“FRN Account Mirrored to QFS” by Danlboon – 3.16.23


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:37 AM ET on March 16, 2023

What I have said and others have said in the past has now changed as our bank funds may not be available unless we exchange them to digital currencies first. So we lose all our present funds?

Posted: “We have also been told that our bank accounts will not automatically be mirrored onto the new Quantum Financial System.” So how do we get to keep them?

Posted: “Last Sept. Charlie Ward reported that our bank accounts were mirrored onto the new Quantum Financial System.” So is Charlie Ward really not telling the truth as he is under an NDA that if one truth comes out it violates everything on his NDA?

If the elite are taking all their funds out of the banks and making sure they collapse to destroy the world then how are we to take them all down if they put their funds in hiding, and how will they survive if the people are to pay taxes when they only make $10,000 per year and there are not many of us?

If we had $500,000 in our present bank account will we lose that, and with the NESARA $100,000 payments that could be annual will it take five years to be compensated for that and nothing back from paying income taxes?

Why were the Israelis allowed to withdraw 100% of their account of US Dollars from Silicon Valley Bank last week and then the executives of the bank pay themselves bonuses before the collapse with Janet Yellon having talks with both sides days and hours before? There are Israeli bank board members as well as being members of the US Congress. Looks like a planned collapse. You didn’t know that there are over 100 members Congress that are dual citizens, most are from Israel, and they can be as that is just a business corporation.

My friend has a Bitcoin account where he needs a cell phone and a Coinbase ATM for the acceptance of his FRNs, then when he wants to transfer it to someone he needs the cell phone in hand at the ATM to receive the email confirmation and re-enter that code into the ATM. Each transaction can take 5 minutes if the internet is good and you have to stand there waiting for your email confirmation.


My friend is only allowed to purchase $2,500 in Bitcoin per day. Once he gets home he needs to log into his account with a 30 or so long character password to place it in his wallet. He then needs to wait for an hour or more to make sure it is accepted and then transfer it to another wallet to then repeat the same things. Thus the whole process can take 4-6 hours on a fast day to just send it and as of now he cannot accept any cash to himself from others.

Businesses in dealing with every transaction like this on everyone to receive their digital cash funds will be out of business in a day.

Countries however deal in millions and billions worth of currency transactions daily and can make these easy exchanges with cryptocurrencies, but they are the government and we are not.

Are we all to then to deal with only ATMs as the tellers at the service centers cannot have access directly with our QFS Account unless we provide them with our PIN and password so they can then see it for themselves on the screen of what we have in there and it is our account? They are to then make the confirmation and transfer not us. That is not security at all.

This is as bad as providing your name and ID in full, even your SSN, to the police just because they ask for it and not just when they suspect us of committing a crime in direct violation of the 4th Amendment and supporting state statutes. They will even do it in a NO Stop and ID State.

By the way, these ATMs that deal with cryptocurrencies are not the same as what we have with our present banks and credit unions, and there are very few of them available. My friend has found only one of these Coinbase ATMs in each of 3 grocery stores in a city of 25,000 people, so how are that many to conduct business that way? The lines will be a lot worse than the 1929 bank run. And we live in a small town of 1,700 people 25 miles away with no Coinbase ATM, but 2 regular ATMs with service charges for only cash withdrawals.

Walmart may have a Coinbase ATM that is set up at the entrance/exit door on the side, yet I haven’t really looked of what type is there, but if someone were to use theirs it would be like using an ATM on the downtown sidewalks of NYC where anyone could walk by and take your money.


For my present accounts I can only make a $300 cash withdrawal from one ATM and $500 from another per day, so if there are limits in cash withdrawals rather than going inside to the teller to receive thousands then we are in big trouble if we need cash in hand, and many ATMs issue only 20’s and 50’s. And I usually transfer cash from one institution to another as I cannot do it directly and I don’t write checks between them as I want instant availability in funds to then pay bills.

If we are to be dealing with this type of process for the QFS then we are really up a creek as most seniors do not have access to the internet and many do not have a cell phone like me as I still use the land line. Those in poverty that cannot even afford a computer are out of the system, and I’m sure if this is the new system then computers, laptops and cell phones are high on the list of thefts by the criminals as robbing small stores is just pennies on the dollar from then on.

I have a corporation that does my independent business and to pay those bills I cannot use cryptocurrencies or just my debit card, even though now I pay some online, as that is a different type of transaction.

So now it has changed again that we are to wait till April for the USA NESARA announcement, and can the St. Germain Trust only be released at Easter or Christmas as it hasn’t already in the past month which I thought they were in Tier 1, thus if the White Hats are not ready in April we will have to wait all the way till December? This has just put Trump on a big lie from his March 8, 2023 Dubai NESARA announcement if he does not get it done this month.



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