“Debts Cleared Coming” by Danlboon – 2.19.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:15 AM ET on February 19, 2023

Of what my perception is not everything is made known as of this time as to what will be happening when your debts are cleared and which ones, along with the NESARA monthly payments, halting of IRS Taxes and more.

It should not be that the NESARA settlement payments are the only funds we are to receive if many paid out more to the government entities and banks over the years. And you should be able to access your QFS Account soon after the NESARA announcement is made.

Giving an overview is that home, automobile and other loans will be cleared and zeroed out for no further payments, thus you will be receiving titles soon after, but there may be repayments for what you paid as those funds were stolen from your Treasury Direct Account backed by your Birth Certificate. I believe that property taxes will be halted and past property taxes may be refunded if the counties can find you for present and previous properties in your name, as the counties did not lawfully own them for you to make annual payments to them.

On the other hand businesses may not be in this good of situation for the loans as they have no TDA to back them up, but it may occur in the best interest comprised by the corrupt banking involved.

It may be best to hold off till the NESARA announcement is made and things settle awhile before you go selling your home hopefully at a good price as then you will have no more payments at that time and you may think you will lose out with the different high price now and 1950’s price later.

With the IRS taxes people and businesses have made over the years it should be fully refunded as there were only 4 states that unconstitutionally ratified it and no income taxes were to be paid, along with all fees, penalties and interest paid out.

Now income taxes are to be halted by the employers from their employees and the businesses paying to the IRS once the NESARA announcement is made. And for 2023 we still have by the end of March for the taxes to be halted by the end of the business quarter before they are required to hand it over to the IRS, but in turn they should refund it directly back to the employees.


Now filing your tax return for 2022 you may go ahead in another month to get a full refund and no deductions when NESARA is out in the open, and just try it now to see if some of you can receive a full refund to see how it works, as you might just get it.

Your credit card debts may just be cleared and zeroed out for no further payments, however if you continue to use them there may be no more interest charged on them for upcoming purchases or the cards will be just canceled out as you can no longer use them. But your upcoming purchases on your valid cards and from your QFS Account will not be cleared every time.

Now those that are presently homeless and/or jobless will not be blatantly denied their NESARA $100,000 monthly payments or their QFS Account just because they cannot find a job as there may not be enough jobs to go around at this time or they may just be denied a job, but to just quit a job when you are able to work and not a senior sovereign then issues will be brought up on this. I think there will be more jobs available coming up for this transition, but one type of job is being in politics where you can be a Constitutional representative for the Republic and not like possibly over 380 today.

Your upcoming purchases should not be based on receiving a loan, but what you have in your QFS Account and what you will be receiving from the NESARA monthly payments. And by the way you should have plenty of funds available with the prices moving to the 1950’s prices.

For those people that pay rent you should not have to pay present day fees while we have moved into 1950’s prices as then your landlord is corrupt as you may have $1,500 rent and it would appear to then cost $20,000 by all other prices, and they should be criminally charged if they do not change their prices.

We can keep bringing up many things of what changes are what, but just be prepared for things to come, hopefully by the end of February. And surely banks and credit unions will not be closing down unless there are financial centers to accommodate people with their normal banking duties and access to their QFS Account as we have to get the new USTNs somewhere.




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