“Another St Germain Naysayer” by Logan B – 1.16.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 1:24 PM ET on January 16, 2023

Poof tells us “Money is the last thing you need right now.”

Money is not evil. The people who now control money are evil. Poof is right that money started the debt slavery system but those that started it were evil to begin with. 

Money is nothing more than a tool. We are going to need many tools to complete our humanitarian work but none of the other tools will ever be utilized without money. 

Poof is also wrong that money is not easily dispersed. Moving a few quadrillion dollars around for GESARA will be the easiest thing that the QAS has to do. Dr. Ward tries to make that sound impossible as well. Just another excuse for the delay. Getting banks involved is what has made this unnecessarily difficult. 

Whatever else that is going on behind the scenes is completely beyond our control and it’s only the fear porners of the MSM and alternative media alike that try to make us worry about it. Even though Angels and Galactics tell us they have all that under control we are continually bombarded with possible WWIII scenarios, nuclear destruction, the next much more lethal bioweapon attack, complete implosion of the current financial system etc etc. Try to ignore all that crap and even though your family may think you’re nuttier than they already think you are try to get them to ignore it also. 

Even though I respect Corey Goode for all he has done for our benefit with the help of the Blue Avians I had to tell him and his followers that everything the SSP tells him about our possible future is wrong. He is being told that the nwo movement will proceed pretty much unimpeded of which the SSP is heavily involved for years and the Solar Flash won’t happen until at least 2033 and when it does all electricity and electronics will cease. For those that manage to survive that another good portion of humanity will not survive the pole shift soon after. 

I am not a prophet but I am just putting my faith in the fact that at the end of 2012 our timeline split away from the nwo timeline and even though they are desperately trying to maintain their timeline in our consciousness we need to ignore them and keep our intention on our timeline. 


Another thing. Physicists are busy trying to prove that we do indeed live in a holographic universe. They wouldn’t bother if they didn’t already think that everything we experience is generated and projected by a quantum computer. All dimensions are projected by this computer and our consciousness determines which dimension we experience. Since we can already conceive of this concept and we have built our own quantum computers how long will it be until we can project our own holodeck holographic realities? Or have black projects already done it? The problem with mainstream physicists right now is they are not thinking in the quantum subtle energies realm but they will get it when they are allowed to. 

On a sadder note. Both of my brothers passed away at pretty much the same time on Friday even though they are thousands of kilometers apart. One was in Edmonton and the other in Zurich. They were both found collapsed on the floor in their homes. Both of their deaths is an unexpected shock to the family. 


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