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Al-Sadr’s Minister presents his vision for the new Iraq

The so-called “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr presented on Sunday his leader’s vision about the new shape of Iraq.

“Come to a new #Iraq in which there is no subordination, no militias, no occupation, no terrorism, no corruption, no drugs, no loose weapons, and no tested parties,” the Minister of Commander said in a post on social media.

There is no tempter to be tried in it, no deep state in it, no sectarianism in it, no quotas in it, no crime in it, no violence, fighting in it, no clinging to power, no epidemic, no poverty, no unemployment, no high prices There is no smuggling in it, nor dryness in it, nor indecency in it.”

He added, “There is a law that is enforced, brotherhood prevails, the citizen is honored, minorities are honored, an impartial judiciary, balanced relations with the outside, peace prevails, an army that protects, a people serve, a government that serves, loyalty to the homeland, and in it Clans fraternize, in which boundaries are preserved, in which dignity is not humiliated, in which women are protected

In which youth are helped and helped, in which religions are respected, in which beliefs are accepted, in which ideas are formulated, in which agriculture and industry flourish, in which construction continues, in which the currency and economy are stronger, and in which the budget is established. And in it obedience to God is loved, and in it disobedience to God is rejected, and in it loyalty to the homeland is required.”

An Iraqi bank begins providing its banking services and solutions in the Saudi market

The National Bank of Iraq, affiliated with the Capital Bank Group, announced, on Sunday, the start of providing its banking and financial services in the Saudi market, after completing all procedures related to licensing the opening of its first branch in Riyadh and the start of its banking business in the Saudi market. This step comes Within the framework of the expansion strategy of the group, which is currently operating in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The bank said in a statement received by “The Information”, a copy of it, that “the Iraqi National Bank, which obtained the approval of the Saudi Council of Ministers and the Saudi and Iraqi Central Bank to open a branch in Iraq, aims to encourage and facilitate trade between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in light of the increasing growth of exports between the two countries, as it will allow The presence of this branch is an opportunity for the bank to expand the scope of the service provided to its clients from the corporate sector located in Jordan, Iraq, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, by providing commercial services to them directly.”

He added, “This step also aims to help Iraqi companies find opportunities to work with their counterpart companies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing financing and facilities that meet their needs and aspirations.”

The Managing Director of the National Bank of Iraq, Ayman Abu Dhaim, confirmed that “the bank’s conduct of its business in Saudi Arabia will contribute to increasing the volume of trade exchanges between Iraq and Saudi Arabia by building a network of banking relations with major institutions and companies operating in various economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is expected to achieve more.” of progress and growth based on its Vision 2030.” 

In turn, the CEO of the National Bank of Iraq / Saudi Branch, Zaid Abunayan, said, “The National Bank of Iraq, by providing all banking services and various banking facilities, will be able to cover the untapped sectors in the Saudi trade market, and the bank will have the opportunity to increase its market share in total commercial transactions. between Saudi Arabia and Iraq by providing services to strategic corporate clients and facilitating their commercial transactions.”

Abunayan added that “the National Bank of Iraq has started providing its banking services in the Saudi market, as bank accounts have been opened for a number of Saudi companies, which allows them to benefit from an integrated set of banking services provided by the Iraqi National Bank to its corporate clients, including receiving remittances. and documentary credits from Iraq, smoothly and quickly. ink

Iraq Increases Currency and Gold Reserves

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) reportedly expects cash reserves to reach $90 billion by the end of this year, up from about $80 billion currently.

CBI Deputy Governor, Ammar Khalaf, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the increase is a result of higher oil prices.

He added that gold reserves have increased by about 30 tons, to more than 131 tons.

Report: Iraq is a “runaway train” and its democracy is being tested

The American newspaper, “The Christian Science Monitor” quoted experts and analysts as saying that the emerging democracy in Iraq is being tested in light of the political crises it is currently witnessing, but the state is extremely weak and has not collapsed, as it is like a “loose train” without a leader. 

The American newspaper considered that the current political crisis reveals the fragility of the country in the face of the whims of one disaffected and unelected player like Muqtada al-Sadr.

He reviewed the American report, which was translated by Shafak News Agency; The developments of the recent Iraqi events, since the results of the elections and attempts to form a government and the clash between the Sadrist movement and the forces of the coordination framework, then the resignation of the Sadrist parliament, the attack on the parliament building, sit-ins, and an attempt to storm the judiciary headquarters in the Green Zone. 

The report quoted a political analyst and a former government official, who asked not to be named, that “what we are witnessing now is that the emerging democratic institutions in Iraq are being tested, in their limits and their ability to withstand these shocks.” 

And after the same source indicated that al-Sadr “does not like to play by the rules,” he clarified that “our parliament does not exist because the Sadrists obstruct it, and our judiciary decided to close because of the Sadrists’ attempt to break in, and we have an interim transitional government whose mandate in the executive authority has expired.” 

“The three branches of the government are either paralyzed or they lack any authority at all,” the analyst explained. This is the weakest that a country can reach without collapsing. We are in uncharted territory.” 

The report considered; The institutional controls succeeded to some degree, to prevent al-Sadr from completely dismantling the fledgling democracy in Iraq, as the regime served as a political adhesive to the various sectarian branches existing in Iraq, despite the spread of corruption, apparent dysfunction and long periods of stagnation. 

