Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of August 8, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 8 Aug. 2022

Compiled Mon. 8 Aug. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“God Sees Us For Who We Have the Potential to Become”

August 07, 2022 – #4847 Music & the Spoken Word (

“Human Beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they are finished. Our loving Heavenly Father sees us for who we have the potential to become. He wants us to see what He sees. Then, rather than defining ourselves by who we have been, we can begin to become who God wants us to be.”

Judy Note: It’s Time.

  • Liquidity of the Global Currency Reset remained imminent for Tier4B (us, the Internet Group).
  • The collapse of the World Financial Economy was in progress, along with global Food Shortages, High Gas Prices and Supply Chain Disruptions.
  • The US was in a Economic Slowdown equaling a Recession, that was turning into a Depression, as was in the UK, all of Europe and Asian Countries.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Global Currency Reset liquidity remained imminent though no one was privy to exactly when Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) would receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments. Any dates given would be guesses or rumor.
  • The GCR launch would be determined by Military Quantum Computer calculations and dependent upon a worldwide Near Death Civilization Event – which could be the Sat. 6 Aug. Israel launch of Air Strikes to Gaza & Missiles to Israel, while China deployed 66 War Planes, 14 War Ships & 22 Aircrafts that crossed the Taiwan Strait, and/or Collapse of World Financial Economy that was in Progress.
  • Completion of the Global Currency Reset was close. The Chinese Elders have already released the funds, some bonds have been made liquid; all 209 Nations have gone gold/ asset-backed including the US Note and all were trading on Market back screens (not made public); the fiat Dollar and UK pound were no more and the monies could not stay stagnant, but had to continue to be paid out.
  • Thurs. evening 4 Aug. Bruce: Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) should receive notification over the weekend Sat-Sun 6, 7 Aug. and have access to funds Tues. 9 Aug. or Wed. 10 Aug.
  • Sun. 31 July Charlie Ward: Some Bonds have been monetized.
  • Wed. 3 Aug. MarkZ: Bond Holders and Church Groups have been told their liquidity was imminent.
  • Iraq has a new Dinar Rate that was trading in the international community, though it has not yet been made public. Thurs-Sat Aug. 4, 5 Iraq was scheduled to go dark and be off the grid, coming back Sun. evening 7 Aug. …Bruce
  • We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel
  • The Ten Days of Darkness have already happened in some places. The Internet will go dark in only certain places like New York and LA and then for only 1-3 days. …Charlie Ward.

The Real News for Sun. 7 Aug. 2022:

  • Near Death Civilization Event in Progress. The Storm is coming in heavy. Almost every major country is preparing for Civil unrest connected to the collapse of world economy/ food shortage growing/ high gas prices/ supply chain disruption. The collapse of fiat system is just beginning (where the sheep can finally see there is something happening and Biden or their governments were lying).
  • Charlie Ward: Confusion will deepen over the next three months and the World will experience a Near Death Experience. No secret Rapture will take place – it will be a performance. There will be no public arrests of prominent people in the near future. They are wanting them to live in fear as they have done to us.
  • Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy would eliminate any need for fossil fuels. Wireless Energy would be available for all to use – the nanotechnology embedded in the mind are blockades in the conduits.
  • Med Beds, NESARA/GESARA coming.

White Hat Intel:

  • The Markets were being robbed by the Elites across the world. They know the collapse is imminent.
  • Ex-Goldman Sacs Banker Roger Ng was convicted in a U.S. court in the 1MDB case (the largest heist in the history of the world). Ng financed wild parties and Movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street and several other Hollywood films. Ng stole the money from the Malaysian people who were funding the 1MBD. The trail of the money and more indictments was coming. The Roger Ng 1MDB Scandal was reaching the shores of several countries from the Virgin Islands, Delaware (US), to Germany and Europe. The corruption of hidden Shell Companies and Investment Firms were under investigation and sealed indictments in many countries were being served.
  • Across the world in almost every country Elites and politicians were dumping Stocks. They seem not to care about Insider Trading Laws and prosecution as the normal Fiat Dollar System would not return.
  • Sometimes you have to wonder how incredible White Hats were and how this long wait was for a perfect opportunity to catch all the world Elites in several different operations. This included the Fiat Dollar collapse orchestrated by the DS and the heists of the Century taking place. Even Pelosi dumped her stock. The Soros organizations were dumping billions.

Global Financial Crisis:

Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages; Warnings about the water:

(Note: Only financial related content was included in this report. You can view and download the full report on Operation Disclosure Official. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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