Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 7, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 7 Jan. 2023

Compiled Sat. 7 Jan. 2023 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“Holding Hands Around the World”
Holding Hands Around the World (
We are children holding hands around the world,
Like an army with the Gospel Flag unfurled.
We are led by His Light,
And we Love Truth and Right
We are building the Kingdom of God

Judy Note: Mon. 9 Jan. was the deadline for Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) to be fully funded so a serious roll out of the Global Currency Reset could begin.

Real News Headlines for Fri. 6 Jan. 2023:

  • The Fed was now hinting that we would officially be in a Recession sometime in 2023.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Fri. 6 Jan. 2023 MarkZ: NESARA will come out on a sliding scale. The younger receiving $40,000 a year (providing they didn’t quit their job) and at age 61 retirees get $100,000 a year for the next 11 years. This is on top of what people receive for retirement and social security.
  • A number of the larger groups were expecting their funding and planned to distribute those funds over the weekend. There was also chatter about CMKX release possibly over the weekend.
  • At Noon EST on Sun. 8 Jan. Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would have notifications pending in the system.
  • On Mon. 9 Jan. announcement of the Brunson Case decision will be aired using the Mainstream Media. The decision has already been made and their announcement has been recorded.
  • On Mon. 9 Jan. or Tues. 10 Jan. Bond Holders would be able to access funds in their accounts. Mon. 9 Jan. 2023 was also the deadline for Tier 4 to be fully funded so a serious roll out could begin.
  • Tues. 10 Jan. Tier4b exchanges to begin.
  • Zap: I have received very good Intel that in the week starting Mon. 9 Jan. a lot of Historic Assets will get redeemed and a lot of folks will begin their projects.
  • Sun. 15 Jan. 2023: Deadline for all levels to be fully funded, including Level 5, the General Public.
  • March 2023 was the deadline to have all countries’ currencies of the worldexchanging at a 1:1 with each other – a situation expected to last up to five years.

Recent GCR History according to several highly regarded Contacts:

  • Thurs. 15 Dec. 2022: NESARA began, though has not yet been officially announced.
  • Fri. 23 Dec. 2022: All funding was released and could not be reversed – it had to be paid out. They began delivering funds to all the Tiers.
  • Fri. 30 Dec. 2022: They finished funding Level 3 and began funding Level 4.
  • Sun. 1 Jan. 2023: The Golden Jubilee Year began across the Globe. The QFS system came into operation and BASEL IV Bank Compliance took effect. All funding has been released and cannot be reversed – it has to be paid out. Several banks in the US, Mexico and Canada were consolidated, or closed.
  • Wed. 4 Jan. 2023: The seven Dragon Family Signatories were in position.
  • The afternoon of Thurs. 5 Jan. Dubai 2 released it’s funds.
  • Thurs. 5 2023 MarkZ: “It was confirmed that a lot of large planes have been convening on Reno and then disbursing to major banking centers all over the US. …We don’t have a real time yet, but a number of the larger groups were expecting their dollars later today Thurs. 5 Jan. or tomorrow Fri. 6 Jan. and planned to distribute those funds over the weekend.”
  • Thurs. 5 Jan. Okie: “Today we finally turned the corner from Darkness into Light. Keep very alert from this moment on. All systems are good to go, with no negatives. It appears that there is nothing that could stop this process. There is pining on the back screens of the banks. This is a Gargantuan Event with the efforts of so many nations.”
  • Thurs. evening 5 Jan. MarkZ: Huge chatter, especially out of the groups of paperwork that has to be completed and in by Fri. 6 Jan. …They are expecting us to be fully funded by Mon. 9 Jan. …There are continuing to be absolute big wigs flying in and flying out…doing paperwork …they are spending hours there in meetings…..then they are gone ….This is throughout many redemption areas….. This is not just Reno, but all over the world….We are talking about Panama, Colombia, Zurich, literally all over the world. …Rumors are that Dubai 2 released this afternoon Thurs. 5 Jan….I have heard a considerable amount of CMKX chatter that deliveries could possibly be over this weekend starting Fri. 6 Jan. evening. This CMKX chatter comes from multiple sources: a US Marshall, a Homeland Security source and others…They will do a short background check similar to if you are buying a gun. Don’t panic. Even if you have things in your past….If you have paid your debt to society you are fine…..The background check is mainly to make sure you are not re-hypothecating a rat, or funneling money to Al Quida, or something.
  • Iraqi citizens have been celebrating their revaluation according to their domestic News Announcements.