The report quoted a researcher at the American “Atlantic Council” Institute, Abbas Kazem, as saying that there was a “lack of strategy” in al-Sadr’s decision to withdraw his deputies from parliament, adding that putting pressure on the judiciary as a way to reach new elections constitutes a “lost battle for them.” The judiciary cannot legally dissolve Parliament.

Kazem explained that the Sadrists “handed over their seats to their rivals, and completely eliminated themselves from any political participation in the government, and if they had relied on any of the advisors, they would have told them: You are committing suicide politically.” 

Kazem continued, “Now that they are out, they want to return,” adding that “there is no political bloc that can afford to stay outside the government for 3 and a half or 4 years. They have turned Iraq into a lonely train at the present time, and it is without a parliament and no judicial authority, And there is a caretaker government that has cut off the powers to a large extent.”

The report drew; He pointed out that the current protests differ from the popular demonstrations that took place in 2019, as the current power game is being played by following al-Sadr in the street, adding that it is unclear whether the new elections, which will take at least a year to organize, require new funding, It will be sufficient to fulfill the expectations that al-Sadr put forward among his supporters about the “revolution”. 

Hamza Haddad, a researcher at the European Council on Foreign Relations, explained that what al-Sadr did was to go to the Green Zone and occupy Parliament, recalling that al-Sadr blazed such a paper for the first time in 2016, after his supporters stormed parliament and imposed a broad cabinet reshuffle that some ministers entered technocrats in. 

Despite this, the demand for organizing new elections, even if they are achieved, raises concerns about Iraqi democracy.

The report quoted an analyst in Baghdad as saying, “It is one of the system’s flaws… Yes, we hold elections and we have someone to represent us in parliament, but what is the use of that as long as they receive their orders from the leaders of their political parties?” 

Haddad said that “the issue will be the promotion of democracy in Iraq, which will progress in the long run,” adding that “the early elections can be a major obstacle, and in the eyes of the people, it lacks legitimacy.   link

Jenin Plasschaert, part of the UN envoy, “is seeking to enable the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement to hold a national meeting to reach a solution, noting at the same time the need for the two parties to “make mutual concessions.” She believes this will bear fruit in the near future, explaining that the political parties are waiting for the end of the Arbaeen visit ceremony.

Well, we’ll see what happens soon enough with Sadr stating he is ready, within a maximum period of (72) hours, to sign an agreement.

UN Envoy pushing meeting between the Framework and Sadr, Sadr already said He won’t do it !!! Some of theses people are retarded.

I think without the UN intervention, Iraq is headed for a civil war and soon. I  think Sadr recognizes that the court is owned by Makili and they won’t decide to dissolve parliament so Sadr is resigned to a civil war.

You can’t negotiate with evil !!!

Hang on, here we go! Al-Maliki’s coalition responds to “Minister Al-Sadr”: a condition that cannot be implemented

Sadr’s latest tweet. It’s a doozy. He’s wanting a signed agreement from the various coalition parties (basically Maliki’s allies) stating they will not participate in the elections, etc. To be done within 72 hrs.

Maliki’s people are refusing to sign this. The UN is just needing to go ahead & jump in & deal with this issue themselves. I’m not seeing how Iraq’s going to be able to accomplish any change on their own at this point. They are so not wanting to do any comprising with each other.

Kasey: That has been the problem all along. Too many tribal/religious divisions for centuries. The unity thing for Iraq is a joke. What is even more maddening is that you then have to throw a foreign country in the mix (Iran) to understand what is going on.

Other than all this drama with the Govt. Of Iraq, everything else We are looking at points to an RV soon in my opinion.

The corrupt are going to have to back down. Otherwise, what will happen in Iraq will resemble the French Revolution.

Source: Dinar Recaps

50 Billion of Iraq’s oil revenues are frozen… What is the reason?

Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, said: “Iraq will face economic crises if the political crisis continues in the country, and the constitutional institutions are disrupted .”

Al-Halbousi stressed, during his participation in the Islamic Conference to Combat Violence against Women, today, that there is an 80 trillion Iraqi dinars (50 billion dollars) financial surplus over the revenues of oil exports for the current year, “frozen and cannot be spent” due to the lack of approval of the 2022 budget.

He added that the financial management law, which will continue to manage the country’s financial affairs in case the 2023 budget is not approved, will not allow any additional financial spending, which will put the country in front of major economic crises from 2022.

The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, had confirmed earlier that his country is going through a delicate and sensitive circumstance and serious challenges , considering that the current political stumbling in the completion of the national constitutional benefits after ten months of holding the elections is unacceptable

In a speech during the conference, he stressed the need for reform and addressing the existing deficiencies, leading to radical solutions that would enable the Iraqis to build a real state that protects and serves the interests of all Iraqis.

The deputy in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed Hama Rashid, said, “The current government is unable to approve the country’s budget for this year, because it does not have the powers to legislate laws as approved by the Federal Court,” describing Al-Kazemi’s talk about the need to approve the budget. more”.

He explained in a previous interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “the 2022 budget is supposed to be approved since the end of last year, but the political impasse in Iraq prevented this  link

Source: Dinar Recaps


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