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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday August 11, 2022

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, August, the 11th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all over the globe, wherever you’re listening from – whether it’s live or whether it’s on the replay – which is sometimes referred to as Memorex – So thanks for listening everybody.

Sue requested that I talk a little bit about the money availability that we are going to have when we go into the redemption center for the first six months. What they’re trying to do is not restrict us or limit us, but try to help us not overheat the economy by buying too much and spending too much of our money.

So what they’re wanting to do is, let’s say you have your projects and you have three projects – and in my case, I’ve set up LLCs already to do the projects out of as opposed to nonprofit organizations, or not for profit -nonprofit, or foundations because the IRS is just – in my opinion and the opinion of my attorney – they are just too bad on scrutinizing every dot and tittle of your foundation – I’ve been on a foundation board, and I’ve seen how that works- and I’m saying how IRS is and I’ve seen how the attorney is like walking on eggshells.

So I said look-that sounds good – we’ll do it as an LLC – and that’ll be all right in that way and that’s how we set it up – My attorney did alright, so I’m looking at doing those. In each one of those LLC’s I will have a separate bank account number – could be with the same bank – could be went to different banks.

I’m going to start with Wells because we all need to start with them -they’re the ones that are over the redemption centers throughout the United States. Okay, and they’ll be setting us up an account –

Now on day one of the redemption center meeting we’ll only have the opportunity to set up one, maybe two accounts – The so called – well we will set up the account with the Quantum Financial System. And that’s what I call the quantum account. That’s the first account. Remember that quantum account does not bear interest. It’s just a holding tank for your money to sit in.




Then we’ll move some money from the quantum account to what I’m calling a primary account with Wells Fargo. So we’ll do that on day one – the redemption center appointment – and I’ll have so much in that account.   And I don’t know how much yet. But we’ll see.

But in each of your LLC accounts, let’s say that I’m using – I’ll put between 1.5 and $1.8 billion in each of those accounts for my projects, five projects. Now I’m doing it that way so that I’ll have plenty of access to funds for rebuild America right away, or the veterans retreat network – for the pastoral retreat network – and for rebuild the Bahamas – and rebuild what’s called Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

I’m lumping those two in with rebuild the Bahamas, at least for one second and have one 1.5 billion for each project. Let’s say it that way – 1.5 to 1.8 billion for each project that you’ve got designated – I’ve got four LLC’s – I’ll set up four separate accounts for each – one for each one of those LLC’s. So yeah, so say 1.5 and that’s for you to utilize during the first six months –

Now – What else don’t they want you to do? They don’t want you to buy more than two cars.  In the first six months to two cars, two houses, one boat, one airplane and one helicopter. Okay, I’m going to wait and hold off on the plane. I’m going to use a lease company to lease just to basically set up my flights initially.

I’m going to do all that and not buy a plane right away. Okay, because I want to see what my uses my distances I want to cover and all that good stuff. The helicopter I don’t know. I’m not too big on the helicopters. But we’ll see the boat was not in a hurry on the boat. Okay, so whatever.

That answers that initial question. Now the question comes down to where are we? Right? Here’s, here’s where we are. Now, if I misled anybody last time by saying that people had already received money – here’s what I said. I said on Tuesday’s call that the intermediaries – these are the introducers of bond sellers and bond buyers. The intermediaries were paid digitally in the account. In their accounts, they can see the money but they do not have access to spend it yet.

Hence they do not have liquidity. What they have is money meaning ones and zeros in their account that they can see. Now they’re the only ones as far as I know, that have been given sent those emails so far, giving them the access codes to see their accounts




Now, what are we waiting for for bondholders -bond holders are waiting for notifications to come out – So they too could see the money in their account – and they’ll be told in their email theoretically, when they will have access to funds – and neither of those they have not received those as far as I can tell yet. They do not have their emails with that information – and they certainly don’t have access to funds. Now when is all of that going to change?

We need to see some of that happening. And I think we got a pretty good shot of those notifications to the bondholders coming out tomorrow or Saturday.

I don’t know when they’re going to have access to funds. But here’s the thing – we could be on a shotgun start still between tier 4 and we’re taking away a and b now, tier 4 – that’s us – and the tier 3 bond holders or bond sellers.

So we may in a shotgun start everybody goes at the same time. We may do that – we may start with them since they haven’t been emailed yet with their notifications and neither have we.

Alright, so let’s cut to where we are – Because this may also state where they are – the bondholders – we heard from three different sources so far – They want this to get started –  “They” meaning the Treasury – They want this to be started before Monday the 15th. Well, today’s Thursday that leaves what Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Can anything good happen over the weekend? Yes, it can.

And what we’re hearing from three different sources are all saying the same thing. That they want this to go before the 15th – which is Monday.

We’ve heard from two sources that we will be happy and when they say happy and content in the next two days referring to Friday and Saturday.

So we could get notified Friday or Saturday or they might blow us off and start next week.

But if they’re going to start this before the 15th I think we’re going to get notified in the next few days. And even if we do get notified Saturday, we could start Saturday, or we could leapfrog and start on Monday. But we should get notified before the 15th and I think they want us to start exchanges before the 15th – we’ll see.




All I can say is the information is fairly similar between a lot of different sources that we have that are pointing toward Friday and Saturday for notifications and quite possibly the start of exchanges and redemption of zim.

Now we know this much. We know that none of the staff or redemption centers went in today. They were a little surprised by that. We’re supposed to find out maybe tomorrow morning, whether they’re going in tomorrow, which they would be going in to take appointments and to set appointments.

We set appointments by using the toll free number through the call center. The call center connects to the redemption center that is closest to your zip code that you talk to them about or enter and then you will be talking to someone at the redemption center that you may very well be working with for your redemption of Zim. Now that’s for Zim holders.

If you are a currency holder with no Zim, you may very well be setting an appointment on the phone system without being connected to that final redemption center. Because a lot of people would just Dong or Dinar or rupiah or Afghani or whatever Rial whatever currency you have, you may be going to a tier one bank without going to an actual redemption center. But the Redemption centers really want is to get the Zim holders in right away – Take care of them. That’s the VIP treatment that we’re supposed to receive from the redemption centers.

Okay, so that’s really where we stand right now. And because of where we are right now, it’s absolutely an optimal time to consider getting in touch with Sue so she could send you the world class formula to be able to create a worthwhile project worthy of them.

It’s like Sue said before, you don’t want to be left behind on this. You don’t want to be on the outside, with your nose against the glass looking in at all the fun we’re going have with these humanitarian projects. And I think there’s a very good chance that those of us who are interested, for example in rebuild America will get together regionally, quite possibly, for an actual get together. I hope that we can do that – if I can find a way through our security teams to make that happen Securely for all of us. We’ll see about doing it. It won’t be right away.

I believe we’re very close. Listen, I want this to go yesterday. but it didn’t. And we have to just hold on to where we are now and move forward into what looks like a good really good weekend for us. I really think we’re there.

Now, we can’t call it. I can’t do that. But I really think we’re just about where we want to be. So let’s just say thank you for everybody that has been listening to the call – hopefully, this is our last call – Thursday night -but if it’s not, we’ll see you Tuesday. But I really think we could very well be there before then – in which case this would be our last call – so we’ll take this call out – we’ll pray it out, and we’ll look forward to being in touch with you by email.

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