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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-27-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday September 27 and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody, no matter where you are around this globe for tuning in, whether you’re listening live, or whether you’re listening on the replay, link or replay numbers. Thank you for coming into the big call tonight.

Tonight is a very special night we’re going to keep an eye on this hurricane, Ian – that is coming across the Florida Keys now and working its way toward the west coast of Florida. We’re gonna talk about it a little bit. And I want you to know that Bob will not be able to — he did get our music tonight – but he’s not going to be able to join us on the call. There are tornado warnings where he is – ihe has evacuated from where he lives to a safer destination for the hurricane.

However, there are tornado warnings that happened even in the area where he is. So he said because of the sirens and the intensity of everything going on – he thought it would be best if he did not come on the call – Oh, I said Okay, Bob, that’s fine. We’ll pray for you and pray for the call. Pray for Florida as a whole.

Alright listen we’re having too much fun – Let’s go into a little bit of intel now and see where we are.

Now some people I know have kind of given up and maybe just stepped away for a while that happens to everybody has done that over the last eighteen years I’ve been involved in this, but I’m gonna say when I bring information to you I’m bringing what I think is the best Intel available. It’s not always what I want to hear. It’s not always the answer and timing that I have in time for the call Tuesday and Thursday nights.

But you have to believe that for me to be with this now for 11 years on the Big Call, I am interested in providing quality Intel to you. And even though the timing of this has been not what we’ve all wanted, we’ve been pushed. There have been more things that needed to be done.


There’s all kinds of things out there that are being done behind the scenes that we can see that we that some of the stuff I can’t even bring on the call. It’s too it’s just not something for public consumption yet. But I want to say if you if you think I’m not telling you the truth and take off, you take off, I’m telling you what I know to be true.

Even though this intel may not prove out exact it might be it might be something that is correct at the time and then all of a sudden in a day’s time or 2 days time – something else has come up and that’s been the case many times as you guys know by now.

Iraq seems to have their mess together seem to be ready to go and have put out a rate and they’re ready to start.  I told you guys that last Thursday, other countries are coming with currencies and announcing that, like Japan.  It’s happened in Syria. It’s happening in other countries as well.

There are political changes that are taking place like in Italy, that are bringing about positive change there – in Sweden and so on would lead by ministers in both of those countries –

The British Pound is dropping. The Euro has dropped to where it’s just barely over the dollar a buck three I think is where the Euro was. And you know it’s going to drop to where it’s on par and then pretty soon, I believe you’ll see the Euro essentially drop away and each individual country’s currency come in because each country’s currency is asset backed – some buy gold, some buy other precious metals and oil and other assets. So whatever that is the country has will give strength to that asset backed currency. So we’re going to see more and more of that.

But here’s the thing the stock market has been taking a pretty smooth and steady decline. It dropped I believe 179 points or more today. I believe yesterday – it was I believe today it might have been 329 – Yesterday and dropped 329 points for a total of 1.11%. I don’t think we’ve seen any 20% declines, nor I don’t know if we will, but we’re definitely a downward – were under – I believe we’re at Dow 29,000 right around 29,000. And that’s way off from where it was before.

So yeah, I think this is gonna continue to happen – our dollar event is very strong – and we have an asset backed dollar – and we’re looking for an announcement to occur in conjunction with NESARA and GESARA – that all countries will announce that they have an asset backed currency – Whether they say we’re back on the gold standard or not – I don’t know – we know that we have at least 50% backing of our currency in gold.


The other half would be precious other precious metals, platinum, palladium, silver, and other minerals, and oil and natural gas and so on. But that’s what’s backing our USN – our new United States dollar.

And to tell you where we are today, we know that redemption center staff was going in for just under three hours today around noon, to put out new items, which I believe was referring to the new currency that we have our currency, the USN, as well as information, paperwork that’s needed to redeem the bonds that they plan to take in and exchange from bondholders, In addition to Zim and other currencies. So that’s going on today.

The other thing that is happening, the redemption centers are getting let’s see how I’m gonna say this. They have a schedule, which we’re calling a permanent 12 day schedule for our exchanges. That schedule I’m being told today is to start at 11 o’clock in the morning, Eastern Time tomorrow.

Now, what does that mean? Does that mean that we could get notifications after 11 tomorrow? I think that’s possible. I really do. I’m also hearing from other sources, not my main sources, but under sources that we’re looking to get something to start over the next three days – that would be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. That’s a little too far out for me. I’d rather see it start tomorrow – and It could very well.

