Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History” 10-15-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

The “Monetary System” is a machine wielded by entities protected by licensing, and laws. Like every “System” in place today it has its tentacles in every nation, is corrupt and necessary. The corruption happened organically over decades. Laws and “Rules” were enacted. Technologies were implemented with limited oversight and protections from oversight (think about SWIFT, for instance). Leadership was culled from those who understood who they served.

This “System” is more than the obvious Central Banks, and the Tier 1 and 2 banks. Consider the entities involved in the 2008 crash. This System includes every business involved in pushing paper/notes/script, anywhere in the world. Millions are employed by this System.

This is the System that almost failed in the financial collapse of 2008. Instead of crashing though, this crisis became a springboard for Draconian corrections and to further separate the wealthy from the poor. Following 9/11/22, the past14 years have seen the “Middle Class” dissipate, struggling for survival under various assaults.

This System has participated in the slow but steady destruction of the US, a once great nation with the brightest and the best in class. Now banks are hog-tied to the Federal Reserve which after 2008 captured every entity with “bailout money.” Under the guise of “Anti Money Laundering,” every dollar moved is evaluated by the Artificial Intelligence/AI of Federal Reserve and amounting to “Social Credit Scores.”

Having a bank account used to be easily managed for most. Now a bank checking or savings account is a privilege. The System has ultimate control. The separation between the haves and the have nots will continue to widen.


This is the dystopian future being rolled out in plain sight. This is also said to be the “System” that is being set aside under NESARA. This is the vision of NESARA and the restoration of the original 1776 Construction that so many committed people hold dear.

If Tier 4 represent as many as 5 Million people and possibly more, the amount of wealth this group represents post exchange, is a true seed change. The influence and abilities of Tier 4 post NESARA, to redirect the obvious enslavement of humanity with restored sovereign protections, is a closely held dream of every single person holding exotic currency and historic bonds. Will this opportunity ever arrive?

To state the obvious in 2 short years the US has been destroyed under Biden. Every nation tied to the US Dollar challenged. The world is at the precipice of war. The normal supply of all necessary things, food, fuel, energy, stopped and disrupted. This is the worse time in history. It can get worse though and likely will.

Last night, on Tucker Carlson, Fox News, it was shared that Secretary Blinken under Biden, has proposed that Canada, United States and Mexico, all of North America unify as one nation. Open borders are coming. This is the One World Agenda. This is underway and could happen with the stroke of a pen.

All while Tier 4 wait for NESARA. Wondering who is in charge of the “White Hats Military?” And who is in charge of the “New Republic Treasury?” Wondering what went wrong with The Plan for The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History..

Tier 4 have been calmly eating popcorn while disinformation is fed, while the infrastructure for this Draconian System is installed. While Nick is handled with visits by those who have this responsibility, (the fake?) Biden is changing-redrawing the map.

Propaganda continues to hold 5 million people in a calm state, while the new QFS System infrastructure is laid. AI has control and this is not under NESARA. Nick has been informed that Wells Fargo and Bank of America are the only 2 banks participating in Redemption Exchange. That these two banks will have FOREX rates and Bank rates – which is the FOREX rate plus bank fees. That this is what we in Tier 4 will be offered.


This is a Tier 5 arrangement. This exchange is for the Public and is a Cabal-led exchange. This is not under NESARA. If this happens today, shortly, as in now, it’s the same “System” with no protections for Tier 4.

No, this is not an exchange under NESARA. Only then will The Greatest Transfer of Wealth be safe.


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