Judy Note: It was my understanding that the below was true for all currency exchangers and Zim holders across the Globe:




  • During the ten or so days of foreign currency exchange and Zim Bond Redemption, if you take your foreign currency to an appointment at a Redemption Center rather than a bank, you can ask for the special higher rates.
  • They do not redeem Zim Bonds at a bank, only at Redemption Centers and only during a certain time period not yet announced. Some banks will house Redemption Centers.
  • You obtain your appointment at a Redemption Center by going into a secured website that will be sent to your email from Wells Fargo Bank, or could be obtained from different Dinar Websites, or my Update.
  • That website will ask questions to identify who you are and then either set your appointment or give you a number to call to set your appointment. They will ask you which area of the country you want your appointment in. For those in the US, your appointment location will be within 50 miles of your home.

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

The Real News for Fri. 6 Jan. 2023:

  • Louisiana, Utah, and Texas have passed legislation recognizing gold and silver as legal tender, a move that allows citizens to make transactions using precious metals in place of cash. 
  • Article I of Section X of the United States Constitution provides that “No State shall” … “coin Money” nor “make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;”
  • By contrast, Section 8 of the same Article vests the power to coin money in Congress. These complementary provisions provide an apt example of vertical checks and balances between State and Federal governments. In other words, States have an important role to play in setting monetary policy – but that role has been thrown into chaos by the money hungry Cabal.
  • The effort to get the Utah legislation passed was led by four films produced by Ken Cromar of the “Barbie and Ken vs. Goliath IRS” case.
  • Sound Money Rings True – 30 second TV Spot:
  • What is SOUND MONEY? — part 1 of 3   (5:53)
  • Do We Have SOUND MONEY? — part 2 of 3   (13:30)
  • Can We Restore SOUND MONEY? – part 3 of 3   (9:37)

Fri. 6 Jan. Texas Snake:

Bank Exchange Items 

Account Setup: 

[ ] Setup separate accounts for each currency or bond, IE Dong, Dinar, Zim 

[ ] Real-time on-site verification with no further review 




[ ] Instant deposit credit with immediate access to funds 

[ ] Follow up appointment set with Wealth Manager and/or Private Banker 

[ ] All accounts must have a Payable On Death (POD) clause, if individual.

If trust owned, trust will survive death (POD not needed). 

Items to have in hand leaving the exchange: 

[ ] Privileged ATM card [No Fees even out of the network] NO – RFID chip or the card is provided with a sleeve that blocks RFID scanning 

[ ] Books of Checks (10) 

[ ] Clean and Clear funds letter (Original and 10 notarized copies) 

[ ] Proof of funds letter (Original and 10 notarized copies) 

[ ] Copy of the signed NDA (Banker must sign as well) 




[ ] Complete Notary service 

[ ] $10,000.00 in cash 

[ ] Bank to provide a team to include: 

[ ] Tax Attorney,

[ ] CPA,

[ ] Wealth Manager,

[ ] Financial Planner,

[ ] Private Banker

[ ] Print out clearly displaying ALL of the transactions with regards to these accounts 

Accounts must have the following restrictions: 







[ ] Money Manager DOES NOT have complete fiduciary control over ANY of your money and must request authorization for any transaction as a security measure 

[ ] Absolutely No Investing in Blackrock, Aladdin, or Carlisle without approval and complete terms review 

Accounts must havethe following features

[ ] NO limitation of time or amounts, penalties, charges or fees on transfer or withdrawals of funds from any of  the accounts 

[ ] NO Fees on checking or savings accounts 

[ ] NO ATM fees, NO human teller fees and NO NON-System ATM fees 

[ ] NO debit or credit card fees 




[ ] NO Monthly Maintenance fee, Annual Maintenance fee, Service fee or Card fees for any purpose [ ] NO fee or charge for cashing any form of checks, free traveler’s checks 

[ ] NO cash advance fees 

[ ] NO Automatic withdrawals 

[ ] NO fees or charges for obtaining certified checks, cashier’s checks or money orders [ ] NO bank spread or currency exchange fees 

[ ] NO cashier’s checks fees 

[ ] NO Annual memberships fees 

[ ] NO Computer or Remote Banking without Multifactor authentication to verify access and notification of all failed access attempts

QFS: THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM, By Medeea Greere  QFS: THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM – Step Out of The Matrix and Into The Golden Age! – American Media Group (

A NEW EARTH –  CURRENCY CHANGE It’s all about who’s running the financial system! FROM DARK TO LIGHT –  Powerful and historic changes for you and the entire planet. The greatest distribution of wealth the world has ever seen.





