“New Spy Tools?” by blueray – 2.19.23


Entry Submitted by blueray at 12:41 AM ET on February 19, 2023

By now, all who have followed these pages have heard that the ‘ bad guys ‘ { Black Hats } are ‘ required ‘ to tell us what they intend to do, no matter how obscure the references are. Perhaps even the ‘ White Hats ‘ must also play this game. 

Haven’t you wondered just how the { alleged } Quantum Computer can “ know your mind “ and monitor all of us in real time ? How you dare not utter any “ violation “ of the { alleged } NDA after the exchange or your funds are quickly confiscated ? These 2 books, though fictional, may provide a possible answer to those questions. 

A popular author, Clive Cussler [Born July 15, 1931  / died February 24, 2020 ]  wrote over 50 books, most of them involving adventures of  dedicated good guys performing the usual amazing feats popular in today’s fiction. 

The 1rst book – Piranha  [ ISBN – 978-0-425-28018-8 { paperback } ] tells a tale of a “ Neutrino Telescope “ that can monitor anything, anywhere in real time. Apparently thousands of neutrinos pass through all matter every second, & some whacked out bad guy figured out how to focus a type of ‘ telescope ‘ that reads minor variations of the neutrinos absorbing information as they pass through all matter. There is no known shielding that stops them.  

Is this possible ? Who knows, but if it is, all the NDA signers should keep this possibility in mind. 

The 2nd book  — The Jungle [ ISBN – 978-0-425-24654-2 { paperback } ] tells a tale of a Quantum Computer built by another whacko that broke into the NSA in less than a second and stole the daily nuclear codes for the Presidential “ football.” This is reminiscent of the HAL 9000 computer from  – 2001, A Space Odyssey by Aurther C. Clarke, only much more powerful. 

I’m nowhere near smart enough to know if either of these 2 things are even possible, but this little nugget planted in the minds of all the NDA signers may cause you to reconsider just how advanced the tools MAY BE that will track you if you are bad little boys and girls & dare to utter any NDA blasphemy. Just sayin.’ 


If nothing else, they are very entertaining adventures while we await our long overdue blessing.



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