“New Bank Type in Banking System to Give Power Back to the People” by Mid Mess Fair – 8.10.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 10:23 AM ET on August 10, 2022

New Bank Type In Banking System To Give Power Back To The People

At the present, there is only one official bank type in all the banking industry system: the commercial bank.

There are a lot of problem with commercial banks such as privacy, personal information, security, too much features that people don’t like, illusion power etc.

When you deposit money into any bank, that money belongs to the bank not belong to you anymore. And the bank can use those money whatever purpose.

Frankly, if all the customers “cash out” and “withdraw” all of their deposited money from the banks, I doubt most the banks will collapse within few weeks if not days.

So the need for new bank type in the current whole banking industry system is very important.

The final outcome of the Global Currency Reset still unknown to the public, but even without it, the new project and new bank type must appear to make life more interesting.

In my opinion, the new bank type must have features unlike all the current commercial banks in the market, so it should only focus on personal bank account.

The new bank type name could be either “non-commercial bank” or “absolutely individual/person freedom”.

List of potential features:
– The owner of the new banks will belong to the either the public people and/or the military who are the main force of protecting the money.
– Only allow real person to open new bank account, 1 person 1 bank account only.
– That bank account will able to hold any type of currency.
– The money is always belong to the people, not belong to the bank.
– The bank not allow to touch the money, only the personal owner can have that ability.
– Only the owner can deposit/withdraw money to/from his/her bank account.

– No any banking fee.
– No any bank card like debit, credit card or any kind of loan mortgage activity, only deposit, transfer, withdraw.
– Only some basic information of user will be kept such as name, DOB, POB, Identity Card.
– All will begin with basic of direct in person only, all kind of technology internet banking with be optional.
– There should be a security system to make sure nobody know either bank account number or balance of users.
– People will allow sending money to other account in the new non-commercial bank without any restriction or any fee.

The transfer in/out with the commercial banks are quite complicated, so it should be done in step by step elegant mode.
Due to the target is non-commercial activities and only focus on individual person, so should only allow sending/receiving money from personal bank account of the commercial banks.

That rules could be up to each jurisdiction/region but overall it must be unique and have big different with the commercial banks.

The number of banks in each nations will be very limited and should be 1 bank in 1 city/region only.

The implementation should be easy, quick because have the help of the military.
The police are corrupt so only the military are the only entity allow to do this kind of project.

If you ask can it be done without the involve withj government, the military, police, but just pure normal casual citizens, then the answer it yes but it will take more time to come online and get notice, but still pretty quick though.

Depending on the leader and the intelligence of the people from each nation, but the overall time for this project from the begin to finish (when can make public announcement) is should only be within 3-6 months.

If I was in charge, then it would take maximum 60 days because I am the creator so I must know best how to get it done.

I don’t really know what exactly what going on behind the scene but this project can easily legal help government balance raise to level never seen before and can easily pay off their debt.

This project will bring down the many corrupt commercial banks and make the world become much more interesting.

Depend on the objective, the financial burden of many people could be removed.

You also need to understand that many of the “corruption”, the rich people, entities in this world is because of the empty shell called as “company, cooperation”. If the world only have personal bank account, then all the moves can be tracked and be known to the entire society.

But the purpose of this project is make the banking industry more fair, more balance and the power must be back to the people.

Wealth, money is just illusion, it is all about how the people spend money, not about how much money they have in the bank.

Since I do not get paid or receive any request, so I can only give brief ideas, solutions like above.
If you want more specific information or want me to help design the whole system/rule, you must either make big fair donation and/or contact me as soon as possible.

Feel free to share this article to your friends, boss, groups, teams, leader, master, government but you need to write the original source.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair



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