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Many Big Ideas For Global Currencies Using Rules In The Current World Financial System

It is time for humanity stop living like animals but instead using mindset brain to solve the conflicts.

The current world economy financial system are only “reward” the people of the 1st world countries due to their colonies back in the old time and maybe you can say as “educating” other people in other regions if you have humor sense.

The easiest evidence is the currency exchange rate and the minimum wage of those nations in the West (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc.) are much higher than the rest of the world from 5 to 10 times. Thus the people come from those nations have more opportunity to travel, buy products services of foreign countries at “cheap” price.

But that also bring a lot of trouble for those nations as well such as the refugee crisis, the lazy people character, less jobs and make the average level of the public people more stupid due to their “easy” society.

Beside the option of replacing with a completely new monetary system, there is another choice of having some new common global currencies using rules for the current world economy monetary system.

The big question is what is the purpose, objective behind any new policies, actions?

I have 2 different plan strategy, policies, solutions for the current world monetary system:
 Plan A: have a common official world currency(s) for all international cross border trading between nations for each period time.
– Plan B: all the global trade will using the neutral currency from the 3rd party nation(s).

There are also many options in each plan as well.

The objective and purpose of each plan also have a bit difference.

Plan A will allow most people in many nations can become “King, Queen” in a small period time (about 1 year) in the circle of every 8 to 20 years.
In that year, their national currency will have much higher value than others (from 2 to 10 times).
Thus the people from that nation will able to spending money to buy foreign products, services from other nations without need care much about “budget”.

Due to the currency exchange rate have significant changes each year, thus there won’t be any country will always have high exchange rate than others, so the minimum wage salary difference between nations will depend on which currency become the world common currency in each year.

Therefore, there won’t be any refugee crisis at mass level and no nation have significant advantage in trade war.

This plan will be great for human development, evolution as well.

Plan B will make all nations pretty much equal and the real true currency exchange rate will appear.
The finance gap between people in all nations will be reduce significantly.

No matter using plan A or plan B, in order to do keep some feature of the currency system, there will be some limited number nations will be allowed to join in each circle (8 to 20 years). But those nations will represent the majority of world population.
The number depend on the total years in each circle and the final decision of all “leaders, elders” who behind each big clans, families, nations. But the range is from 20 to 100 nations/currencies.

The metric requirement is either the total nominal GDP of each nation and/or the popularity of each currency (the official currency status in each country and their population).

Another requirement must be nations have no “land conflict” with any others. So some nations such as China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, North Korea, South Korea, etc. won’t be allow to join until their land conflict solved.

All nations who agree to join the program must reprint and issue their nation national currencies to match with the world standard that all other nations accept.

Some features such as no any famous celebrity beings or any guys gals but should only have nature images.
The implementation process will be much easier after all nations agree to join the program.

The nations who are not is this program still allowed to choose whatever currency they want for international trading.

To make it easier for you to understand, I will share various options in each plan with some examples.

The cycle of the program could be 8 years or 10 or 12 to 20 years, depend on the final agreement from all nations.
After each circle there will be the reset of selection and there could could be some new members(nations) and/or some new rules, but all nations must accept to continue.

A-1: Only 1 official currency for all international trading each year.
This option is quite risky and will take very long time for all nations to get rewarded.
So if the cycle is 8 years, then only 8 nations will join this program.
And all the cross-border transaction between all those 8 nations must be done in the the choosing currency of each member nation in each year.

Example (8 years cycle):

Year 2023: Thai Bath.
Year 2024: Russia Rub.
Year 2025: US Dollar.
Year 2026: Euro.
Year 2027: Japan Yen.
Year 2028: Vietnam Dong.
Year 2029: Australia Dollar.
Year 2030: British Pound GBP.

A-2: The official international trading currencies from 2 or more each year.
The reason is allow more people to join the party and be happy.
There should be some “hidden” cap of total population from all nations in each year.

Other reason is giving nations and companies more choice to choose what currency “best” for their situation, more backup plan.

Could be fixed number a nation each year or will be a random number via drawing or via population cap rules.

