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Samson » August 28th, 2022

Newspaper: Sanctions Against Russia Were Not As Effective As The West Expected

27th August, 2022

The Economist newspaper confirmed that Western sanctions against Moscow were not as effective as expected, noting that Russia will achieve the second trade surplus in the world after China this year, despite the sanctions

An analytical article for the newspaper stated, “It is worrying that the sanctions war so far is not going as well as expected

The newspaper pointed to the sanctions against thousands of Russian companies and individuals, the freezing of half of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves, the cutting off of most banks from the global financial system, the restrictions on importing oil from Russia and Russia’s purchase of some important materials such as electronic chips

The newspaper expected that Russia’s isolation from Western markets “will cause chaos in Russia within 3-5 years but she points out, however, that the “knockout” has yet to materialize, with Russia’s gross domestic product declining by 6% in 2022, well below the 15% expected by many last March.

She added that the export of hydrocarbons generated a surplus in the Russian trade balance of $265 billion this year, making Russia the second largest surplus in the world after China

The Russian financial system has also stabilized after the initial shock, and the country has been able to find new suppliers for some goods, such as China, while Europe may experience a recession due to the energy crisis

The newspaper wrote: “It turns out that the sanctions weapon has its drawbacks. One of them is the time interval. And blocking access to technologies monopolized by the West will take years to have a tangible impact

Although the Western GDP is much more than the Russian one, the newspaper also referred to Russia’s role in the global gas market, and that 100 countries, with a GDP of 40% of the world, do not abide by the ban on various Russian exports  LINK

DallasDude » August 28th, 2022

Was hoping the EFSL packed a little bit more punch by now..they are just getting around to full implementation..they should have just called it the FSL, not much E to show thus far..hopefully citizens get their entitlements soon as promised and we see a new rate..I do believe it is the FSL that ultimately brings this to a close, just need some government stability..remember the budget ultimately needs a rate, the rate doesn’t need a budget.

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 28th, 2022

Ukraine crisis accelerates economic polarization… BRICS is a model

28th August, 2022

The international community is in a state of anticipation and waiting for the outcomes of the important developments it is witnessing, especially in the post-“Korna pandemic” and “Ukrainian crisis” phases.

An impression has been established since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus less than three years ago that the conditions of this pandemic will generate a new phase in relations between countries and peoples, but as soon as the Ukrainian crisis erupted, six months ago, international interest in the pandemic declined. The question has become when and how will the Ukrainian crisis end, not when we will witness the end of the Corona pandemic?

Most experts talk about a new world order that will be born after many struggles experienced by the international community, whether in the economy, politics or security, each in his field of interest, but they point out that we are heading towards a new world order in which the rules of coexistence and relations will be different, whether they were in most decades of the millennium the second or in the first and second decades of the third millennium.

Much has been written about the political dimensions of this system, but it is useful to focus on the economic frameworks, which are the focus of attention of many countries, especially the countries of the “third” world. These political dimensions may constitute the new foundations on which the new world order is based, which is trying to build new bases of economic, political and security relations. We are talking about the Shanghai Economic Cooperation Organization; About the BRICS group; For the Association of Southeast Asian Nations “ASEAN” and others.

Perhaps the “BRICS” group constitutes the most promising framework that makes many mouth-watering countries under the domination of the dollar, the International Monetary Fund, economic sanctions, monopoly on science and technology, human ignorance and human arrogance.

“BRICS” is an abbreviation of the Latin BRICS initials that make up the names of the countries with the fastest economic growth in the world, namely; Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The first BRICS leaders’ meeting was held in July 2008 on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, where the G8 Summit met. 

The BRICS summit was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Hu Jintao, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Brazilian President Lula da Silva. 

The heads of these countries agreed to continue coordination in the most immediate global economic issues, including cooperation in the financial field and solving the food issue.. In 2009, the first summit between the heads of the four founding countries was held in Yekaterinburg, the fourth city of Russia, during which the announcement of the establishment of a “bipolar world order”. As soon as the country of South Africa joined the group in 2010, it became called “BRICS” instead of “BRIC” previously.

