“Here we Go again” by Logan B – 1.17.23


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 5:46 PM ET on January 17, 2023

I have been following this for a long time now and it seems a pattern has developed. Every time it looks like this is going to go the naysayers appear. I am not talking about the dark naysayers who we expect and hopefully everyone ignores. I am talking about the surprising objections from the Light. 

I already mentioned what Poof had to say about the evil of money but now I have run across a Pleiadian speaking of the evil of materialism. The usual physical things will never bring you happiness stuff. 

I really cannot disagree with either of those points. Money infused with black magic can in and of itself be evil. Rampant consumerism of things just because corporations tells you you have to have them is not healthy but why bring these things up when we are told we are close and possibly hampering the release. 

There are things that can bring lasting joy though. When I was still in high school I saved money from a summer job and I found my favorite car, a 1968 Charger, and I went and bought it. I was so excited I didn’t even haggle the price. I couldn’t pull the money out of my pocket fast enough to pay him his full asking price. I was afraid he might change his mind. I had enough left over to put a set of Keystone Klassic mags on it and good tires. I spent hours polishing every inch and when it was done it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was powerful so driving it was a lot of fun. The point is this wasn’t something that the novelty of it wore off in a couple of weeks and I had to go looking for something else that gave me that same joy. I am going to get myself another one or 10 when this RV thing finally happens. My own little self indulgence. 

We are not in this to get wealthy. At least most of us aren’t. I do read of those wanting to get estate mansions with a private air strip for their private jets close to the ocean to dock their yachts but whatever floats their boat is of no concern. Those trappings don’t appeal to me. Even though we may get a lot of money it is still a finite amount, which I have always said goes against God’s promise of limitless abundance and still connotes lack, of which every dollar you spend on luxury trappings for yourself and others is a dollar that may have deprived a child of a meal for that day. 

We can’t or won’t do anything about bringing justice for all the unspeakable evil the dark has done but there is one crime we can do something about. The crime I speak of is the taking away of humanities God given rights of adequate nutritious food, clean water and good shelter. This crime has murdered more people than all the wars combined. Tens of thousands of children die every day from malnutrition alone. This is the first issue that will be addressed so that EVERY soul that has come here for the opportunity to ascend will be given that opportunity. WWG1WGA. All being the operative word here.

The Angels and Galactics all say they want everyone to ascend and say by us spreading our Light is good enough. I say no it is not good enough. There is so much more we could do with the resources to do it. I will not feel good about ascending if even one person that I could have helped does not make it to 5D earth through no fault of their own. Supposedly I was chosen by God (I have no way to confirm that) and I made a promise to Him to see that ascension would finally be achieved and when that is done I would help as many as possible to ascend. I intend to not let God down and keep my promise but I get so frustrated when I see what I think would be a huge help pass by again and again with every date that the RV doesn’t happen.



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