Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 14, 2023


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 14 March 2023

Compiled Tues. 14 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

Black Swan Event Banking Collapse
Began Fri. 10 March 2023

It is only wise to have a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.

Seeing God’s Hand

January 08, 2023 – #4869 Music & the Spoken Word (

When someone reaches out with a hand of kindness, think of it as God’s hand. When someone shares a helpful, hopeful or compassionate word, think of it as God’s voice. When someone expresses genuine love, think of it as God’s love. Above all, when you feel inspired to reach out to others, embrace the opportunity to be God’s hand in their lives.

Judy Note: On Fri. 10 March 2023 a Black Swan Event and worldwide run on the Banks began – even as the Mainstream Media failed to report Bank Failures worldwide. It’s really only a sideshow anyway – to divert attention from a Khazarian Mafia loss of control over our global society and a US Inc. Bankruptcy that took place in 2008, become official in October 2021 and was now playing out on the World Stage.


This Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as published on Dinar Chronicles/Operation Disclosure has been redacted. For an un-redacted version, see a PDF copy at the very end of the report.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Mon. Evening 13 March from Two Very High Up Contacts: The new rates are locked in on Bank Screens; Tier 1 has already gone; Tier 2 is processing right now and Tier 4 (including Us, the Internet Group) will likely go within a couple of days.
  • Mon. 13 March RV Update, Okie (not OkieOilMan) via Twitter: Perk pkgs are available at cash in. Let the banks peacefully do their job. No calling to the banks. This RV of 166 countries is happening now, though no one can see it on the Front Teller Screens. UST received word from sources that all systems are Green to Go. There are no more hold ups or delays. We are simply waiting on the banks to post the rates. We are on target. Sit back and relax. No sweats, no frets. Everyone is safe. I will not officially call the RV until I get more confirmations and proof than I now possess, but it sure looks good at this time – time will tell the rest of the story.
  • Mon. 13 March Nader From The Mid East: “My friend from California called me and gave me great news.  He’s amazing…very smart guy, very sharp.  He said…’you guys are international‘…I can send you money from Iran and you revise it in dollar. You can send money anywhere in the world – you’ll receive it in your currency wherever you are.  We are International…That’s good news.  That’s great news.  We are international for sure. My friend told me and I saw two articles about it too.” Dinar Data – Dinar Detectives – Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel
  • Mon. 13 March MarkZ: Bankers are scrambling this morning with final preparations…..they believe we are about to see it over the next day or two. 
  • As of Friday 10 March, banking systems were able to use the new Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on the QFS for foreign currency swaps. 
  • Sat. 11 March: Banks and people of England have started using the new financial system XLM and XRP. The Bank of England just announced they will be using #Ripple and #XRPL.

Worldwide Bank Failures and the Fed:

– Janet Yellen announces Treasury “backstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks

– FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money

– Claims “no taxpayer money” will be used for bailout – but it’s A LIE

– FDIC only has $100 billion max, and bailouts will cost MORE


– After FDIC burns through cash, Fed will PRINT money for bailouts

– Banks encouraged to act recklessly, running risky bets that fail

– We’ve entered the chapter where Fed prints money to bail out all the failed banks

– This will cause #inflation and dollar devaluation – currency collapse

– There are nearly $10 TRILLION in bank deposits across the USA

– Over $300 trillion in derivatives exposures among banks

– FDIC has already burned through all its cash as of today

– How will FDIC cover the NEXT bank collapse?

– Rational people will pull money out of banks to reduce risk of exposure to collapse

– More people will move to gold, silver, crypto, ammo and other hard assets


– As Fed raises interest rates even higher, more banks will fail

– Controlled demolition of the banking sector and the US economy

  • BREAKING: Banking stocks plummet in premarket trade:

– First Republic Bank: -65%

– Western Alliance Bancorp: -64%

– PacWest Bancorp: -42%

– Charles Schwab: -7%

Mon. 13 March Q) The Storm Rider News Quick Reads:

_Banks are hiding $620 billion in losses, creating a ticking time bomb of financial disaster:

_Here We Go… First Republic Bank Plunges 66% in Pre-Market – Western Alliance Bank Down 62% – Customers Line Up in California:

_Silicon Valley Bank Crisis: The Liquidity Crunch We Predicted Has Now Begun:


_The BLACK SWAN has arrived for crypto – from here, it’s contagion, contagion, contagion:

_Silicon Valley Bank collapse biggest since Great Recession as FDIC promises to cover ALL deposits, not just first.

_Wells Fargo Customers Have “Incorrect Balances And Missing Transactions” Due To An Absolutely Massive “Nationwide Computer Glitch”.


(Note: Only financial related content was included in this report. You can view and download the full report on Operation Disclosure Official. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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