The area of these countries constitutes a quarter of the land area, and their population is approximately 40% of the Earth’s population.

By the year 2050, the economies of these countries are expected to compete with the economies of the richest countries in the world, and it is expected that these countries will form an alliance or a political club among themselves in the future. 

This group has economic priorities.

Therefore, at the summit held in Russia in 2015, it discussed the BRICS payment system, where ministers and experts from the countries of the group began to discuss the alternative payment system to the “SWIFT” system controlled by the United States; To the development of payment systems and transfers in national currencies.

This strategy is, in fact, trying to stand up to the dominance of the dollar in international financial settlements in the interest of “a multilateral and multinational payment system that would provide greater independence.”

The BRICS countries are not included in a political alliance, but they coordinate with each other to influence basic trade agreements. They have the ability to form a strong economic bloc outside the framework of the Group of Seven (G7), because the BRICS countries are more developed in the economic field globally.

And this matter is supported by a number of strengths, including Brazil, the giant of Latin America, which is one of the most supplier countries of raw materials, Russia, the global exporter of potential energy and gas, and India, which exports information technology, while China has an advanced and developed production and demographic position, and finally South Africa, which is an important mining region globally. It has a very important global strategic position by overseeing the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean together, and these are, in short, the most prominent pillars of the “BRICS” countries.

The United States is considered one of the main opponents of this group and calls it a group of “corrupt countries”, but most economic analysts believe that this group, which was formed far from European countries and the United States, can constitute a very big challenge to the current world order.

At the last meeting of this group, which was held in China, Algeria was invited; Egypt; Indonesia; Kyrgyzstan; Senegal; Uzbekistan; Cambodia; Ethiopia; Fiji; Malaysia and Thailand while Pakistan failed to attend due to opposition from India. Iran has applied to join this group.

There is a belief that the Ukrainian crisis will push this group to speed up the economic coordination process due to its diversified economic and human potential in light of the economic problems that the economies of the entire world suffer from, especially Europe and America.

In short, our current world is being reshaped, and the post-Ukrainian crisis is not the same as it was before it. The economic component will be a determining element for the new world order that will be born on the ruins of unipolarity.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 28th, 2022

The Iraqi market enters a recession stage

28th August, 2022

The Iraqi market entered a period of stagnation, as a result of the political developments in Baghdad, which led to the storming of Parliament by supporters of the Sadrist movement, in addition to threats of civil disobedience in the southern provinces

The trader, Muhammad Karim, told Al-Iqtisad News, “The market is in a stagnation stage now, and political developments have negatively affected it,” adding that “buying and selling is only for basic needs

He stressed thatpolitical statements, regarding the lack of salaries for the next year, made the employees not shrink in spending, for fear of the unknown. He pointed out that some retail stores in residential areas have closed their doors, and this puts pressure on the economy and increases unemployment and poverty

On the other hand, Hamid Salem, the owner of a real estate office, told “Al-Iqtisad News” that the real estate market is witnessing a stagnation, as a result of the lack of clarity in the future, adding that the demand for real estate has witnessed a significant decrease due to the political situation. He pointed out that the citizen who wants to sell his property quickly, reduces the price by 10%, and this will contribute to reducing the price in the coming period

Yesterday, Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi talked about the existence of an 80 trillion surplus of oil sales in the Ministry of Finance, and the government is unable to spend it due to the absence of a budget law   LINK

After placing them under surveillance, Sulaymaniyah arrests 12 brokers trading in dollars

27th August, 2022

The spokesman for the dollar market in Sulaymaniyah, Jabar Goran, announced on Saturday, the arrest of 12 brokers trading in dollars after they were placed under surveillance for several days.

Goran told Shafak News Agency, “The security forces arrested 12 brokers in the dollar market.”

In the context, a special source confirmed to Shafaq News Agency, “Since last Thursday, a special force has monitored many currency exchange brokers in the dollar market in Sulaymaniyah, and after monitoring, on Saturday, 12 brokers were arrested.”

On August 19, the Security Directorate (Asayish) in Sulaymaniyah Governorate announced in a statement the arrest of five merchants and brokers of land and public properties who used their positions and powers in the departments illegally.

