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As in the past, all comments are my opinion

I must start out by reminding all, there is a total package that must be coordinated to implement, the RV in the US / Global / NESARA / GESARA.

If the RV does not happen – the entire 25 + years of NESARA / GESARA plan will not work. Globally, we all go bankrupt with no RV solution and war between countries will explode – no one will win.

In the past decades, RV’s have happened with single countries, NEVER GLOBALLY.   

Those past fluctuating RV rates and information have been miss directed intentionally just as nowWHY? To throw off speculators and bad guys. In the past very short 12-18+ months the confusion has been accelerated by people to not only catch bad guys in a single country, but ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR THE 1ST TIME IN HISTORY.

Some of our presenters’ make comments and not clarifying the big picture?? We all appreciate opinions, and hope for a clarity.


Why the RV must happen to create a Global Market System

  • Russia is 65% dependent on the profits of oil to run the country – it has no true market system
  • Mexico almost the same 65-70%, no true market system
  • Iraq had no real market system even when it was at $3.24 US back 20 + years ago
  • Vietnam same as Iraq but 60+ years ago when they were at $2.00 + US and now they are at .00005+??
  • So many other Arab countries have short of zero market economy
  • China has a false market system subsidizing all their major products and they are bankrupt
  • Our USA is bankrupt, and the public doesn’t know it – we just kept printing money we don’t have, that has come to a screeching halt
  • There are so many more –

Dubai for example is in the middle of a desert – they were 98% dependent on oil to run their country before their massive development. Today they are thriving with a global tourist economy – or what I call a Self Create True Market System. The are 1 ½ % dependent on oil today. Yikes, from 98%  

When you have countries with 1-3-5-7 zeros with “UNSISTAINABLE – MASSIVE DEBT”, The globe needs the RV for the 209 countries, more so the 1st bundle of 29 countries.

REMMBER — THE GOOD GUYS ARE CREATING A TRUE GLOBLE MARKET SYSTEM FOR THE 1ST TIME IN HISTORY  SO COUNTIERS CAN WORK TOGETHER OR THE 1ST TIME IN HISTORY “WE HAVE WON” — I have not even touched on the Global massive Corruption going back 1,000+ years that is short of cleaned up globally  

Don’t get caught up in “OMG” the RV will not happen comments of the Dinar / Dong value going up, down, need more reserves, 100% vote etc.

Remember the puzzle.

Repeating — If NESARA / GESARA AND THE RV does not happen global, debt will destroy the globe. Arab countries have all planned to be in the global market economy and without the RV all will not and collapse further.


Let’s chat about Iraq’s “Direct Dinar competitor” Kuwait.

  • Kuwait is about the 10 largest oil reserve in the world with little other resources and the US dollar has been around $3.24 per Dinar.
  • Iraq is either the 2nd or 3rd largest oil reserve in the world.
  • Iraq is in the top 5+/- as far as mineral deposits in the world.
  • Iraq also has one of the largest fertile land masses in the world.


Current Iraq Dinar is floating around .0006 +/-. Iraq was at US $3.24 short of identical to Kuwait 20 + years ago at $3.24. Both countries were direct Dinar competitors — I repeat, direct Dinar competitors 20 + years ago. Iraq didn’t even have a true global banking system back then.

Iraq Today isn’t perfect, they are a 1,000 times better than 20+ years ago. They are now connected to the Quantum / banks cleaned up, let alone tracks all transactions globally short of elimination corruption. Add in, 1st time ever ATM’s, lower denominations ready to distribute and a ton more.

Right now we are watching / hearing the show.

The show and words are part of the show. The RV or most if not all the 1st bundle countries have been set.

Contracts have been signed for months. If there is a tweak, it is up from the already established price.

Admittedly, I’m patiently, impatient myself.

I just keep reminding myself to focus on the facts, “the facts are clear” despite what commenters may say. Events, the puzzle tells the story, and it is clear how the RV fits into NESARA / GESARA. If you do focus on the events and RV progress, you will see it is so darn close.

We are watching the end of the biggest financial transfer of wealth puzzle humanity has ever seen – “we will” be part of it.


As always be safe, humble, helping Family, Friends and Humanity.


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