● We will never go back to the old currency system

● No more printing money out of the blue

● All existing fiat money is being replaced

● The Central Bank system will no longer be owned by the Federal Reserve

● The Cabal department’s entire former slavery financial system is dead!

● No more paper notes (fiat)

● No more SWIFT

● No more monetary slavery!

As we exchange our old Fiat coins for the new gold-backed coins, we are actually exchanging the entire old Cabal Debt Slavery Financial System for a new Financial System supported by QFS Gold.





Gold/Precious Metals and Nesara/Gesara.

Two different factors for the GCR event:

● Factor 1: The RV (the revaluation of world currencies)

● Factor 2: The Quantum Financial System

In order for rainbow coins, bonds or ISO20022 assets to start moving in value, physical precious metals must first undergo a reassessment! Once the new assessment is defined, the weight of compliance with Basel III + Bretton Woods 3 will bring legitimacy to everything else, triggering ISO20022 regulation.

GOLD STANDARD (asset-backed currencies)

● Physical and digital assets

● Independence from existing centralized systems

● All other systems will be obsolete

● Protection against corruption, usury and manipulations




● CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Sovereign digital currency for each country

● Digital assets backed by precious metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.)

● Rainbow Coin – Treasure rainbow banknotes tracked

● Instant digital payments via QFS

● Death in Dollar, Pound and Euro – DS

● Death of BTC, ETH and Tether – DS

● Rise of the Phoenix. XRP, XLM and XDC – WH military blockchains


● 209 countries signed a treaty to redefine the value of their currency

● Even coins. Ex: 1 Dong for 1 Dollar

● Level playing field for everyone

● Unprecedented prosperity fund release for We The People

● Humanitarian projects – wealth transformation – reconstruction

● “Share the Wealth Redistribution Program” to every individual on Earth

● Currencies: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwe ZIM.

● Stellar Network – Bringing banking to the unbanked around the world. Designed to help ALL humanity! Connected to the RV. Military OP.

Basel III

● A worldwide standard that enhances international banking regulation structure, greatly improving risk management and promoting transparency

● Gold moving from asset tier 3 to tier 1, which allows physical gold in bars form to be accounted for at 100% of the amount for booking purposes

● Due to the 2007-2009 financial meltdown, Basel III was introduced

● International regulatory framework for banks

● Deadline on June 28, 2021

● The requirement that banks maintain a minimum capital value of 7% in reserve

● Require banks to hold unencumbered physical gold valued at 100%

● This will make banks less profitable as they will no longer be able to make money about the interest rate

Basel III Breton Woods 3

● BW3 = A move from FIAT to a commodity-based monetary system, where currencies needs to be supported

● With BW3 – The US Dollar is no longer being set as the world reserve currency

● According to Credit Suisse BW3 started in March 2022 when sanctions and freezing of its Dollar reserves started to rain down on Russia for invading Ukraine

● The death of the USD FIAT = The death of the Euro

The Bretton Wood Agreement 1 was established in 1944, when the USD was defined as the world’s reserve currency, where you could hold the US dollar and convert it into physical gold at a ratio of 35$ per 1 ounce of

Gold. In 1971, Nixon discontinued the convertibility of dollars into gold and took the monetary system out of the Gold Standard introducing the FIAT system, moving to the BW2.


● An international standard for relaying electronic messages between financial institutions

● Created to provide the financial industry with a common platform to send payment messages and exchange payment data

● Banks and financial institutions around the world are ready to transition their payment systems from SWIFT to New, highly structured and data-rich ISO 20022 standard.

● Better quality and faster payments for everyone in the payment chain

● An open standard used by anyone in the financial services industry and implemented on any network

● Instant payments


Protocol 19 and 20 – The complete merger with Quantum Systems

● Protocol QFS 19

○ = Start of regulation. All assets and tokens need to be backed by precious metals

○ Linked to the new ISO20022 Regulation. Breton Woods 3

○ Liquidity

○ The black swan event. NYSE plunged

○ Khazar money back to us the people = Wealth transfer

● Protocol QFS 20

○ Additional regulation. End price manipulation

○ A complete transformation to QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES and well underway

installed worldwide

○ Medbeds, internet speed of light, quantum computing, quantum voting, quantum cure etc


● Gold-backed currencies and other assets

● A digital certificate – exchange the digital currency for a real piece of gold

● Gold is used as the leveling factor that protects the diversities within each country

● Chinese Elders Gold is support for everyone world currencies

● Covers the transfer of asset-backed funds from the world via GPS


● Quantum Computing

● QFS ends corruption, usury and bank manipulation

● Bank monitoring – Independent and decentralized

● 3 main groups: Swiss Banking Group, Indus (BRICS) and the US Space Force

● Photonic technology – operating at 3.5 trillion frames per second. Instant payments!