It also stated that by a decision of the judge, five traders and brokers who dealt illegally in public lands and properties were arrested.  LINK

Hackers seize Zain telecom system in Najaf and steal major customers

28th August, 2022

A local source reported, on Saturday, that professional hackers “hackers” penetrated the system of Zain Communications Company (Zain Cash System) in Najaf Governorate, and a number of main customers were robbed.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, that the theft was carried out through a number used by Al-Rafidain Bank in cooperation with Zain Communications Company, and the main customers were persuaded (on the pretext that the system was formatted) and were robbed of 26 million dinars in their own wallets.

He added that the headquarters of the “Zain” company was aware of the accident that the first customer was exposed to, and despite that, it did not inform other customers to be careful, as the penetration process took place over several hours and not one hour, and customers were stolen at different times.

The source added that customers are resentful of Zain’s behavior with them and its concealment of the incident, fearing that its reputation in the telecommunications market will be tarnished.  LINK

Al-Sadr’s Minister presents his vision for the new Iraq

28th August, 2022

The so-called “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr presented on Sunday his leader’s vision about the new shape of Iraq.

“Come to a new #Iraq in which there is no subordination, no militias, no occupation, no terrorism, no corruption, no drugs, no loose weapons, and no tested parties,” the Minister of Commander said in a post on social media. There is no tempter to be tried in it, no deep state in it, no sectarianism in it, no quotas in it, no crime in it, no violence, fighting in it, no clinging to power, no epidemic, no poverty, no unemployment, no high prices There is no smuggling in it, nor dryness in it, nor indecency in it.”

He added, “There is a law that is enforced, brotherhood prevails, the citizen is honored, minorities are honored, an impartial judiciary, balanced relations with the outside, peace prevails, an army that protects, a people serve, a government that serves, loyalty to the homeland, and in it Clans fraternize, in which boundaries are preserved, in which dignity is not humiliated, in which women are protected, in which youth are helped and helped, in which religions are respected

iI n which beliefs are accepted, in which ideas are formulated, in which agriculture and industry flourish, in which construction continues, in which the currency and economy are stronger, and in which the budget is established. And in it obedience to God is loved, and in it disobedience to God is rejected, and in it loyalty to the homeland is required.”   LINK

Iraq repays $1.6 billion of Iranian gas debt

28th August, 2022

Today, Sunday, the director of the Iranian Gas Company, Majid Jakni, announced that Iraq has paid $1.6 billion in gas export funds.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, Jakni said that the amount comes within the debts owed by Iraq from the export of Iranian gas.

He pointed to the growth of gas swaps by 138%, as well as the continuation of gas swaps with Armenia, and negotiations with various countries, especially neighboring countries, in this regard.

Jakni indicated that Iran’s position has risen in the field of gas trade, as a record number of gas condensate exports has been achieved in the past three years, and that gas export revenues have grown by 64%, and its export to Turkey has increased by 11%, and negotiations are continuing in this field. LINK

International companies use the Iraqi airspace for the first time in history

28th August, 2022

The General Company for Air Navigation Services, one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport, announced today, Sunday, that three international companies have used Iraqi airspace for the first time.

The company’s general manager, Nizar Ibrahim Al-Ziyadi, said in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that the Iraqi air movement at the present time is witnessing demand from civil aviation companies.

He added that today, Armenian Airlines joined Iraq’s skies for the first time, in addition to the Omani company Salam air and the Saudi Flyadeal company, given that Iraq is characterized by an important strategic location and is considered the shortest road and air corridors linking the East to the West.


More than 15,000 families east of Salah al-Din are trapped in homelessness and “electoral promises”

28th August, 2022

More than 15,000 displaced families east of Salah al-Din complained of the tragedy of displacement, “electoral deception”, and indifference and seriousness to return them to their areas of residence from which they were displaced more than 8 years ago.

The director of Suleiman Bek district, east of Salah al-Din, Talib Muhammad Mustafa, told Shafaq News Agency; “More than 15,000 families distributed in 7 villages in Suleiman Bek and the borders of Amerli district have not returned to their areas of residence since 2014 until now due to security and service obstacles.”

