“Raanra’s Message #86” by Raanra – 3.8.23


Entry Submitted by Raanra at 11:54 PM ET on March 8, 2023



RA’AN and I Just had a Talk Which I Included Below. 

RA’AN Told me, on my Respective Question:

“Yes, We are Okay with it, as in Our best Estimation of Probability, it Will HELP to Publish it.”

But You May Ask:

“What??? Who the H… is RA’AN Anyway???


The Shortest Explanation Is:

RA’AN Is a Super Positive SOUL GROUP, Consisting Two SOUL GROUPS, – THE ELOHIM and RA.

For Those of You Who May Want to Know More, – You Could Find References Below, After the “With Love, Raanra,” Under “PS:”

But Back To What RA’AN Told me:

This was my Request to RA’AN:

“Please Say Anything You Wish to Say.”

And This Was RA’AN’s Answer:


[First Sentence with Personal Reference Omitted]

[We Are] Super Excited as Humanity Approaches “Critical Spiritual Mass,” – In the Positive Sense !

“What Else?

[One More Sentence with Personal Reference Omitted here]

[Re:] ALLIANCE OR WHITE HATS, – Yes We Know it Looks Slow, – But They Too, Rather Want to be Safe Than Sorry.

“However, Should They Relapse Into “Dragging Their Feet” Too Much, We are Prepared to Replace the Entire Executive Structure of the WHITE HATS, Should That be Needed, But We Do Not Think It Will Be Needed, in Probability. More Likely One or A Few May Have to be “Taken Out” and Replaced. Or, Possibly, NONE.

“The ‘Key Guys’ Know that They Cannot Drag This Out Forever, and that it is Not Just a Matter of What Is ‘The Best,’ or ‘The Most Safe’ for Humanity, But that it is Really a Matter of What Is ‘THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS,’ and This One Requires to Move  Forward Fairly Quickly Now, – Particularly with the Work You and Others Are Doing of Raising The Spiritual Level Of Humanity; – As This Has Very Great Potential of Very Positively Affecting ALL-THAT-IS, But it is Now Getting IMPEDED from Having Such A Sweeping Positive Effect, by Hardship Still Governing the Lives of the Majority Of Humanity.

“We Don’t Want to give Exact Dates, as Things Can Change, etc, But We Can Say that ‘Hardship For Humanity’ Cannot Go On For Too Much Longer to Not Become CLEARLY A Violation of The Principle of THE GREATEST GOOD FOR ALL THAT IS, and Should It Come to THAT (But Probably Will Not), We are Prepared to Act Decisively, As Above.

“With Thanks and Appreciation!



“RA’AN “

            ***   ***   ***

With Love,



Who Is RA’AN??? – You May Ask:

As Stated Above, RA’AN Is a Highly Positive SOUL GROUP, Consisting Two SOUL GROUPS, – THE ELOHIM and RA.

An Introduction to The ELOHIM You Could Find in This Book, – Which, – I Believe, – You Could Download for Free:



RA is Described in This Book, – Also Available For Free:

THE LAW OF ONE by Ra, an humble messenger of The Law of One” (Book One):

If You Would Like to Talk to RA’AN Yourself (or to GOD or Any Highly Positive Spiritual Entity), Here is How I Do It and How You Could Do It Too, – IF YOU WISHED TO DO SO:

            ***   ***   ***


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