Example (2 nations each year in 10 years circle):
Year 2023: Thai Bath, Brasil Real.
Year 2024: Russia Rub, Egypt Pound.
Year 2025: US Dollar, Malaysia Ringgit.
Year 2026: Euro, South African Rand.
Year 2027: Japan Yen, Argentina Peso.
Year 2028: Vietnam Dong, Canada Dollar.
Year 2029: Australia Dollar, Chile Peso.
Year 2030: British Pound GBP, Saudi Riyal.
Year 2031: Indonesia Rupial, Switzerland Franc.
Year 2032: Nigeria Naira, Iran Rial.

No matter random number or with population cap, all currencies should be appear equal.

A-3: Have continent currencies, while the world currency will be free choice
Each continent will have it own official currency in each year instead of global currency.

All the trading within nations in that continent will must using that picked currency each year, while the global trade between nations from 2 continent will be either free choice or must come from the list of picked currency that year.

Year 2023: Asia – Japan Yen ; Europe – Russia Rub ; Americas – Canada Dollar
So all the trade between nations in Asia must use the Japan Yen, the Europe must use Russia Rub, the Americas must use Canada Dollar.

The trade between Asia vs Europe can be free choice of any JPY, RUB, CAD or must be either JPY/RUB only or must using the CAD as a neutral currency.

A-4: Region currencies
This is similar with the continent currencies above but there will be more official international currency because of “special interest” and many different races.

North Americas, South Americas, Africa, Europe, West Asia, East Asia.

In order to avoid potential conflict, there should be some fixed rule like goods come from each region will be sell and only accept with that region currency of that year.

So if Singapore sell goods for Germany, then the currency using in that trade must be the one represent the East Asia.

The total official international trading currency in each year should be less than 10.
Based on current world wide, geopolitical situation, then I think above 6 regions are the most suitable one.

B-1: Full free choice of neutral currencies in the basket
When 2 nations trading with each other, they will must using the 3rd currency come from 3rd nation.
Depend on agreement between nations and/or companies, the neutral currency will be freely to choose, so the most “valuable” on the market at that time will be picked.

In order to make it work, the total nations in the programs must be the sum of 3 such as 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, etc.

9 currencies: US Dollar, Euro, CNY, JP Yen, India Rupee, Russia Rub, British Pound, Australia Dollar, Turkey Lira.

So when China trade with USA, the currency will be use must not either US Dollar or CNY, thus come from the remain 7 currencies.

When Russia trade with Japan, the currency cannot be the Rub or Yen.

Thus in all kind of trade between nations, there will be total 7 neutral currencies for choice.

B-2: Pick limited neutral currencies and match.
Each nation will have to pick one, two or three neutral currencies they want in the basket.
There could be total limited of whole process not limited in number.

9 currencies: India Rupee, Russia Rub, British Pound, Australia Dollar, Turkey Lira, US Dollar, Euro, CNY, JP Yen.

The USA, UK pick CNY, India Rupee.
The Australia, Japan pick CNY, British Pound.
The Russia, China pick Turkey Lira, Euro.

So the trade between USA and Australia, there will be total 3 neutral currencies: CNY, India Rupee, British Pound.
The trade between Russia vs Japan will allow 4 neutral currencies: CNY, GBP, Lira, Euro.
USA trade with UK will only be used 2 neutral currencies: CNY, India Rupee.

The circle year of the program could be 8 years or whatever number.
But in each new year, nations will allowed to choose the new neutral currency they think are the “best” for their nation.

How to implementing ?
No matter plan A or plan B, it will be totally safe and very easy to do because the public people will like it and also most nations will love it as well.
All it take is just a big public announcement from any national government to ask other nations to join the program.

Since it does not involve in any new creation or new system, it won’t take much time.

The final choice of which plan to go is up to each “secret controllers, elders” who behind each nation.
In my opinion the most suitable plan with current world geopolitical conflict is A-2.
Because it will force all the nations have “land conflict” find a new common ground solution.

In order to avoid corruption, only nation with either zero or more than 1 real political party is allowed to join the program.

Above are my ideas, solution, strategy to end the global conflict.
Since I don’t know the details and what is the real battle between nations, groups about, so I can only give quick free information about the Global Currency Reset event.

It would take more time to design and setup full detail rules for the program but I have not reason to do it if no any nations want to make the program to happen.

If no any entities have gut to say it public, then just make big fair donation and use straight my video, website and share it to the whole world on mainstream media.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair



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