And between Mustafa; Some villages have turned into military barracks and their return is threatened by security due to the lack of control over the vicinity of the villages and terrorist hotbeds, which still pose a threat to the displaced, in addition to their lack of service readiness to return so far.

Mustafa added, however, that “despite the security and service obstacles, a number of families of farmers and livestock owners have returned to their villages despite service difficulties and security concerns for living reasons and to secure their sources of livelihood and livelihood.”

While Abu Ammar al-Bayati, 62, a resident of the outskirts of Suleiman Bek, was quoted to Shafaq News Agency; “Most of the displaced villages obtained security and administrative approvals to return until their villages were not prepared in terms of service and security for return at the present time.”

Al-Bayati referred to the resentment and indignation of the displaced families due to electoral tricks and false promises made by deputies and candidates during the 2018 and 2022 election cycles, taking advantage of the tragedies of the displaced to steal their electoral votes, which is a fraud that is unparalleled in the dictionaries of humanity.

Al-Bayati stressed that “the people will not be stung again with promises and electoral tricks, and will not give their votes to any candidate in the future, and they will have a firm stance against this exploitation and deception.”

The residents of more than 10 villages were displaced from the outskirts of Suleiman Bek district, east of Salah al-Din, during the events of ISIS in 2014 and its invasion of several administrative units.

It is located in the Suleiman Bek district, 90 km east of Tikrit. It is administratively affiliated to the Tuz Khurmatu district. It includes 28 villages and is inhabited by approximately 37,000 people.  LINK

The Iraqi parliamentarian gets more than twenty thousand dollars a month while he is unemployed

27th August, 2022

The Iraqi parliament’s deputies turned completely unemployed, after the lack of sessions, but their salaries, privileges and protections were not affected, and some of them increased their influence over the ministries under the pretext of oversight tasks.

And one Iraqi parliamentarian receives a salary of up to 30 million dinars, equivalent to 20 thousand and more than 200 dollars per month, according to circulating information, and these figures may be completely inaccurate, but they are very close to the truth.

The former member of Parliament for the Kurdistan Union, Rizan Sheikh Diliar, says that Parliament used to allocate a salary for a representative who holds a bachelor’s degree, 6 and a half million per month. Diller notes that Parliament has also allocated salaries to 14 individuals who work in a personal protection capacity, and each of them receives a salary of 950,000 dinars.

Parliament allocated an amount estimated at two and a half million as rent allowances for each representative who is not a resident of the capital, Baghdad, according to Diller, who went on to say that the parliament provided other allocations such as fuel for wheels and granting delegations and other matters.

The Iraqi parliament failed to hold more than one session to elect a president of the republic due to a boycott by the coordinating framework forces and some independent Kurdish forces for the session, which requires the attendance of 220 deputies, equivalent to “two-thirds,” in order to vote on the presidential candidate.

Alaa al-Rikabi, the Secretary-General of the Emtlad movement, had revealed, in January 2021, the salaries of members of the House of Representatives. Al-Rikabi confirmed that the members of the House of Representatives received a salary of 30 million dinars, equivalent to 20 thousand and more than 200 dollars per month.

According to Al-Rikabi, the representative receives 4 million nominal salaries, two million position allowances, and three million housing rent allowances, in addition to the allowances for the certificate, car fuel, and the salaries of protection personnel, which amount to 16 million Iraqi dinars.

Farhad Alaeddin, advisor to the President of the Republic, said in a press statement that Iraq has lost nearly 19 billion dinars on allocations, salaries and expenses of the House of Representatives since the first session of the new parliament was held until now. According to Aladdin, the House of Representatives, although more than 32 weeks have passed since its election, is broken, and its building is closed.

