“NESARA?” by Logan B – 10.15.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 1:57 PM ET on October 15, 2022

For years we were told that the US would lead the world with the announcement of NESARA and the rest of the world would follow with GESARA. It is becoming obvious that this is going to go the other way around. GESARA will probably be announced by one of the 200+ BRICS countries and the US will be forced into NESARA or face financial ruin.

The Criminals in the US are now trying to salvage their one world initiative by trying to make North America one nation but from what I have heard Canada and Mexico have already secretly joined BRICS and America is now completely alone against a Criminal reported 50% of the rest of the world. The Galactics say that number is significantly higher and more like 95%. 

I think people who are saying that NESARA has already started in the US with their student loans and credit card debts being written off are mistaking this for the normal operation of banks and businesses writing off debts that have become too costly for them to collect on. There will probably be a lot more of this happening if NESARA doesn’t actually happen soon and banks and businesses realize that stealing from large depositors, investment, bond  and pension funds is a far better way to recoup their losses. Even though this is supposed to be illegal it never stopped them before. 

Just as I hope their all out wage to start a nuclear WWIII will fail I believe their 666 digital social credits system will be stopped as well. Now that they are starting a Red October scenario with the report of a missing Russian nuclear sub they will not think twice about nuking an American city themselves to blame the Russians for and think they will have the support of the American people to retaliate with the nuclear destruction of Moscow. They have done this type of thing in every conventional war that has ever been fought including Pearl Harbor when it was looking like the American people were not willing to get involved with a European conflict that they learned from WWI they shouldn’t have gotten involved in. 

These are the types of things and much more that will be divulged to the world with full disclosure that even though most of the awakened world are completely aware of the vast majority of the 99% of the unawakened will be completely blind sided and many brainwashed brains will break. I hope they do have thousands of med beds available because we are going to need every one of them working 24/7 to help these poor people. 

I hope this latest delay in redeeming bonds because the Muslim world did not want to do it Friday and Saturday is actually true and this can finally get started tomorrow. Even though we should be following what the dark are trying to do try not to take any of it to heart and hold onto the Divine Promise from God Himself that the things the dark are trying to do will not come to pass. I admit I am having a hard time myself with this but we HAVE to continue to have faith. God bless. 



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