Let’s go to the bondholders, the bondholders were pushed 24 hours – this morning – after 2:30 in the morning – they were supposed to have received their notifications by email and have liquidity – okay to have liquidity from in their accounts from their bonds – Okay, that have already been sold.

Now, they were push 24 hours till tomorrow at 2:30 in the morning – they are supposed to have emails that give them access to those funds – tomorrow, early in the morning.

Now, we are supposed to be going along very closely with bondholders in tier three. What does that say for us? Does that mean that we would get notified in the morning and that the schedule starts at 11 and we get notified before lunch? And then we set appointments for the afternoon for the afternoon or tomorrow evening. One thing it says is unsure guys, we don’t know that. We don’t know – it looks good.

Let’s talk about is this storm anything that could interfere with it? Ian could even create a change in this we pray against that happening -Okay.

The other thing is that certain redemption centers, have intentions to stay open quite not quite 24 hrs but 18 – 20 hours over the next three days. And what’s interesting about that is that lets you think, Oh wow, they’re serious about getting some exchanges done.

They want to get these banks rehydrated in new USN currency as a result of these currency exchanges and Zim redemption, they’re really wanting to get this thing rolling  so will they delay  us any further, I hope not. I can’t tell you it will be or not but I hope not. I think we’ve got enough information.


Now what about what about cleanup on aisle three? It’s not done. They’re hard at it – But what I’ve understand is all of the bankers that were giving us problems from within the United States have already been picked up.

Now, what about the rest of the people out there? Still going hard at it? And it probably will continue through the middle of November. Now we supposedly have the security to the point where it’s safe for us to go. That’s what I’ve heard from Very good – Very good sources, that we have the safety factor ready to get started.

Will there be some some what do we want to call it? Will there be some skirmishes? Will there be some problems in certain areas, only the 98 counties that have been designated for martial law – or martial law is going into effect or has gone in areas where they suspect they might have a problem but overall any resistance to what we’re doing will be snuffed out quickly and we should have safety and the ability to go in – do our exchanges – come back and be safe the entire time.

And we have to be careful that we stay smart. And that if we’re under NDA if you’re a zim holder you’re going to under a non disclosure agreement for at least 30 days and possibly 90 or more days, depending on who you are and how they perceive you. So obviously you want to act smart keep your mouth shut and you want to keep this quiet – private to yourself. You know loose lips sink ships and you don’t want to sink your own ship.

You want to be careful who you’re giving money to. You want to be wise about who you’re funding and how you’re doing that because every transaction that you do, will be seen by the quantum financial system and everything will be monitored by the QFS. If they suspect something is going awry there and something nefarious or something funding the wrong direction – quess what – your account gets frozen in a heartbeat – in a New York Minute.

So be aware that the smart when you go in to do exchanges, they only want you to be in there for about 30 to 35 minutes, unless you’ve got a ton of currency or you have bonds qnd then you are gonna go longer. It will go 45 minutes to an hour if you’ve got other than Zim bonds and it just takes a while to go through the provenance of those but they’re trained in how to do that. They’ll be able to do that hopefully pretty effectively

So we don’t absolutely have this. They don’t want us to know the when but we were able to determine when the bond holders are supposed to be paid tomorrow after 2:45 In the morning, and then we should be following that – and the schedule – like I said so called permanent schedule starts at 11 tomorrow and that means they want to go through the weekend to get as much of this currency in as soon as possible

I am going to ask everybody to pray tonight on their own before they go to bed or when they hear this call prat that the storm is minimized and that the storm does not affect the start of our notifications. Or our redemption and exchange of currencies

Now you’ve got to ask yourself if we had about 7000 redemption centers throughout the United States and they increased that over the last three months to 16,950 redemption centers. Don’t you think they’re serious about this? Don’t you think it’s absolutely a plan to get this thing done? And we’re heard it should get done the 28th – Is that important day that’s tomorrow? Quite possibly – that’s when we get our start. But they want this thing done and say what it started before the end of September

So we can go into the final quarter of the year and the new fiscal year starts October 1. So there may be something to that but we’ve got a new Restored Republic and there’s all kinds of political ramifications that go with it.


So I’m gonna ask everybody to stay in prayer for this blessing to reveal itself in Jesus name. And tomorrow is our best hope for that to happen

So that’s what I want to say tonight. Thanks for listening

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 59: 29

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