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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-18-22

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday October 18th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in where ever you are located all over the globe and whether you’re listening to us live or a replay – thanks for tuning in – thanks for being here tonight – We are going to have a great call tonight and looking forward to it

This has been a good call and I look forward to bringing you guys a little bit of Intel – this intel tonight is going to be sort of bits and pieces of things that we just need to know so let’s just get started with it. Okay.

I’ve got several different things I want to bring and I’m thinking first thing I want to talk about is feedback that we’re getting from Iraq – we’ve got contacts in Iraq that we do talk to not as often as we would like – but we do have some people there that are saying that there have been celebrations going on a few days ago.

They are celebrating I believe, their new government and the prospect of a new rate, which we have heard what the new rate might be on our screens. And if you remember what I mentioned to you several times, about what they’re what Dr Shabibi, said that the dinar would support a rate of XX dollars 10 years ago at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC, and our friend and contact Bluestar asked him specifically that question, and he got a very specific answer.

Well, guess what? Dr. Shabibi was projecting something that is on the screen now and in certain screens so that’s a very positive thing I think for us – the prospect of a new rate and the prospect of the seating of their new form of government and the announcement of their Prime Minister, which we believe will still be Hashami if I’m pronouncing it properly, probably not.

But they’re, you know, they’re essentially ready to go and hit have been ready to go for quite a while. Even though it sounds like they’re continuing to do things. They really aren’t doing a whole lot. I think they’re ready just when we say that they can say it that they can bring that rate out.


Okay, so that takes care of that – now when we go into other things, let’s talk a little bit about what’s coming to my mind now is the concept of a Quantum Account – meaning the account that’s in our quantum computers – that is backed by the assets that we have in our treasury, which is a lot of gold and at least half of our currency is backed by gold and the other half backed by other precious metals and other assets.

Okay, gold, you know, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, metals, other metals, as well as oil, natural gas, LNG, etc. All these things, intellectual property all of that – these are assets that are backing our USN.

Now – 60% of the world’s currencies are gold backed already 60% – so – the countries and we talking about 203 206 countries, are asset backed – many of those have already declared that they are asset backed. Turkey – who is an ally of the United States, or at least was – Turkey has declared that they are now part of the BRICS banking cartel, if you will, the BRICS nations, which we had that over 130 I don’t know where it is now, probably 132 or 133 countries are part of the BRICS coalition, if you will, Depegging from the USD, our fiat currency which is no longer really being accepted internationally, but only being used here in North America, Canada, US and Mexico.

And pretty soon when they introduce our new currency, our USN physical paper money – folding money, when that actually comes out, that will be introduced along with the USD that we have now. Then they’ll run in parallel for a while and then eventually, when all of the USD/Fiat money is taken in, turned it in to the banks or into the big box stores or wherever it goes. And it ends up going back to the bank. And then eventually it’ll be shredded from there.

If we were sort of going to feather it in. It’s like doing a paint job where you’ve got something existing painting and you want to paint something right next to it. You feather it in so that it doesn’t look so it blends with the existing paint. That’s the same thing, kind of the new currency is going to come in and blend with our fiat money until such time as a fiat money is completely collected and replaced totally in the United States.

Now – digitally -the USN is a digital currency as well in our accounts that we set up will be expressed digitally in USN – So what is it going to look like? Let’s talk about the change. This morning on a zoom call between four major banks, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Truist bank, and Banco Santander which is Santander Bank right those three banks, Wells Fargo Truist and Santander all of them are Zim banks, that all exchanging zim in their various locations.

But in the in 48 states here of the United States that are on the mainland, as well, let’s talk about Alaska and Hawaii – All right, all 50 states will have Wells Fargo as the lead bank, over the redemption centers, even as the redemption center is connected or is adjacent to another tier one bank. Okay.


Wells is in charge. They are in charge of all the Zim transactions and they will be overseeing that in every redemption center. Okay, so you got that taking place. What did this meeting occur this morning? What happened? What they did was all right, I gotta go back — previously to this morning.

We were able to take $2.5 billion of our quantum account balance – our motherlode – if you will – and move it from the quantum into our primary account, say with Wells Fargo, right. That’s how we’re going to fund our projects from that primary bank account – and maybe that goes or part of it goes into a secondary bank account. Okay, even with Wells.

So for example, up until today, we were going to be at 2.5 for the first I think 90 days – Now, they decided, as of today, the banks voted that we would have the ability to take $4 billion from our quantum account and put it in – an easy example, an LLC account.

That means that you have a structure that’s been set up as a limited liability company an LLC that is attached to a let’s call it a secondary bank account with Wells Fargo.

Now, this is the way of taking this – the $4 billion dollars is an amount per LLC that you’ve set up – you know, I’ve told you guys I’ve set up four LLC for my projects for the big call. I may set up more but right now I’ve got four – those four LLCs will be attached to four separate bank accounts with Wells Fargo so that when I take the money from my quantum account, and move it into my primary account, it will then be divided into all four of those LLC, account for the purpose of the projects – remember we’ve got one for rebuild America – Veterans Retreat -Pastoral Retreat – and International Rebuild  etc

We’ve got veterans retreat network, we’ve got that strong green network, and we have international which is rebuilding at Dominican Republic and those three for right now – So I’m going to call it something like international rebuild from my account. Alright, so you’ve got those that would be set up. Why are we putting it in these sub accounts?

Well, these sub accounts are secondary accounts, or the primary account with Wells. Okay. you will earn interest on the money that’s in those accounts.

