“4 Days into Seeing Major Events Happening” – Coffee with MarkZ Intel Stream Highlights 9-28-22


MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Gm… another day …another opportunity to RV!

Member: I have never heard this much chatter about the RV since I began this ride! We should all be excited and mentally prepared for what is about to happen.

Member: anything new with the RV by chance?

MZ:  From Sheila ( A CMKX and currency source)  – an update came in from her about 1:30 AM…’s a long one but she is laying the groundwork which I agree with….. that there has been a reset of international currencies on the 24th. Just like we were told to expect when we saw the crash of all the currencies all around the world.

MZ: Gravitas did an article on the Indian markets where investors lost 85 Billion in one day.

MZ: This is what Sheila wrote…..Sheila:  All global currencies crashed on 9-24-2022 against the US dollar. That is why the German parliament said that “everyone will remember”  I was watching this on Bloomberg Asia on the evening of the 24th …There you have it….The global currencies against the Us dollar did happen on the 24th. The Zim revalued on the 23rd and the IQD announcement was on the 22nd. All at the emergency UN meeting.


MZ: So it sounds like to me she is of the belief that this has indeed already occurred….and we are simply watching it all play out and waiting for our announcements….

MZ: That would certainly fit with some of the other news that we are hearing.

MZ: I believe we are 4 days into seeing major events happening ….This is something else we saw around the world….starting at the same time….lots of mysterious lights, ships, crafts starting on the 24th. There was even some over London where they were twirling around one another. Sightings all around the world of strange lightning…all kinds of craziness started on the 24th. I just find this interesting.

Member: UN post rate changes on the 1st , are they waiting for then? Who knows???

Member: Some on the Internet are saying that Wells Fargo already has the codes for the RV at the codes have already been done I’ve seen this numerous places what’s up with that

Member: I heard there are many persons entering codes for different aspects of the RV and Nesara

MZ: From Iraq: “ Rockets fired at Iraq’s green zone as parliament sits. 4 wounded: statement” That is breaking news today. Why would they be attacking that…..somebody must be desperate to derail the changes coming…imo


Member: Praying you are right Mark so we can be free from slavery to the almighty dollar and help the many unfortunate that need us.

MZ: “Iraq’s political class must address “crisis of trust” the PM says”  A key paragraph says “The change in the exchange rate that we conducted in Iraq was one of the most successful alterations and modifications of the national currency exchange rate models in the world. It happened without serious repercussions. We also inaugurated a number of highways, we launched first project where flare gas is captured and directed toward electricity. “ 

MZ: Guys they are telling us they have DONE this. They are telling us this and it goes back to around the 23rd where Sheila was telling us she believes it happened on the 22nd when things crashed and moved forward …I think she is right.. I think they are keeping it from us and under wraps as it rolls through the banking system…curious timing

MZ: Now, there was a fantastic one from Nader from Iraq this morning….. He also agrees in this one that the comments we have seen in the news like the one we just discussed …and then at the end they say they aren’t going to rv for months……well we saw this in Kuwait and China and in every modern day revaluation of currency over the last 50 years…..where they lay it all out there and tell us its coming….then they say there are no plans to do it soon…( They wont tell us the timing…they want to cloud it) .then they have covered their bases……Nader thinks they are ready and moving forward quickly.

Member: So it would seem that the vatican clawing back all assets by 9/30 and this news plus UN update looks like RV by 10/1 ??

Member: Nesara is also going to be an RV as I understand it. It’s just the US dollar backed by Fiat fake value converting to US Notes backed by hold. Will the actual value adjust? Not sure.

Member: Mark are out 25.000 notes going to be ok for exchange?

MZ: I know some of you are concerned when they talk about removing the zeros….well, to remove the zeros they have to change the value. Then a large bill is not useful. Dr. Shabibi (former governor of the CBI) did a very good piece on this on how they change the rate….he is the person that designed the plan. The plan has not changed.

MZ: There is a revaluation. They removal of the large 3 zero bills from the market. Say that you have a 25,000 note. Example…..say the rate is $1.00 (for illustration purposes) and one dinar equels one US dollar. Suddenly that $25K note is worth $25,000 thousand US dollars. Now it’s too big for day to day commerce. How would anyone give you change back-right? So they will give you a period of time when these bills are accepted…you turn them in and get the new lower denomination notes that will be usable in day to day commerce.

MZ: it does not mean they chop off the zeros and that note is now only worth $25 dollars. That is not how it works….Dr. Shabibi lays this out in extreme detail.


Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions

Member:I thought Iraq would be joining the BRICS

MZ: We know they are in open negotiations with BRICS. Everybody is kissing their butts right now because they know they are about to be an economic powerhouse.

Member: So removing zeros doesn’t pertain to us?

MZ: it does and it doesn’t….when they talk about removing zeros they have to RV first. And that is very exciting.

Member:  I haven’t heard anything about the whales lately

Member: They are probably just like us….waiting with bated breath for something to happen.

MZ: Bond people have not yet gotten their dollars …they are expecting liquidity late Wednesday evening…as of this morning Bond people and group leaders are still hearing to expect the release of their dollars  late tonight or overnight ….we pray they see it and we get to move forward.

MZ: We could wake up to a whole new world tomorrow. We know we are very close no matter what.

Member: so if the bonds have liquidity tomorrow we go right after them? Do we have to wait until all bonds are paid?


Member: Mark has always said he expects 10 days to make appointments and 30 days to exchange…

Member: so for those that can see money in their accounts, but not touch it. with math you should be able to get a rate right?

Mod: Estimated: Dong – $2.25-$4.00???, Dinar – $6.00-$11.00???, Zim – .30 (per million) without projects, higher rate with projects only for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47, Rial – $3.30 ******

Member: Is 4A having their redemption meetings now? My Wells Fargo has never been busy but this week the parking lot is full with people coming and going. Very different.

Member: Have you heard anything from the Redemption Centers about their scheduled hours?

Member: We hope they definently will be working this weekend!!

Member: Hopefully the Dong will shine when the rv happens.

Member: Been in this for years. Always have known that the Dong should go with Dinar. Very unlikely Dinar would go alone. They have been joined at the hip.

Member: I’ve said all along that it will take a financial collapse to trigger the RV – it looks like it is getting close!

Member: Is today the day for our Dinar to evolve? Is today the day our RV occurs? Pray for the gifts and freedoms so close to being granted to us all.


Member: 3 days until the next fiscal year starts Oct 1. Praying this is started

Member: it sure would fit with Marks news about the reset already happened…if they release it on the new US fiscal year starting on Saturday.

Member:  prayers for Floridians…..that  they are safe from the storm

MZ: Praying for Florida, Ian is nearing Cat 5 and due to hit at 4 today. Already rocking Fl hard.

Member: I just want to give a big shout out to the mods. Thank you for all you do.. God-bless each and every one of you

Member: And thanks to you Mark, for helping us to hang in there……

Member: Mark Huge thanks as always for all you bring to this awesome community. Hopefully our dreams will be realised within the coming week ahead.

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MZ: Zim payouts I hear may be traunched…..a structured payout over time…….What is a traunch?

MZ:  JFK Secret Societies Speech in case we forgot

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims:

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road:


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