Dinarland Highlights for February 23, 2023


Dinarland Highlights – 2.23.23


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Question: Its Ramadan again…will this delay the RV?

Answer: I was always told that they would love to do it over Ramadan. This is an enormous celebration for them. Most families are together for Ramadan…. I was told if they had their pick of any time of year to do it…they would pick Ramadan.

The chatter has been awesome on the banking side. But, it’s the bankers…It is their job to be prepared. We talk about the “Boy who cried wolf” No matter how many times that boy cries wolf…it’s their job to be ready…we do know its close. Will we make in February? I am praying and hopeful that we make it. I am still hearing everything from tonight to March 2nd…a couple are looking at Ramadan.[Ramadan begins Mar 22nd and ends April 20th this year.] …but most are looking at much sooner than that… 

Iraq Pivots to Yuan for China Imports in defense of its own currency

This is Bloomberg. This is worldwide news now

Iraqi Central banks to drop dollar for Yuon in trade with China

They are being up front with what they are doing so they can reinstate or revalue their currency. This is happening.

There is more news from Iraq that their budget is going in this weekend. About the HCL law…they believe the entire framework will be completed and agreed upon before the budget hits parliament. This is extremely positive news out of Iraq.  The HCL or Hydrocarbon law was one of those things we were told to look for before the RV.

[When we see the HCL passed…its showtime!!!]

I agree…


Mountain Goat

…The conclusion of the dialogues of the Iraqi delegation in the United States of America, related to the dollar crisis are completed. In a way this visit was different from all previous delegations that visited Washington previously. We are being told today in an article that the results of this negotiation were more than positive, and there was a very big surprise coming…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: The street rates are slowly coming down now…the official rate is 1320 but the street rate it’s getting around 1550.  That’s down from 1750…  All the meetings that Iraq has had with the USA feds and treasury was things that were needed to be done by Iraqi merchants to help lower the dollar rate.  It was a success they’re telling us

FRANK: 1190 is next.  I really do think so.  I’m pushing for 1000.  That’s what I want because then the 3 zeros could be easily lifted up

FIREFLY: Channel One…the foreign minister on the news is talking about the dollar exchange rate will continue to go downward until it reaches stability point.  They’re saying that Iraq working with the USA on a mechanism …to strengthen the dinar.

FRANK: They are using that 2nd stage, 2nd mechanism, 2nd Article, whatever you want to call it, in order to bring down the exchange rate against the American dollar.

The Central Bank announces the second package of facilities to obtain foreign currency




Once Iraq enrolls into the World Trade Organization it opens up big doors for Iraq to do international business. This also guarantees Iraq is able to do international business.  This organization will facilitate Iraq exports and make sure this gets done…this is a great thing for Iraq who is rebuilding, who is an emerging market…

Inflation, unemployment, demand, political stability, supply, future prospects…all play a part in the currency exchange rate Is inflation down They’re saying it was at double digits last couple years although every time I look at it it’s in single digits.  Unemployment is not under check…Demand for the currency?  There is none. People want the dollar.  That’s why the market rate is so much different than the official rate.  Political stability No.  We just watched Iraq go through an entire year of bickering about who is going to run the government.  Supply?  They have nothing to offer the outside world, not yet, but they definitely need a lot of things in country.  Future Prospects?  …over 65% of the people in Iraq over the next couple years will be of working age.  That’s perfect.

There’s some interactions between Iraq and Interpol I find interesting.  Article:  “Interpol reveals details of Iraqi money recovery”  182 people they’ve caught…that’s a lot of people



Nader From The Mid East

If it [The dinar] goes viral you’ll see the bank will sell it and you will change it to wherever you are in any state…Florida…New York..Long Island, California…Arizona, Texas, Georgia, wherever.  The bank would accept it.  You’re not going to travel nowhere.


Walkingstick & Frank26 (KTFA)

The last CBI meetings said that within the next week or so they will start to introduce the currency reform…What is the currency reform? ...[It] removes any restrictions that is preventing a currency from being implemented.  There is no stopping the re-denomination that is entering the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.  The restrictions on the currency through the program rates are now being removed…That’s why you see so many exchange places being shut down right now because the currency reform is taking place.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Changing from the dollar to the dinar in real estate is going to be a a big thing because multi-currency practices are going to be gone.  They’re making it so that people have to use the dinar.  Whether that’s in real estate, whether that’s in commercial business, the dinar is going to be the main focus…




They’re not going to announce that they’re going to revalue.But that doesn’t mean they can’t say, ‘We’re going to adjust the exchange rate.‘  They say that all the time.  


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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The currency reform education contains the new currency itself, the new exchange rate, the new coins that will be coming out, the new small category notes…and the coexisting of the large denominations they have right now.  It will also include the information about the private satellite banks…

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