The obelisk observed the ridicule on social networking sites of representatives whose work is to issue statements, tweets, blogs and courtesy visits to Iraqi ministries, especially since many of these ministries are mediators to appoint friends, loyalists, or people from the electoral district only.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 28th, 2022

An Iraqi bank begins providing its banking services and solutions in the Saudi market

28th August, 2022

The National Bank of Iraq, affiliated with the Capital Bank Group, announced, on Sunday, the start of providing its banking and financial services in the Saudi market, after completing all procedures related to licensing the opening of its first branch in Riyadh and the start of its banking business in the Saudi market. This step comes within the framework of the expansion strategy of the group, which is currently operating in Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The bank said in a statement received by “The Information”, a copy of it, that “the Iraqi National Bank, which obtained the approval of the Saudi Council of Ministers and the Saudi and Iraqi Central Bank to open a branch in Iraq, aims to encourage and facilitate trade between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in light of the increasing growth of exports between the two countries, as it will allow The presence of this branch is an opportunity for the bank to expand the scope of the service provided to its clients from the corporate sector located in Jordan, Iraq, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, by providing commercial services to them directly.”

He added, “This step also aims to help Iraqi companies find opportunities to work with their counterpart companies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing financing and facilities that meet their needs and aspirations.”

The Managing Director of the National Bank of Iraq, Ayman Abu Dhaim, confirmed that “the bank’s conduct of its business in Saudi Arabia will contribute to increasing the volume of trade exchanges between Iraq and Saudi Arabia by building a network of banking relations with major institutions and companies operating in various economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is expected to achieve more.” of progress and growth based on its Vision 2030.” 

In turn, the CEO of the National Bank of Iraq / Saudi Branch, Zaid Abunayan, said, “The National Bank of Iraq, by providing all banking services and various banking facilities, will be able to cover the untapped sectors in the Saudi trade market, and the bank will have the opportunity to increase its market share in total commercial transactions. between Saudi Arabia and Iraq by providing services to strategic corporate clients and facilitating their commercial transactions.”

Abunayan added that “the National Bank of Iraq has started providing its banking services in the Saudi market, as bank accounts have been opened for a number of Saudi companies, which allows them to benefit from an integrated set of banking services provided by the Iraqi National Bank to its corporate clients, including receiving remittances. and documentary credits from Iraq, smoothly and quickly.



MilitiaMan » August 28th, 2022

Looks like show time… imo  They imo are not going live at a program rate or they would have already done so. I suspect that visit to Egypt by Kahdimi was a fruitful one.. ~ MM

Samson » August 28th, 2022

“Waste and smuggling”…the central bank sells Iraq instead of the dollar

27th August, 20221

A great waste of Iraq’s money has reached high levels that cannot be silenced through suspicious deals held between politicians, which cost Iraq millions of dollars annually, with a prior agreement between the concerned authorities, including the Central Bank’s deal with the Ishtar Gate Company, which would have cost 600 million dollars in fine had it not been for the popular pressure that he made Ishtar company waive the amount later.

Many observers wonder about the massive Central Bank’s sale of the dollar, which reached 300 million dollars per day through the currency auction. This figure compared to the size of what Iraq needs daily of the dollar is very exaggerated and does not know the parties that buy these amounts daily, and the only beneficiary of selling the currency with these huge numbers are the private banks that benefit from the buying and selling difference from the Central Bank.

Ishtar Gate 

And the representative of the state of law, Thaer al-Jubouri, confirms that there is special care from some officials in choosing bank managers to arrange their financial papers. 

Al-Jubouri said in an interview with “The Information” that “the administrative corruption deal of the Central Bank that appeared with the Ishtar Gate Company cannot be tolerated,” stressing that “such deals are agreed upon in advance to achieve personal interests by setting items that waste public money.” 

Al-Jubouri continues his speech, that “there are committees from the Office of Financial Supervision, and also the Integrity Committee in Parliament, but they need someone to monitor them after the emergence of many corruption deals in all ministries and government institutions.” 

*Discrepancy in numbers*

The Central Bank’s currency auction in its current form serves many banks belonging to influential parties and gives them important profits with which they can face the interruption of financing, especially since the selling differences are large between the bank and private banks.

Economist Nabil Al-Ali considers that the discrepancy in the central bank’s dollar sales figures and foreign remittance bills indicates something hidden, pointing out that the economic situation is currently in a recessionary phase.  Al-Ali says in an interview with “The Information”, “the volume of imports and remittances does not match the data issued by major countries such as Korea and China,” adding, “The central bank used to sell 180 million dollars a day, but now the sale of dollars has reached 300 million dollars per day, and this is a very alarming figure for Iraqi imports.” 

