“Trade Wars will End When Nations Agree to use a New Neutral Currency” by Mid Mess Fair – 8.15.22



Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 7:35 PM ET on August 15, 2022

The Global Economic Trade War Will End When Nations Agree Use The New Neutral Currency

The international conflict between nations about economy, financial system can only end when they agree to use the new fair neutral currency.

The best possible solution using a new neutral currency that based on the the “average” value/price of real physical important goods such as metals, fuels or staple foods or the popular commodity in general.

It is very easy to print new money paper called as new official international currency based on the average price of oil, gas, rice, wheat, cotton, lumber, bronze, silver, gold, coffee, sugar, etc. (you can easily pick top 10 most “important” goods of daily life).

Then you can start the new world economic game by giving away to the public people with some fixed rate like 1 person will receive 10,000 new international currency money. So there will be total 80 trillions one.

Then nations will trade again with each other. The exchange rate between each national currencies will based on the real uncensored market when people from 2 nations trade in-person with each other. Mostly the travelers people.

But the question who will hold, manage the system?




Well if both side cannot find the common ground then will use real physical cash paper, then transfer it into the computer.

Or there could be more than 1 new international currency money based on “allies” and/or continents, regions. In this case it will be store in the digital tech format.

In each regions, the “staple foods” and important goods are not the same, so the items be chosen will be different too.

Then each big region international currency will be traded based on real supply and demand of the market with the fixed rules like the sellers will decide which currency will be accept.

But due to the fact that there are current 2 type: back-end and front-end system in the society, so there should be private and public version.

Is that possible to handout money to all people in all nations in the fair way?

Impossible because of the corruption level in each nations are out of the roof, and not all people like to use technology, machine too.




So the best possible way to distribute the new international currency is still allowing people exchange real physical old out-of-circulation bank notes for the new international currency (either the digital or real physical version).

If it was done via physical collecting, then the automatic ATM machine must have collect money features to make sure all the people who are holding the Zimbabwe ZWR or Yugoslavia Dinar are safe.

There could be fixed number zeroes will be deleted or they will the receive the “potential casino point”, then they can use that “potential gambling point” to play online dice games to receive the new currency.

For digital currency version, I would suggest using casino games. While with the real physical money paper version, I would recommend fixed amount of deleted zeroes.

In order to make is safe for the transition, then the technology version for the technology industry should come first, then the physical money paper version in each region will come after.

I don’t have access to the database and information about how much old bank notes was printed or what ever sensitive information the GOV are holding, so cannot give more advice about number.

That is the end for the Euro, US Dollar, GBP. That is the end for the old era.

The new era will begin when the new neutral currency for international trading appear.

There is absolutely no reason for any kind of wars anymore. All nations must stop useless wars and going to talk about the new global international economic monetary financial system like that one I have shared.

Beside using the new neutral international currency based on the average price of important goods, commodities for all international economic trading between nations then I don’t see any other better solution, strategy at all!




I don’t have any contact with all those top group, secret controllers, so it is hard to send the strategy and explain to them. It is really difficult when try to help the ignorance people who do not want to talk, communicate.

If you want world peace and new era on Earth begin, please send share this message letter article to all national leaders, your friends, your group, the public people as many as soon as possible.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair



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