched the movie “Animal Farm” (An animated film from 1954, based on a fable by George Orwell, published in 1945) or has read the story, knows how insidiously and especially initially unnoticed equals can become privileged. And I realize, actually for a very long time, that the “danger” is great that we can slip into a farm of this kind when the RV, the event and the liberation has run. I won’t name names or organizations, but watch the film if you don’t know it yet, you can find it on YouTube in English and in German. And then compare what is in it with the informants who have been telling us for years who, when, can exchange what and who cannot. Compare it with the classifications in Dubai 1 and 2, classifications in TIER 1 to 5, channel and website operators, esotherics, channelers, advisors and everything that is just in this awakening time so romping on the Internet and on social media.

To me, these TIER groups have always seemed strange, including an alleged preference for ZIM holders or IQD holders, or an alleged preference for group exchanges with “notable leaders”. All of this did not and does not fit at all into my view of a benevolent alliance. I am sure, of course, that many “people” will not make the transition to the new world. It is supposed to be an ascent into a higher dimension, which cannot take part biorobots or soulless people. Whether it now actually exists or not, could not be proved yet, we assume that only on the basis of “indications”. And in this higher dimension there should be further privileged ones? Privileged on the basis of money, fortune or wealth? All are equal there, but there are again some who are more equal?

A few days ago, there was a rumor that TIER 4a, 4b and 5 will not exchange. And already those who are supposed to be in 1, 2 and 3 were rolling up their sleeves and thinking about how to catch all the (“poor”) people. Folks, really? I can’t believe something like this, this is not how I envision the Alliance. I know we will (probably) have to finance new technologies whose costs we can only guess at, but does anyone really seriously believe that in the future fellow human beings will be financially dependent on others? I can’t imagine that with the best will in the world. For me, that would be 3D World 2.0, but not a world I would want to live in. I don’t even think it will be that way for the transition. The movie and history show that once you get used to privilege (and it would be in the transition), it will be hard to get away from it. We are then tempted every day to impose our view on those who have received help from us. WE have paid, after all. Do you understand? It may well be that I see this too narrowly, only my environment shows it to me almost every day. The existing 3D environment anyway, but also elsewhere.

The feeling in me is growing, and I’m not the only one who feels this way, that the whole RV, the exchange, the money blessing is going to go WHOLE OTHER than we are told, by whomever. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we will exchange. Our ZIM and our other currencies, but we won’t find anyone else needing financial help. Because those who go along will also get funds, get abundance, get monetary blessings. Be it through compensation (especially in the poorer countries), be it through access to the collateral account, be it through an unconditional basic income, whatever. The amount of wealth in the world is in the QFS, some of it, for example the seizures of DS wealth, is already there now, physically safely stashed of course, the rest is coming into the QFS as well. Why shouldn’t that then first be distributed fairly to each individual, and we get additional money to finance the new technologies? No matter what “group” we are in. Hence, presumably, the choice of the Alliance for the ZIM.

Nations get monies to be able to fund their “state affairs.” Governments shrink to 10 percent, no more committees, a minimum of ministries. Newly formed communities get start-up funding and then organize themselves. But I’m not going to tell anyone how to live, where to live, and what to do in the future just because I might have a little more money (if that). In the same way, I will not let anyone tell me how to live, where to live or what to do because they have more money. I don’t want to be privileged, and I won’t be privileged, and I don’t want to be put in a new dependency by anyone privileged. That danger exists, and the alliance will certainly not allow something like that to happen. Otherwise, they can start all over again here in a hundred years. I firmly believe that everyone will be showered with money until, firstly, everyone realizes what abundance is in the financial sphere and, secondly, that there are much more important things than money. And I trust the alliance there, which certainly knows the movie “Animal Farm”. It will not allow privileged people. My opinion.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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