“Painting the Impossible from Akiane” by TM – 10.10.22


Entry Submitted by TM at 12:41 AM ET on October 10, 2022

Over the multitude of years that I have found myself on this journey, I have constantly searched for knowledge and comprehension without truly knowing what I was seeking except to become as informed as I can be .

The highs and lows were many until one can barely imagine going lower yet I was barely prepared for the ” Dark Night of The Soul” that one experiences when all that we thought to be true collapses and it become as a series of breakdowns . That Always Lead To Breakthroughs …

Yet We continue at all cost because when one reaches “The Point Of No Return “On A Long Voyage , there is only one way to go; Forward.

( or Up )( or within)

I came to this site to become as informed as I can be and as I’ve researched ,I’ve broadened my base of knowledge( my vocabulary)over the years and expanded my Consciousness to the point of comprehending that all knowledge has been tainted and there was nothing there to hold on to nor worth being attached to.

Not that I was seeking validation nor acceptance by others; because I never cared before and care even less now what others thought of me ; but the more I tried to express what I know to others I only found… 
That I was living in what I can only describe as an alternate reality and I  experienced a disconnect with “reality” and what I experienced was a deep seated anger at the stupidity of my fellow humans.
This is where my lack of compassion comes in quite handy.

My love of history and learning took me to many places and times in my mind.
Science fiction and science fantasy became interwoven within the tapestry of my thoughts as truths; whereas science became fantasy and fantasy has become reality as fiction has become factual ;and facts , nothing more than a point of fact with nothing to do regarding Truth .


In the course of this Journey there are few topics I haven’t delved in.
Who would have thought that I’ve become so proficient on so many topics that I would debate any topic with anyone regardless of how many letters  that they may have after their names.
To pretend that I have become “Expert” at anything would be as laughable as if I professed to speak a dead language that No one can understand.
( How then did Zecharia Sitchin learn to transcribe the Sumerian language ?)
Known for ” Fringe Theories” right?

Who’d have thought that I would seek knowledge in understanding Quantum Physics ,Artificial Intelligence , The Super Consciousness and a myriad of topics when I just wanted to become informed about the value of my Zim?
Laughter Trumps Evil…
Just ask Enki

I Was Doing Time In The Universal Mind…

I have learned to Read [ between the lines ] , Acquiring my Masters Degree in  B.S.and in my arrogance I’ve simply rejected all that stood in my way because I Will Not Be Prevented Nor Dissuaded From Accomplishing What I Came Here To Do No Matter What That May Be ;By Anyone Or Any Thing.

Seeking Inspiration From Sources So Sublime …

Now I come to the topic of this soliloquy.
A brilliant young artist whom I Believe Has Been Divinely Inspired and who’s pictures have painted a thousand words in a world where words have no meaning.
I do Believe A.K. has painted the Image of Christ. I AM grateful to have added my meager words to her canvasses.
With Much Love And Gratitude You’ve Been A Beautiful Source Of Inspiration For Me Upon This Redemption Road I’ve Travelled …
I can understand all of those who are scared confused angry and judgmental as who of us haven’t all experienced such at one time or another and continue to do so.
I can honestly express this to all who doubt this Journey…

I Have Seen Truth Unfold As If I’ve Written These Stories Myself So That No One Can Tell Me That I Am A Conspiracy Theorist 
Perhaps A Master Story Teller…
Many years ago I posted the words ( I paraphrase ) …If you want to know the truth… Close one eye, squint and look out of the corner of your other eye and read between the lines… Well. Imagine my surprise when almost verbatim that line manifests in a film that I watched not soon after. 
That and many other “Coincidences” reinforces within me 
The Correctness Of This Path ,This Journey That We’re On.
Synchronicity Serendipity 
Who Knows? 
Find Your Peace Through Neutrality and Sever Those Emotions That Propelled You On That Rollercoaster Of Emotions.
Know That Everything Is Being Scripted.
I Do Believe That Its For All Our Benefit
Our Creator Allowing These Last Few Decades In Order To Ascend To The Surface Because We’he Been Down Too Deep And Needed This Allotted Time To Decompress As We Rise… 


As Timelines Are Severed And Reset Until This World Is Placed On A Correct Course We Will Continue To Experience Course Corrections Until We Don’t.
Until That Day Arrives I Will Continue To Believe With My Last Breath As I Stand Watch Until The End Of Time.

Know That We Are Much Loved 
Remember That Most Special Moment In Your Life When You Felt So Much Joy That Nothing Can Compare …
Then Prepare ,Get Ready To Experience A Joy That You’ve Never Experienced On This Plane Of Existence  Because This Simulation Is Only Painted in White Grey and Black…
Oh Well… Pandas are Black and White
Too Perfect To Have Originated On Earth.

Tony Marti
I’m not ready to divulge my secret Panda name and only then to my fellow pandas 
Or by my Prepositions Above & Beyond
What Chutzpah…
A hat for every occasion Lol


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