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Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 11:21 PM ET on August 12, 2022

The Next Big Money Evolution Will Be Printing International Money Via Human Intelligence

In my mind, the next big money evolution on this society must be printing/issue money from true human intelligence, not silver, gold or oil.

If you want to know the correct future, you must look at the history till the present modern day. You must list all the methods of “how money/currency” was be printed and using.

The list is similar to this:
1. Shell, tin, foil.
2. Bronze.
3. Silver, Gold.
4. Direct Money Paper From The Authority Government.
5. Money Paper In The Public, While Natural Resources In The Back-End Private.
6. ???

You must use common sense and human mindset to predict the next evolution.

The important question is what is the purpose and objective you want to obtain. Human development evolution or just the economy, finance?

Human development evolution must be much more important than the money, wealth.

The current conflict between nations around economy finance is all because the lack of a new fair method about printing, issuing money.

Just keep the current financial system and add new additional currency into the system.

So why don’t just have a new international currency that being printed via true human intelligence, here I mean who “smarter” will receive the money.

The “smart” standard here is not the “buy low, sell high” most people know or any dirty tricks like most companies/business are using to make money.

Language is the only thing that connect between humans, nations. Without foreign languages and the translators, there won’t any kind of trading between humans, nations in the modern day.

So why don’t just printing money and issue it directly to the smart humans who can speak foreign language.

You need to understand that the current fiat money paper issued by the national government, central banks are corrupt, outdated because they only care about money, wealth, economy, they do not care about human development, evolution. Too much money in the system while the society system get worse and worse is the proof.

We can have new international currency based on each region or continent or just one globally.

It won’t be an easy project but the reward will be epic.

Some issuing rules such as:

– Each intelligence human translator will receive fixed amount of money, no matter where they come from.

– Each nations will receive fair amount of new international money based on their population, then it will be shared with the “intelligence” translators people who meet the requirement of that nations.

– The entire process will be observed, managed by the whole international community in all nations to make sure the fairness.

Each year or period of time, you can change the “language requirement” like this example:

Year 1: English, Chinese, Hindi.
Year 2: Spanish, French, Japanese.
Year 3: Arabic, Vietnamese, Germany.
Year 4: Czech, Russian, Thai.
Year 5: Korean, Italian, Swahili
Year 6: Portuguese, Bengali, Sankrit.

The time period could be every 1 year or 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever number.

It is the most fair way to issue new international currency because it is extremely difficult for any people to learn a new language let alone able to learn many language in short of amount of time.

Then you will have new language industry that will help revive many ancient culture, wisdom as well.

New international money will be just an optional for any international trading transactions while the current system still being used like normal.

Then the change will be made gradually, nation by nation will have some new restriction and requirement about international trading.

By having new international currency and issuing money rules like above, you can encourage people to learn more language, to travel visit to new countries, to stay out of comfort zone. Thus people will get smarter, have more responsibility for the planet Earth, and will receive more chance to evolve.

Not only that, it will give all people no matter their background, their nations all a new equal chance of obtain new international money.
Then many people will have to change their behavior and lifestyle for the better. Instead of spending time for many useless nonsense activity, now they can spend time to learn new things and make money at the same time.

The secret of language is beyond all of what you can comprehend.
It is the key for human evolution.
It will give people hint about the truth spirituality and the unseen energy field.

Do you know there are many language Creator God that more powerful than all kind of deities/beings human known?

Well, above are my new fantasy idea if I was in charge the this entire society I would do that.

Stupid people will laugh at that, but only the smart one will accept my crazy strategy, plan.

If there is a really a powerful group/beings who are keeping, handling the assets behind the current world financial system, then he/she/it will 100% approve my new invention, you guys can just ask it !

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair

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