* Currency smuggling 

According to observers in the economic and currency exchange field, the Central Bank auction to sell currency in its current form serves many banks affiliated with influential parties and gives them important profits with which they can face the interruption of financing, especially since the selling differences are large between the bank and private banks.

The economic expert, Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, asserts that the private banks are the only beneficiaries of the sale of the Central Bank by smuggling hard currency out of Iraq. Al-Mashhadani added in an interview with “The Information” that “the Central Bank of Iraq’s daily sale of huge numbers of dollars is very suspicious compared to the volume of Iraqi imports,” stressing that “the only beneficiary from selling such numbers, which amounted to 300 million dollars per day, are the private banks that you benefit 20 cents from the dollar and one.”

* Selling Iraq 

In this regard, the independent deputy, Basem Khashan, said in an interview with “The Information” that “the next few days we will announce the papers and documents that prove the Central Bank’s violation of all legal and financial matters in the presence of the Financial Supervision Bureau,” adding that “the Central Bank does not sell currency now.” He is working to sell Iraq.” He added, “the documents and files will reveal the local authorities that are working to smuggle currency out of Iraq.”    LINK


MilitiaMan » August 28th, 2022

Looks like the CBI has been sorted from within now.. With the new Digital System they have been apparently able to get the corrupt sorted out. Stopping the AUCTIONS was to be expected. I have a strong feeling things are very much so in our favor..  Working to sell Iraq, as in IQD? We shall see. Stopping the Multi Currency Practice? Again we shall see!! ~ MM

Samson » August 28th, 2022

The Sadrists’ eyes towards federalism.. Thousands of cases are “complete” to dissolve Parliament

28th August, 2022

A source familiar with the movement of al-Hanana, the residence of the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf governorate, said on Sunday that thousands of cases submitted by the Sadrists to the Federal Court to dissolve the House of Representatives “fulfill the conditions.”  

The source told Shafak News Agency, “The Federal Court was looking at the cases submitted to it impartially,” expressing his hope that it “will be far from any political pressure.” And he indicated that “the lawsuits submitted by the Iraqi people, including the Sadrists, are estimated in the thousands,” stressing that “they meet the legal requirements, and we hope that the decision will be to dissolve the Parliament.”

The Sadrist leader said, “There is a very clear perversion of the constitutional oath, by not adhering to the constitutional timings.”

The Federal Court (the highest judicial authority in Iraq) has set the thirtieth of August as the date for deciding on the claim of dissolving Parliament.

On August 10, 2022, al-Sadr had asked the judicial authorities to work on dissolving the Iraqi parliament within a maximum period of the end of this week, urging at the same time the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, to set a date for early legislative elections in the country.

Also on the tenth of this August, known as “Minister of Al-Sadr”, the supporters of the Sadrist movement to fill out a form to file a lawsuit against (Presidents of the Republic Barham Salih, Ministers Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Parliament Muhammad Al-Halbousi).

The form included two points, the first of which was to call the defendant (Al-Halbousi) in addition to his job after carrying out the legal requirement and ruling to dissolve the House of Representatives in its current fifth session, and notifying the President of the Republic to set a date for the legislative elections in accordance with the provisions of Article 64 II of the Constitution, while the second paragraph included charging the defendant in addition to all his job Expenses, court fees and attorneys’ fees.

Later, the “Minister of Al-Sadr” issued a new form that included the defendants, in addition to Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi, (Presidents of the Republic Barham Salih and Ministers Mustafa Al-Kazemi).  



MilitiaMan » August 28th, 2022

I don’t see there is any longer any issue here. Dissolution is covered by the constitution. There is a third way option on the table. The UN CHARTER has that covered. I am looking at the implementation and distribution of the EFSL and the Digital Mechanisms that supports the execution of the two.. The data supports the CBI stoppped selling hard currency.. They are imo telling us they are selling Iraq and that imo is they are to be selling their own international currency.. Selling Iraq now.. We shall see.. imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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