● Only ISO certified digital currencies!

● CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)

● Gold bonds

QFS – CBDS (central bank digital currency

● Central bank digital payments coins

● E-currency of your specific country transferred via a ledger in the QFS blockchain

● From Bank A to Bank B or from person A for person B

● 209 countries signed an agreement on the establishment of e-currency to be a part of the QFS

● CBDC transactions will be ignored by military guardians through Starlink acting as commander in chief supervising and making sure that no one using it with bad intentions

● No government involvement

● Power and politics of us the people

QFSGESARA – Global Economic Security and Reform Act

● Elimination of the national debt of all nations in the world

● No taxes. Only a fixed sales tax of around 15% on new items

● Forgiveness of mortgages and other banking departments due to illegal government activities

● Back to Constitutional Law – Away with Corrupt Maritime Law

● New elected leaders – only 10% of current governments

● World peace for 1,000 years

● Eliminates all current and future nuclear weapons on Planet Earth

● Gold standard!

● Launch of new hidden technologies – 6,000 Tesla patents. Free Energy

● Build and rebuild in all countries with 1950’s prices

● The power back to We The People. Global prosperity wealth distribution

● Odin Project = World EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)

● Private and company assets seized

● Seized the NYSE

● Blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption.

● Maintaining American leadership in artificial intelligence



● Digital commodities are digitized assets such as metals, salt, oil, and so on.


● The implementation of GESARA (especially the UBI distribution) will be launched with Quantum phones (Pi or Q phones, probably Q  phones) with Quantum Internet Access (Starlink) preloaded  with Stellar Wallets to claim your funds, because all payments  are made in Stellar

● US Air Force Global Military Alliance was running our Starlink Satellites for the QFS

● Starlink satellites will guarantee global access at the speed of light internet and to run QFS on blockchain

● Quantum Starlink Internet will heal the minds of man

● Free from blocking, censorship and corruption

● Project Odin + Starlink + Space X

● Protected by Secret Space programs out of reach of the Cabal


● An open source network for storing and moving money through the Stellar Blockchain

● The STELLAR Network (XLM) is for the People – Alliance Military monitoring

● When the stock market crashes and all assets are seized the assets/money of over 600,000 counts will be flowing into these currencies for humanity

● It is designed so that all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network

● Stellar has no owner; if something is public property. The software runs in a decentralized, open network environment and handles millions of transactions each day.

● Stellar is designed so that all the world’s financial systems can work together on a single network


● A payment technology that aims to connect financial institutions and dramatically reduce the cost  and time required for cross-border transfers

● Unlike almost all other blockchain systems, Stellar can connect to real-world endpoints, so people can  turn their digital representations of money into  something they can actually spend

● Secure, decentralized, transparent, fast settlement, low cost

● In the end, everyone in the world must enter QFS through Stellar. There is no way around this!

STELLAR BLOCK CHAIN Why the death of BTC and ETH

● They were not backed by any precious metals, nor included in the ISO 20022 standard

● Both were used in trafficking in persons, drugs, weapons and many other nefarious activities

● Worldwide BTC mining shutdown

● Slow and expensive

● Bitcoin uses a lot of electricity (wired)

● Both Tether-linked, US-linked Rothschild Dollar

● Who made Ethereum? JP Morgan.


● A Black Swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially serious consequences. Black Swan Events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact and widespread insistence that were obvious in hindsight.

● Triggered by protocol 19, the Black Swan Event will be the start of the new ISO monetary family flare network. Everything is ready for change

● From Swift to the Quantum Financial System

● From BTC to Metals backed by ISO Blockchain regulated assets

● From MSM to the Starlink and Odin Project

● From the fiat US dollar to Gold/asset-backed currency

● Dark to Light

(Note: Only financial related content was included in this report. You can view and download the full report on Operation Disclosure Official. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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