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Entry Submitted by Logan B at 7:16 PM ET on January 16, 2023

For those a little foggy about what this whole XRP/XLM digital currency, stored on a Lobstr wallet in the Stellar Network actually means to us I will say that right now pretty much nothing. 

The way the financial system still works now is that every time you buy something from Walmart or wherever, pay bills with cash, debit or credit cards that transaction is routed immediately to a central bank. The central bank immediately starts trading your money as many times as possible to make as much money for themselves as they can. At midnight every day is when they take every transaction of the day and then send the money to who it was meant for. You see this happen in real life when you get a direct deposit of your paycheck. When your employer deposits your check it is not released to you until after midnight of your payday. 

A peer to peer blockchain system like the Stellar network sends your XRP/XLM digital money from your Lobstr wallet to the QFS where what is called a ledger to ledger transfer is done instantly to the Lobstr wallet it is intended for. Who you sent your money to then sees it in their wallet. This is all done on the faster than light speed of thought quantum Stellar network. Nobody will be holding your money for any reason. 

Now why do I say this means nothing to us right now. You and your friends could buy some XRP/XLM put it in a Lobstr wallet and transfer it among yourselves just for fun to see how it works but until we get a Stellar network debit card and Walmart and everybody else accepts XRP/XLM so we can go to Walmart and make purchases with it is pretty much useless. 

Right now there are many places that accept bitcoin but that is on the old through the central bank system that we are trying to get rid of. Here’s the kicker. Dr. Ward is not the head of the QFS team. He is only an employee as a spokesperson. He makes no bones about the fact that he himself has no idea how any of this works. The real head of the QFS will for now remain anonymous. Dr. Ward is being told that the earliest that the switch over of the central banks to the Stellar network won’t be complete until the end of March. The earliest that the world will be switched over is not until the end of the year. For some reason they all seem very excited about this but I think it is terrible news. 

Basically even if we RVd now and got billions of XRP/XLM digital tokens we would have nowhere to spend any of them until possibly a few places after March. 

The only way we could have any spendable cash is if the current currencies of USD, Canadian dollars, pesos, pounds etc are all converted to commodity backed digital tokens, cash and put on the Stellar network for every business to accept. The problem with that is most of the world including Iraq only use cash. There has been a concerted effort throughout the world to educate people about digital currency. They simply don’t want it so for years now we have had to convince the world they need to dump their federal reserves, remint and reprint all their currency and come over to the Light side. The central banks will have to remain for now connected to the QFS because converting every business in the world to connect directly to the QFS would add another twenty years to this. We are told that pretty much every country in the world has done just that and only a few hold outs are left. 


Bruce without flat out saying it is inferring that bond and currency holders did not have to wait for the rest of the world to be GESARA compliant and as long as we agree to the restrictions that connecting directly to the QFS will impose on us we could have RVd years ago. So why haven’t we? Have they had to spend years negotiating with the QFS to get it to a level of restrictions they think we could be able to achieve? Are we really that unworthy of the QFS’s grace? Are we ready now? 

The plan is for the USN to be the accepted currency of North America. As a Canadian I’m ok with that but I haven’t bought up the subject with anyone else to get their reaction. We may seem like a docile bunch but there are many strong Canadian Patriots who would view this as an American takeover as I’m sure many Mexicans would as well. I hope they are rethinking this. 

So basically a one world digital currency connected to the QFS directly free from the tyrannical financial system we have now looks good on paper but making it a reality in this current 3D world has proven to be impossible and we are going to have to accept a watered down version of this ideal for now. I am glad they decided to not go with the original plan of enacting NESARA first and then hoping GESARA would eventually follow suit but unfortunately 9/11 made that decision for them. Enacting GESARA is the fair way to do this without the ill will of the downtrodden rest of the world but man it has taken a long time and we have had to endure a lot of grief waiting for it. 


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