“Master Degree, God’s Heart” by Texastreeman – 1.16.23


Entry Submitted by Texastreeman at 9:13 PM ET on January 16, 2023

Good evening : Family

I been writing notes for over 7 years I believe. 

If one person reads the letter and understand what is being said ! 

Then it was worth to stop and write.

In the coming days all of us will be face with many decisions. 

I hear many groups talk about they will be work on humanintain projects, but you need to turn over your currency !! (  NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR CURRENCY OR ZIM)

Then I’ve heard people on PPN show saying they are in charge of doing the projects and send in projects. 


Then I’ve heard couple of the TOP people saying they are in charge of doing projects and has been approved by humanitarian office. 

I say somewhere down this journey. We have lost what God had plan for this to roll out. 

I’ve heard and I believe 100% of this statement.  We have all been call to be here !! 

I don’t think you will have to show your master degree. In all my years as project supervisor or plant manager. Did I come across college master degree person that can do projects in the field. They have book smart, That don’t work in real life. 

I’ve got 3 years of college. I’ve got life of hard knots. 

I’ve got GOD’S HEART !!  

To work in the humanitarian field. I think it’s going to take us as a TEAM..  to put the journey of God’s grace to work !  


I know what some are saying !! right now !! 

What am saying the AVG. Person can bring the HEART. Your wealth management Team can bring the master degree to pull together as a TEAM.. 

God gave each one of us their Idea in their mind to make small projects, Big projects all work together. 

I feel you don’t need to join any of these groups. I don’t believe you have to join PPN TEAM. 

I don’t feel the TOP GUYS are saying you must run your projects with us approvement. 

Now The Alliances may read this !! 

Now someone in high level may read this. 

They may disagree with my feelings!

I understand the alliances, Top leaders are saying. This is one chance to put the money to work in good projects. 

I understand how they are feeling, but you are missing one big point.


God said to help yourself and the person next to you ! 

What do you mean ! The Alliances is asking.

If you help a person with a dollar and you win that soul.  GOD WON. 

Now you take that one person may turn out a person whom may run a project. You gave that person HOPE.

Then you give him a Home, job, leadership, You may just have a good employee. 

Our Job as HUMANITARIAN is not just building BIG, BIG long years projects. 


If God is stepping in to save the world. It’s going to take each one of us to work the humanitarian on our level of LOVE for our world. Not the approvement of some group. 

So in the coming days when this POP’s !!

I say go with GOD’S HEART into your redemption center. 


Don’t worry about not having a master degree. 

we have :

school teachers
retail workers
store manager
police officers
college students

Each one of us bring their own DREAMS.

Each one of us don’t need to join a group to get approvement on doing humantiantians project.

Come with GOD’S HEART and Really care about helping and making a difference in the future of the world. 

GOD is who say yes or No ! 

If we go into redemption center and They say you must join group to get approved..  Then we lost our way in GOD’S work. 

I say this !  Come together to learn from everyone ! 

Make a Strong Team to help you go into years of bringing JOY to people’s life. 


Make you a Strong Team that makes your Job easy. 

For the one’s who took the time to read this. must likely it will be the last one, because in the coming days we will all be busy. 

Go with God and be bless thru the years !




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