Now you’re not making a nickel on anything in the quantum account – right – that’s being held by the quantum computer system but there’s no interest paid on it. The only way you’re gonna make any interest is when you move some money from your quantum account into your primary Wells account

Some of  you may use the Truist bank – some might  use HSBC if you’re international and some may end up usings suddenly end up using Banco Santander if you’re in Latin America, Okay? Because they’re gonna be a key bank in Spain and in Latin America with them some branches in the United States. We’ll have some branches here, primarily in the southeast – I would think Florida, and maybe some other areas, but they’re going to be a good thing. So, here’s the thing about it.

When you’ve got your account set up an LLC is created, which you can create those in as little as a day depending on or trust attorney and your ability to set these up. I did it ahead of time. I’ve done it a couple of years I had about three years ahead of time, but it’s something I wanted to have to be ready when this thing went.


So you’re going to earn interest. And then there was some discussion on how much interest in terms of the interest rate could you earn – remember interest rate is not currency rate, right. Interest rate pays based on the balances in your account in your primary or secondary accounts – and it could pay – we don’t really want to say what it could be, because it’s going to be different than we thought years ago.

And it could be better or worse than we thought even recently. So that’s going to be something you find out when you go to Wells, or you go into the redemption center to set your account. You’ll find out by the way, what interest rate are you paying? Are you gonna pay me on my balance that I put into this primary account? Today? Today?

I’m picking up the, the whatever, let’s say I’ve got four LLC’s I can put 4 billion in each one. I put a total of 16 billion in primary account, so I can start earning on that and then set up the secondary account for each LLC, which could be a day or two later, then I would set those up and move those funds accordingly into each one as needed.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to move that much. It’s just that’s what they want you to use for your projects, be able to have that or an interest on it for the first 60 days, hopefully two months, two months and then it changes and I don’t know what it changes to or whatever we open season whatever we need at that point.

All right. So I wanted to get that out about what the Zoom call was this morning. now you say well, what about Bank of America, Chase, and Citi? well, those guys kind of have to do the same thing.

They were more or less put in position to fall in line with the other lead banks and that’s what they did -and why wouldn’t they? see the banks will benefit on this too. They all benefit by us by having  more likely instead of 2.5  but 4 billion in each of the accounts – You know, they’ll benefit.

Now. Let’s get beyond that. And talk about the – well – Let’s just go to a few little pieces here and there – President Trump been traveling internationally – meeting I’m sure within the heads of state around the world for the last three and half days and that’s really good because I’m sure he’s getting a lot of things done before the rally that does this Saturday down in Corpus Christi, Texas.

And so there’s a lot of things that are that are happening behind the scenes. And we just have to understand that that is what’s going on and has been going on for quite a while.

Let’s see what else I can think of important for us. This is the problem when you’ve got six or eight different things that you want to bring out and you don’t remember each one of them necessarily in any particular order.

Timing – what is our timing?  We’ve got a connection that is with HSBC that indicates for us that this can go between the big call tonight and Sunday – that’s a pretty big window – with Sunday’s the 23rd 22nd Saturday.


It’s hard to say and I’m not going to guess – we have had a little bit that leads us to believe that something With the rate change that Iraq is looking for tomorrow.

You know, it’s quite possible that something happens in the middle of this week. I don’t think we necessarily have to go to the weekend to get this started.

But our source that gives a lot of credibility to what’s going on with the bond holders

We know for example that they introducers or intermediaries to the bonds – In other words, the people that put together their buyers and sellers of bonds together. They’ve received their emails of their amounts and their account. The accounts have been set up – and they’ve activated the accounts with the quantum access card.

And that’s you know, and then use biometric fingerprint reader as part of the chip. I told you guys that’s the first chip on the card holds your biometric finger or thumbprint and then the other two chips used for balances and other things. So that’s going to be an important thing.

And then bond holders – people that are bond sellers have also received some emails. And they have also been in a position to see the money coming to them and up their accounts in some cases, but not all cases.

And then they’re still going to wait for an activation email that will let them know when they will have access to those funds – nobody has really been paid out to the point where they have those funds readily available yet.

I still think they’re trying to create a shot gun start when we get notifications and begin to set our appointments. That’s when the liquidity and accessibility to those funds will take place for the tier 3 bond holders

I think tier 4A and 4B – which wells doesn’t distinguish between them – they just call it tier 4 – I believe that it’s gonna happen shortly, shortly is not as short as we thought it would be last week, and that’s why I like words like that because they don’t really tell us the when and I know you want to know the when – the rates are not going to be big deal.

If you’re into date and rate and then you can forget the rates.  The rates are going to be very very strong – don’t worry about those


The date is the big question mark you know, I have a window, that’s all it is, is a time window. That it may happen. It may occur in but we don’t have any – They don’t want us to know.

They want to keep that secret and so pretty much so far they have –

And yes, we seemingly have been pushed week by week by week but we know there are other things that needed to happen – that needs to be accomplished – maybe we’re there – where this can finally go for us. But we don’t know absolutely know it – but we know for the bank that kind of calls that they had today. That’s a big deal.

I know that there’s a lot happening behind the scenes – that’s all I can say –

All of this depends on when we get notified – All right, because we don’t know when this thing is going to hit exactly. We do have a window – Wednesday /Thursday their in the window, let’s see what happens. We just don’t know and the intel has not pinned this down for us – hasn’t narrowed it down beyond what I just gave you

So I’m sure there’s more things out there that I thought I would be able to do tonight but you get the gist of what we had – I wanted to talk about banking a little bit..

We’ll see what happens. If we have this of course before we won’t have a call Thursday night. But if we don’t get it before Thursday then we will see you Thursday night. Same time, same station.

Everybody, let’s pray the call out. And let’s look forward to a good week this week.

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