“Questions to be Answered, Part 4” by Danlboon – 3.14.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:14 AM ET on March 14, 2023

More questions keep popping up where I have brought up items before yet you may want specific answers for them and I try to keep it on financial matters and NESARA here.

On our mortgage, will just the debt we presently have be cleared or will we receive a full refund in what we paid? Yes on both, you will receive back everything you paid for it including interest yet not for your cash down payment and no more to pay as it is what you borrowed.

Where did the banks, credit unions and/or financial institutions that gave you the loan know where to get the funds for your loan? They used your SSN to access your Treasury Direct Account/QFS Account, and then they paid off the sale and then put your deposit and the monthly payments into their own accounts as if you borrowed the funds from them, charging interest on your own money.

What if we purchased multiple homes in our lifetime and had mortgages on them, will we receive refunds for them as well? Yes, but for what you put down from your prior home sale to purchase the next one that is part of the total of what your final refund will be as it funds from your loan that was paid off then and not extra funds.

Will we have a loss for when we sell our home when the 1950’s prices come about? Not really, as you are making an exchange of property on what the value of the dollar is at the time and what you had paid in the past you should be receiving everything back except for you cash down payment.

What if we paid cash purchasing a home or vehicle, will we receive any refund for it? No, as it was just cash and not a loan.

Will us renters receive compensation for what we paid as rent? No, because it did not come from your TDA/QFS Account.


If we owned property will our property taxes be halted and fully refunded when NESARA is announced? Most likely yes, as the land you purchased for vacant, farm, home or commercial building that was your property as a whole and you should not have paid rent to the county to stay there.

Will all our past debts be cleared? No, but it depends on what you have on the books now as if you have large items like a home or vehicle that was foreclosed on it may still be in the books, but small credit cards that you just stopped payments on that have been written off there is no need to clear them unless they pop up as if you would still need to pay them off. But you will now have a good credit rating as you have no more debts and they cannot keep bad debts on the books.

Will all our purchases made on credit cards be refunded or just the interest on the cards? No, I would think the cards are just cleared unless that company would be willing to go thru every card and refund the interest and penalties only.

The debts are what you have paid interest on and they will be cleared and refunded for the larger amounts where the financial institutions got access to your TDA/QFS Account.

Will our employee unions have QFS Accounts? No, they will be like what I said on businesses and corporations as having accounts in the QFS system, but they will not have the millions in them to start with as us individuals. The same goes for non-profit organizations.

Will we still have our union payments withheld from our paychecks? Yes, as that has nothing to do with income taxes or NESARA, as it is a cost of rendering their services that your contract agrees with.

Will non-profit organizations still have the tax free status to stay in business and be a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) corporation? Yes, but not as 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) corporation as the IRS code will be gone and no income taxes to pay to worry about, and the churches can now preach from the pulpit about government issues as they now have their 1st Amendment rights back.


Will the homeless receive access to their QFS Account and receive their NESARA $100,000 monthly payments once the NESARA announcement is made? Yes, but they need to be set up with some type of housing to start with to have some stability of where they will be staying and not just a PO Box to rely on.

This is a question for you; Are you willing to help the homeless out to provide some funds to start with to move in this direction? This may be a program that can be set up where maybe up to $5,000 is given to an individual or family on the basis we can then be refunded that amount once they are on their feet if you really needed it back, but what is $5,000 out of $100,000 per month to then get 12 of them off the street in a year.

Should the cities provide this program to get the homeless off the streets if they don’t want them there so much? Yes, as long as there are enough of you to push for this then it can work and not be taxpayer money as it is an individual loan from the people that helped them.

Will those that are homeless and jobless be denied access to their QFS Account and not receive their NESARA $100,000 monthly payments? No, as it should not be an absolute to have a job to get out of poverty and not just live off of someone else.

When someone that loses their job will they automatically be denied access to their QFS Account and not receive their NESARA $100,000 monthly payments anymore? No, once again it should not be an absolute to have a job to stay on your feet, but to lose your job or quit just to survive on your NESARA monthly payments most likely will not be allowed. So maybe here is where you then donate your time and funds to help others not in the system as you are then working.

Will any NESARA monthly payments and/or QFS Account funds that were received be returned for becoming jobless or some other reason? No, unless fraud or theft came about to access those funds or be used in a crime.

Will our college loans be cleared and fully refunded once the NESARA announcement is made? As NESARA mentions is Yes, but your college degree will be worthless.

If our college degree is worthless then how can we hold our jobs if the college degree is required? Well it comes down to your training and your present knowledge to hold a job.

Will any funds we receive in a lawsuit be taxable in any manner and will our access to our QFS Account or NESARA monthly payments be denied on this once the NESARA announcement is made? No funds are taxable and we should not be denied these funds no matter for what ever other funds we receive like winning the lottery.

What about the Constitutional Amendments, will they be removed? That is for another time, but some will be.




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